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From the makers of the On the Pipe series, Powerband Films collaborated with 10X X Games medalist Colby Raha to bring you “GNARNIA”.


Follow Raha on his quest to become a long-distance motorcycle jumper while matching the current dirt-to-dirt distance backflip record of 190 feet, throwing record 260-foot whips, and the heaviest crash of his career.

Head to Bakersfield with Skrany to witness the most intense urban riding ever with a near-fatal crash. Chase Tanner Chadwick through the St. Anthony Dunes as he breaks the natural terrain distance dunes record 281 feet. Watch Berreman crash over 240 feet off the biggest jump of his career. With 5 helicopter shoots and the best drone team on earth, Director Jay Schweitzer and his crew deliver mind blowing cinematography.

Starring: Colby Raha, Alex Harvill, Scott Kranyak, Josh Hill, Adam Jones, Tanner Chadwick, Tyler Bereman, Jarryd Mcneil, Jason Borosky, Tom Parsons and Jimmy Hill.

Pre-order Gnarnia on Bluray DVD or iTunes today! Release date is October 17th 2023


Buy or Watch on Amazon Prime Video here -->

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Tanner Chadwick Accident Update - Help Support a Rider Down Tanner Chadwick© Powerband Films

Tanner Chadwick is a dirtbike rider from Blackfoot Idaho. I was able to meet Tanner last summer at Saint Anthony Dunes while filming for Powerband Films upcoming film. Him and his family go back a long ways with a local friend of mine. So from witnessing his immense talent riding on his social media and word of mouth I was looking forward to getting to know him. He’s a local legend, there's no doubt about it, he goes huge out at the dunes. Just a real humble guy who likes to have fun riding. He also has a wife and a young family to look after.

Recently during a family trip to Caineville Utah, Tanner was in an accident and is now in a coma at the hospital there. He was airlifted to the hospital and I pray for his speedy recovery. I have no idea if he has insurance or not but as you know hospital bills and helicopter rides are not cheap. Please help if you can to support his road to recovery! 

Photo Credit: Powerband Films


From the Gofundme Posting:



We all know Tanner for going huge on a bike, his quiet and fun personality, and unbeatable style.

On 10/16/21 he was doing what he loves and riding in Caineville. He had a serious accident, and was life flighted to Utah Valley Hospital with a severe brain injury. He is currently in a coma, and is believed to have a deep midbrain tear. The midbrain is the topmost part of the brainstem, the connection central between the brain and the spinal cord. Medical updates will be provided on this page when available.

If you know Tanner, you know unconditional love. If you don’t know Tanner personally, you probably still know the talent, dedication, and reach that has motivated and inspired so many others. If you are able, please give what you can to help support Tanner and his family.


There have been a lot of people asking for updates on Tanner's situation, and some confusion about what happened in the accident. I figured we would post an update with the details to keep everyone informed on the situation. 

Tanner was jumping a section in Caineville known as the ski jump. The normal landing on that jump is over 200 feet, and Tanner has jumped this repeatedly. On Saturday, he was jumping his Yamaha 700 adventure bike, and came up just short of the landing. He ended up getting wrapped up with the bike, and rolled about 100 feet with it. 

EMT's responded from Hanksville, and found Tanner unconscious, but breathing on his own. He was intubated and sedated as precautionary measures because of the condition he was in, and was life flighted to Utah Valley Hospital. He has not regained consciousness since the crash and his Glasgow Coma Score (GCS) is a 6.

Please keep the prayers, vibes, and support coming. Surely Tanner can feel the positivity, and Camille and Kreo can absolutely feel the love. We will continue to update everyone as things change. Thank you again for all of the support!!


News Article:


Im deeply saddened to hear that Tanner passed on December 7, 2021. My heart goes out to his family and friends mourning his loss. 



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Alex Harvill Memorial Fund  


Yesterday my friend Alex Harvill passed away while doing what he loved. (June 17th 2021) Im still at a loss for words with his passing and not sure what to say here at this time.  Friends have started a GoFundme where people can donate to help his wife and two young boys. Thank you for anything you are willing to spare to help them during their time of need and uncertainty. 

Gofundme Link Please help if you can ->


Please be respectful of his family at this time while they grieve the loss of their son, husband, father and our beloved friend. 


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Corvettes on the Columbia Car Show 2020 CANCELLED FOR COVIDS 


The 3 Rivers Corvette Club will be holding their 11th annual event the starting Friday June 5th

This car show and banquet weekend will go to benefit the "Make a Wish Foundation" of Washington and Alaska.

      Saturday June 6th 2020 at Columbia Park in Kennewick will be the 11th Annual Show and Shine. There will be beverages, food and live entertainment. Music Provided by "Fast Lane" and also the "Hit Explosion". 


Register at the link below


June 5th 2020 -

9:00a Registration & Silent Auction 

11:00am Wine Walk

5:30p Corvette Banquet

7:30p Concert "Fast Lane" an Eagles tribute band 


June 6th 2020 - Car Show, Lunch, Entertainment

Car Show location is Columbia Park Kennewick WA

8:00am Car Show entry

10:00am Judging begins

11:30 Vendors Lunch

2:30p Car Show ends.

5:30p Corvette Banquet

7:30p Concert "Hit Explosion" a Seattle Party Band

If you have any questions, please contact:

Matt Price – 509-947-8246 [email protected]

Cheryl Moore – 509-531-1054 [email protected]

Phone Registration – Stephanie Engel – 509-544-6389 – [email protected]

Sponsors: McCurley Chevrolet, Make a Wish AK/WA, Gesa Credit Union, Sothebys International Realty, Lamb Weston, A One Refrigeration, Co-Energy, Local 598


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GoPro is at it again with the Hero 8 Black. Its smooth, I promise!

image: © 2019 GoPro, Inc

Its been some time now since I bought the original GoPro Hero. It was the coolest thing to have an affordable tiny camera for action sports. Although these cameras are common amongst adventurers around the globe, new versions still amaze. The images you can get from them keep getting better as do our cell phones. With their rugged build and small size, why wouldn't you pack one with you every trip?

So should I ditch my previous HERO's laying around for the next best thing? Are there any new features to justify spending more money for the new Hero 8? 


 BUY on GoPRO HERO 8 Black

Meet HERO8 Black. The most versatile, unshakable HERO camera ever. Featuring built-in mounting, HyperSmooth 2.0 with Boost, an all-new mods accessory system and more—all in a camera that’s 14% lighter and tougher than ever.


The other new announcement this week from GoPro is the MAX. Claiming the camera is a 3 in one package. What is going on with 3 these days? iPhone 11 Pro is its own trinity of camera phones. What does this new GoPro have to offer? Well apparently it is a dual lens 360 degree video camera... Plus you can also use a single lens for regular GoPro hero action stuff if you don't need the immersive 360 view. So have one camera able to do both is pretty cool. This thing also sports 6 mics for maximum sound experience when using the 360 feature. I really want to check out the sound quality on these two new GoPros because the have never been one to record good audio. I don't expect them too, but if they can be at least as good as an iPhone or Android that would be huge. What are the drawbacks though? I will break things down once more info comes out.





image: © 2019 GoPro, Inc


The following is GoPro's video and list of highlighted features. As soon as I get my hands on one Ill update this entry and give my feedback on how it compares to the last version. 


Beyond Next Level.

With unshakable HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilization and built-in mounting, 8 is the one.


Mod it out.

Add lights, mics and more–and get your creative on.


Digital Lenses

Now it’s easier to get the best view of whatever you’re doing. Tap through four lenses: Narrow, distortion-free Linear, Wide and SuperView.


HyperSmooth 2.0

A radical enhancement to HyperSmooth, HyperSmooth 2.0 now has multiple levels of stabilization—including Boost—and game-changing in-app horizon leveling.


TimeWarp 2.0

Get that surreal TimeWarp effect you love—now with automatic speed selection. Or just tap to speed it up or slow it down.


SuperPhoto + Improved HDR

Crank up the contrast, kill the blur and shred. The revamped algorithm delivers badass action shots with detail you never thought possible.



LiveBurst mode captures 1.5 seconds before and after you hit the shutter—so you can pick the perfect shot from 90 still images. Or, share a 3-second 4K video clip. Ah, choice.


Night Lapse Video

Harness that nighttime magic in 4K, 2.7K, 1440p or 1080p and watch the scene come alive with epic detail.


High Fidelity Audio

With three built in mics and reduced wind noise, you'll get natural audio quality- even at breakneck speeds.


Rugged + Waterproof

When you wanna play rough, HERO8 Black is always game. Plus it’s completely waterproof down to 33ft (10m).


GoPro App

Capture. Edit. Share. Repeat. The GoPro app automatically creates awesome edits and makes it easy to share them with the world.


 BUY on GoPRO HERO 8 Black



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A B-17 Flying Fortress Crashes in Connecticut Collings Foundation B-17 Flying Fortress Nine-O-NineCollings Foundation B-17 Flying Fortress Nine-O-Nine

Just heard the awful news this evening that one of the few remaining B-17G Flying Fortress; a World War 2 era bomber has crashed today. The Nine-O-Nine was owned and operated by the Collings Foundation. During World War 2 around 13,000 of these hard working pieces of aviation were built. They were instrumental in the campaigns over Germany during the war. Many brave service men flew the fortress and relied on it to get them to the targets and back home to airfield in England. Growing up I greatly adored aviation of all kinds. I have a fondness for this plane and the stories that surrounded it.

Earlier this summer I was able to see and walk through this B-17 at a local airshow here in Washington state. This is the same aircraft involved in the crash today. Moving through the aircraft front to back gave me a great appreciation for the men who serviced and served on these airplanes. There is not that much room to get around inside. My heart goes out to the people who were injured and also lost their lives today.



More images of the actual B-17G Flying Fortress that crashed here:

The story of "Memphis Belle" 1990 DVD or RENT (The most famous B-17 story) Amazon Prime Video:

The Bomber Boys: "Heroes Who Flew The B-17s in World War II"

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Collings Foundation B-17 Flying Fortress Nine-O-NineCollings Foundation B-17 Flying Fortress Nine-O-Nine Collings Foundation B-17 Flying Fortress Nine-O-NineCollings Foundation B-17 Flying Fortress Nine-O-Nine

Collings Foundation B-17 Flying Fortress Nine-O-NineCollings Foundation B-17 Flying Fortress Nine-O-Nine


Related News Articles

NBC News coverage on the B-17 crash

CNN News Coverage on the B-17 crash

BBC News Coverage on the B-17 crash

CBS News Coverage on the B-17 crash

AP News Coverage on the B-17 crash


More images of the actual B-17G Flying Fortress that crashed here:




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SMALLHD Cine 7 Now With RED DSMC2 Camera Control


*Full Disclosure: SmallHD did not pay me in any way and I wrote this article after my experience with their products. I paid full price for my Cine 7 monitor. 

SmallHD released the Cine 7 and 702 Touch line of 7" monitors earlier this year. These two monitors share some things in common but the Cine 7 has a few more features that cater to the professional. I will spare you from defining all the details as they are easy to find on Originally released with an ARRI camera control option (for AMIRA and Alex Mini). Early birds would get the $500 ARRI control license included at the current price of $1799. They have now also offered this promotion to new buyers for a limited time to gain access to the RED camera control license!

I happened to be in the market for another 7" monitor in early August 2019 and was weighing out my options. RED has recently released the tool free version of their new Ultra-Brite 7.0" touch LCD display. With 2200 nits of brightness, surely it would be great for those outdoor days filming on my Scarlet W. The tool free pogo connection is also handy. However, for now its hard for me to justify the price. So I looked at a few alternatives and the only one that really met my needs was the Cine 7. It was 1800 nits and built with a durable milled aluminum housing, 2x 3G BNC /2x HDMI in/out with power to PTAP/DTAP and a Sony NPF, Gold Mount or V-Mount adapter plates. Coming from using a lot of monitors with tactile keys, I felt like that would be the only thing I would have to give up. So I ordered it. 

First impressions have been very good. I have done several tests with it using my RED Scarlet W and also used with my SONY FS700. SmallHD was kind enough to let me in on the final part of their BETA test for the RED DSMC2 control firmware. There were only a few bugs that I personally noticed but they worked those out rather quickly and launched it earlier today. The menu system for Camera Control is available for ARRI, RED DSMC2 and for SONY in the near future. The interface is very straight forward and easy to use. For RED, all the menus settings and functions are accessible. Below I will list a few of the pros and cons that I can think of with going this route versus buying a new RED touch 7" ultra-brite display.








PROS vs RED Touch Displays

  • Price
  • Easy to view menu overlays
  • You can use the monitor for more than just a RED 
  • SDi/HDMI out (rather than from a module)
  • external power options (SONY NPF, Gold Mount or VMount battery plates)
  • Can use as a directors monitor with a Teradek Bolt (although the 702 500 TX and RX models are more suited with wireless capability)
  • 10 bit color DCI-P3 (color accurate wide-gamut display)
  • 1/4-20 mounting options (RED standard DSCM2 ultra-brite 7" touch has this beat though but still has no side mounting holes)
  • SD card slot for LUTS
  • Headphone jack 1/8" for monitoring (nice to have the option)
  • OS3 SmallHD page builder. Its quite nice!
  • Touch screen seems to be more responsive generally although RED touch screens etc seem to be getting faster and more responsive over the last several firmware updates in the past 2 years. 


CONS vs RED Touch Displays

  • 1800 nits (not quite as bright as the RED ultra-brite at 2200 nits but close)
  • 2 cables to make the camera control work (serial/CTRL and SDI). 3 if you want to run power with DTAP/PTAP cable. 
  • Uses the CTRL port instead of the Ethernet like the ARRI and Sony control uses. If you are using a follow focus or the new TERADEK RT ACI you may be out of luck as this uses CTRL port also. The RED base expander and I/O module module all only have 1 CTRL port. There may be some 3rd party modules that have more but im just not familiar if there are any at this time. So thats a major bummer. 
  • Does not have a tool free/cable free option like RED. (This is one of the major benefits to a RED display if you are wanted to stay or trying to stay cable free!) - For a tool free solution scroll down.
  • No goal posts - stop lights like on REDS menu system. 
  • No programmable hotkeys on touch display yet. Maybe a future update.


So far it has been a great monitor that is meeting most all my needs. If I don't power it with the Sony battery plate I can power it off of the DTAP on my vmount. Doing so adds a 3rd cable so that's another downside but it works. The other possible problem while using this for RED camera control is that you tie up the CTRL port. So if you generally use that for controlling follow focus motors etc, you will have to make a choice. Currently there is no solution for this unless there is a 3rd party module or top plate out there with added ctrl ports. im just not familiar if there is or not currently. 

Image: Courtesy of SmallHD 

Image: Courtesy of SmallHD

$3750  $2300 (with license)
2200 nits 1800 nits
1920x1200 1920x1200
1200:1 1000:1
8 bit color 10 bit color












SmallHD Cine 7 Tool Free Solution

The solution that works pretty well is by using a Small Rig Field Monitor Mount w/ Nato Quick Release 2347. This particular monitor mount has a NATO quick release on one end. On the other end is a knurled dial with 1/4-20 thread integrated into a tilt mount. This tilt mount also swivels 360 degrees. So by using this with a NATO rail you can easily mount your monitor or take off your monitor. I personally love the nato rails and any accessories I can utilize with them. They are so solid and quick. This mount is affordable and it also is rigid enough to support this monitor with or without Sony batteries on the back. This mount has a v mount/gold mount battery plate option but I don't see this mount supporting the large heavy batteries. If you want to mount the monitor close to the body by using this by using this mount it works great. The other things I've noticed that isn't the best is since there's only a single 1/4-20 and no detents or anything you can turn the monitor accidentally on that single screw mounting point. Its easy to tighten down snug but it still can happen. 

My other favorite monitor mount right now is the Wooden Camera Ultra Arm. It is a very versatile mount. 


Buy your Wooden Camera Ultra Arm Here -





This site uses affiliate programs for some of the links within. Affiliate programs with and other 3rd party providers help me make a small profit from link thru sales. You get a great price and hopefully my advance helped you make an educated buying decision. Thank you for using my links. 


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DJI OSMO ACTION CAM. Will It Be The New Hero?  

Chances are you create videos for your social media. I can guess that you may have taken a selfie or two this week as well. Am I right? Record video or photos while skiing, surfing, biking, running, driving, or any other type of sport? DJI has you covered with the Osmo Action 4K Camera. This compact action cam sports a powerful 1/2.3" CMOS sensor and a wide f/2.8 lens in a pint-sized package, allowing you to record professional high-resolution video wherever the action is.

The Osmo Action is loaded with a wide range of high-resolution features within its tiny frame. It supports up to 4K60 HDR video recording, captures slow-motion video at rates up to 1080p240, utilizes DJI's RockSteady Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), and can also operate in time-lapse and hyperlapse modes. Still images can be captured in up to 12MP resolution in raw or JPG format, and when you rotate the camera 90° when taking stills, it will automatically change to Portrait mode. When recording in 4K30 format you can take advantage of the camera's High Dynamic Range (HDR) support, and it features a wide dynamic range to ease transitions between light and dark. All stills and video are saved to a microSD card in a slot that supports microSD/SDHC/SDXC cards with a minimum of 30 Mb/s write speed and a maximum 256GB capacity.

This pocket-sized camera somehow manages to fit not only one, but two displays on its tiny frame. The back 2.25" 16:9 display has a crisp 640 x 360 resolution that covers the entire back of the unit. The front 1.4" 320 x 320 square display sits right next to the lens and allows you to preview your image while you're in the action or taking selfies. Both displays feature touchscreen control, saving precious housing space from those pesky old-fashioned buttons. In order to avoid accidentally pressing anything on the touchscreen while shooting, there is a handy screen locking switch on the side of the housing. The Osmo Action can also be controlled via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi from an iOS or Android smartphone using the DJI Mimo app.

Additional bonus features include a maximum ISO of 3200, dewarp mode to remove wide-angle FOV bending, custom setting modes for quick access, dual microphones, dual speakers, and it is powered by a removable LiPo battery. The Osmo Action is waterproof to 36' deep, so you can surf, snorkel, and swim safely with your camera for up to 30-minute intervals. For even deeper underwater activities you can take the Osmo Action down to 197' with a separately available waterproof housing. Its original housing is so durable that it can easily withstand drops from up to 5' high.


Buy Now from these great retailers:

Accessories in the box include a mounting frame, a USB Type-C cable, a quick release base, a flat adhesive mount, a curved adhesive mount, and a connector screw for connecting the mounting frame to a compatible action mount.

  • Compact action camera with 1/2.3" CMOS sensor and wide f/2.8 lens that records up to 4K60p HDR video and 12MP photos.
  • Capture up to 12MP raw and JPEG photos; record up to 4K60p or 1080p240 H.264 MOV or MP4 video at up to 100 Mb/s; supports slow-motion, hyperlapse, and time-lapse modes.
  • Crisp 2.25" touchscreen display on back with 640 x 360 resolution; additional 320 x 320 resolution display on front.
  • DJI's RockSteady Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology stabilizes footage in standard record modes with 18-22% crop factor. RockSteady is enabled in all video modes except in slow-motion, hyperlapse, or time-lapse mode.
  • Slow-motion mode records up to 240 fps; maximum ISO is 3200.
  • Supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) video recording in 4K30p.
  • Lock screen function to prevent accidental touchscreen presses.
  • Five voice commands make essential functions like filming, capturing photos, and powering down the device effortless.
  • Dual microphones with noise reduction technology and dual speakers; can input audio with an external microphone using the USB Type-C input.
  • Durable enough to withstand drops from 5' and can be submerged down to 36' in water without a case for up to 30 minutes.
  • The Quick Switch button ensures modes and settings are easily and quickly accessible. It has multiple capabilities including options that let you flip between the front and back screen, change modes, and select custom settings.
  • With SnapShot you'll never miss a moment of the action. Press the shutter button to power on and begin recording in under two seconds. Pressing the shutter button once when the camera is in sleep mode or powered off engages preset shooting modes.
  • 145° angle of view; narrow and dewarp field-of-view options.
  • Charge to 70% in 30 minutes with a separately available fast-charging adapter.
  • Records to microSD/SDXC/SDHC cards, UHS-I compatible cards with 30 MB/s write speed or higher recommended.
  • Connect with the Mimo app on iOS or Android smartphones using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  • Includes a mounting frame, a USB Type-C cable, a quick release base, a flat adhesive mount, a curved adhesive mount, and a connector screw.
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10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Photographers So you have a friend who loves to take photos? They could be a seasoned pro or an avid amateur who just loves creating fun images. Whatever type of friend that may be, here are 20 gift ideas that they will appreciate. Birthday ideas or maybe a special Christmas gift can be found here in my suggestion list. 


1. SD CARDS, CF CARDS, MICRO SD CARD $15.00 - $199.00

SD cards, micro SD cards or CF cards. These are todays rolls of film. Everyone uses this little things in their digital cameras. If you are unsure which type to get, the most common type would be the SD card. Storage sizes from 32GB on up is plenty big unless they will be recording video with their device a lot. I would recommend a higher storage size. Also look for a write speed of 95MB/s or higher. Popular and reliable brands would be from the likes of Sandisk, Lexar, Transcend, PNY, Kingston and Samsung. Price will vary depending on the size and speed of the card. Most you will find will be 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB card sizes currently.







2. PORTABLE SD CARD READER USB 3.0 OR USB C $6.00 - $50.00

My next recommendation just naturally falls in line with the first one above. An SD card reader is an essential tool. Sometimes the built in card readers on some laptops are finicky and its nice to have an extra you can plug in to a USB port. The thing to point out here is anymore you want to get a USB 3.0 or a USB C. Sticking to USB 3.0 will be the safest to stick with currently as far as compatibly goes. There are adapter for each however. You could even combine the first two if you really want to spend a few extra dollars on your loved one. This is one of the essentials as you want to get your stunning pics off your camera and on to a computer. 





3. LENS FILTER CASE $8.00 - $60.00

An essential set to any photographers bag are the lens filters. I won't go into the details as to why you need them, but if your photographer friend is serious he or she will have at the very least a few UV filters. Sometimes you have quite a few and its nice to have a safe place to store them. Heres a nice soft case from POLAR PRO the KANGA3. Price will very depending on the size and quality of the case.





Your friend may not know it yet, but having one of these color checkers in their bag is a very useful addition. In the world of RAW editing, having a way to balance color properly is VERY important. Even if you set your white balance in camera and don't shoot raw you may see some shift. This will help you dial in your skin tones with ease. Take a photo with this next to your clients face and as long as you don't change lighting or camera settings after you will have repeatable results during the edits. Get one of these and your friend will thank you forever and their images will hopefully show it. 









This is another must have. I always have a stash of these zeiss lens wipes in all of my bags. You should never just wipe your lens glass with your shirt. Thats just foolish. To help your friend keep their lenses clean and scratch free get these wipes. 











There are many styles and choices out there. It just depends on needs and style preference. You know you're friend better then I do so choice wisely =) Here is one that would be a little more styled towards those traveling light. Holds a smaller camera kit. 














Disclaimer: Links I have provided are safe and will redirect you to where you can purchase you own products at great deals. When you click the link it is part of an affiliate program that helps me support this website when you purchase. Thank you for your support.

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GoPro Gives Birth to the Brand New Hero 7 Action Camera

Its been some time now since I bought the original GoPro Hero. It was the coolest thing to have an affordable tiny camera for action sports. Although these cameras are common amongst adventurers around the globe, new versions still amaze. The images you can get from them keep getting better as do our cell phones. With their rugged build and small size, why wouldn't you pack one with you every trip? So should I ditch my HERO 5 and 6's laying around for the next best thing? Well my HERO 5 is pretty much toast. Still works but its showing is age. The 6 is still operating well. (I honestly should be using it more but its not my only camera.) Are there any new features to justify spending $399 (Current price at time of writing) for the new GoPRO HERO7 Black version?


(Note: Features noted above are for the New GoPro Hero 7 Black ($399). Silver ($299) and White Hero 7 ($199) will be offered at a lower price and will lack certain features.)

You can order yours today from my links. (I am a member of the affiliate program)





Here is a great review by DC Rainmaker on the new GoPro I found on YouTube... sincehave not made a review of my own. 

Here is a great review by DC Rainmaker on the new HERO7 I found on YouTube. 

As with the last few releases, GoPro offers 3 options at different price points. The one with the best to least amount of features being the Hero 7 Black, 7 Silver and Hero 7 White edition. You can see some of their main differences below. If you need a no frills camera with great footage at only 1080p, the White version is a great choice for less money. 

The difference between the Black and the Silver Hero 7 is mainly improved stabilization, more frame rates at 4K, Live Streaming and a TimeWarp Video feature. All are waterproof without a case up to a certain depth. A depth deep enough you shouldn't worry about unless you're scuba diving in an abyss. =) You can still get a case or a cage for added protection. We all know how rowdy you can get sometimes. lol. 


Disclaimer: Links I have provided are safe and will redirect you to where you can purchase you own products at great deals. When you click the link it is part of an affiliate program that helps me support this website when you purchase. Thank you for your support.

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Camp Patriot July 4th Fun Run 2018 Photo Gallery

July 4th 2018 | Gesa Stadium Pasco (Tri-City Dust Devils)
All Photos (c) Kevin J Salisbury


Camp Patriot 4th of July Fun Run at Gesa Stadium in Pasco (Washington) was the place to be the morning of the 4th. Participants, veterans and their families all gathered to run 5k, 1 mile and 5k with 100lb ruck sack races. The weather cooperated and was not scorching hot this year. I saw a lot of faces that I recognized from past years. A few of those continued their tradition with 1st place wins as well including Kyle Paulson and Walter Mackie. Thank you to all those who came out to support our Veterans at this fun run event. As always, I encourage you to donate to this non-profit charity that does a lot of good for the veterans in our community. Great seeing everyone again this year!*Feel free to share the pics and tag yourself or friends. If you are interested in prints just send me a message.





Facebook Post with Photo Album


Please consider donating to this year!


*Camp Patriot is a 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to empower and thank wounded and disabled military veterans of all generations though our outdoor programs. 


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Monster Energy Supercross The Game Just Dropped Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame is now available in stores and via digital download for PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Windows PC®/STEAM, and Nintendo SwitchTMCheck out the official video game trailer here.

Featuring innovative track designs and set inside recognizable stadiums, Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame is the most realistic and immersive Supercross experience, thanks to the following features:

  • The official 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Season.
  • Official bikes, iconic tracks and your favorite athletes from both 250SX and 450SX Classes: Chad Reed, Ken Roczen, reigning champion Ryan Dungey and more!
  • An exciting career mode with extreme customization options for both riders and bikes with the maximum flexibility to advance in racing classes.
  • A powerful track editor, for endless gameplay possibilities. Players can create their own custom tracks, race on them and share them online.

Starting today, gamers can also purchase the  Monster Energy Supercross Videogame Season Pass for $14.99 to get additional, exclusive content for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Season Pass includes 5 DLCs in total, 3 of them already available.


About the Game

  • The official 2017 monster Energy Supercross Season
  • Official bikes, iconic tracks, and athletes from both 250Sx and 450Sx classes
  • Exciting Career mode with extreme customization options for both riders and bikes using real parts and accessories
  • Powerful track editor: create, customize, and share your own tracks online for endless gameplay possibilities
  • Advanced graphics fully recreates the Authentic spirit of the Supercross experience with new 3D scanning system and realistic graphics & lighting


Download or Purchase from these links

Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame - for XBOX ONE 

Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame - for PS4 

Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame - for NINTENDO SWITCH 

Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame - for WINDOWS PC



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Panasonic Announces The GH5s - Does It Replace The GH5? Does the GH5s Replace the GH5?

The short answer is NO. The answer could be yes to you depending on your needs and shooting preference. What we know currently from the recent announcement of the new GH5s (Which is available for pre-order here.) is that the new camera lacks the IBIS. Which is the amazing in-camera stabilization which the GH5 and the G9 have. A lot of hobbyists and professionals around the internet have been whining about this feature not being carried over. Which, I might add, is a really nice feature... but I for one can survive without it. Considering what DSLRs offered in the recent past, the GH4/GH5/GH5s as well as the A7S line from Sony have come a long way in the terms of light-weight, feature packed cameras for video. I have yet to get my hands on a Panasonic GH5s, but am excited to try it out. With the new sensor, this sounds like a vast improvement for lower lit situations versus the previous models.


Available on here ---> Buy a Panasonic Lumix GH5s


GH5s Specs

  • 10.28MP Multi Aspect Ratio MOS Sensor
  • DCI 4K60p and Full HD 1080/240p Video
  • Internal 4:2:2 10-Bit Long GOP
  • V-Log L Gamma and HDR Hybrid Log Gamma
  • 0.76x 3.68m-Dot OLED Viewfinder
  • 3.2" 1.62m-Dot Free-Angle Touchscreen
  • Dual Native ISO 400 and ISO 2500
  • Dual UHS-II SD Slots; Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Advanced DFD AF System
  • 12 fps Cont. Shooting and 4K PHOTO Modes


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DJI Announces ZENMUSE X7 6K Camera for the Inspire 2  


DJI's brand new Super 35 Zenmuse X7 6K Camera



The new camera for DJI's aerial platform, the Inspire 2 boasts a lot of impressive specs. Camera's with incredible specs just get smaller every year. Who can keep up with all of these new tech things coming out? Just when you buy one, 6 months later a new one is announced. Its exciting but also discouraging at the same time. So lets take a quick look at the technical specs of this new camera. This will not be a full review but simply a run down of some of the features. (full disclaimer) I have not been sent one. I am not a representative of DJI in any way and never have been. Im definitely open to it so don't count me out =) 



Super 35 Sensor | 6K CinemaDNG |  5.2K Apple ProRes | 14 Stops of Dynamic Range | 24 MP Stills 



The Zenmuse X7 excels by providing a Super 35mm (23.5×15.7 mm) sensor, and further increasing the single-pixel size to 3.91 micrometers. The new DJI camera captures RAW videos up to 6K/30 fps or 3.9K/59.94 fps and photos with a breath taking resolution up to 24 MP. The larger sensor in the X7 delivers excellent photo and video quality but also provides up to 14 stops dynamic range. Current Inspire 2 owners will rejoice that it is compatible. Image processing for Cinema DNG - Apple ProRes takes place in the CineCore 2.1 Image Processing.



From The DJI Website:


The new color system consists of a new D-Log curve and a D-Gamut RGB color space. With professional cinematography in mind, the D-Log can encode 15 stops of dynamic range, two stops higher than the Zenmuse X5S. Even in poor light conditions, the X7 can still preserve stunning detail in shadows and highlights, leaving more room for post-production creativity. 

D-Gamut covers the entire DCI-P3 color space commonly used in filmmaking. Tailored for aerial cinematography and stills photography, D-Gamut provides larger green tone coverage, delivering beautifulgreen gradation for your shoots. 


D-Gamut also offers optimized skin tone adjustment by moving these tones to their most suitable chromaticity, ensuring vivid colors are reflected from every inch of skin. By applying the dedicated 3D-LUT in color grading, skin tones will softly transition, even with wide exposure differences. When designing D-Gamut, we considered manual color grading, preventing skin tones from turning yellow when editing without 3D-LUT or color management. "




^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^



DJI offers four prime lenses for the DL-Mount system, with focal lengths ranging from 16-50 mm and resolutions of up to 8K. Made of lightweight carbon fiber and designed by world-leading optics teams, the four lenses have been embedded with advanced technologies crafted specifically for the X7’s high-end image sensor.


16 mm F2.8 | 24 mm F2.8 | 35 mm F2.8 | 50 mm F2.8

When will it be available?

The Zenmuse X7 camera is priced at $2,699 USD. The new DL lenses will come in 16 mm, 24 mm and 35 mm lenses will be priced at $1,299 each. The 50 mm will be less at $1,199. Those wanting to purchase the Zenmuse X7 plus the prime lens pack can do so for $4,299. The Zenmuse X7 will start shipping in early November 2017 from, in DJI Flagship Stores and through DJI Authorized Dealers worldwide. 


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GoPro Hero 6 is Finally Here  



GoPro has just released its newest and best model yet, the HERO 6 Black. The size and look of the camera hasn't changed, but it did get a bit of a bump in performance. Let's take a look at what has improved in this new model and if it's worth upgrading. 



1: Stabilization


For an action camera, having stabilization built in is a pretty big deal. With the HERO 5 Black we saw it added with resolution up to 2.7K (10% crop). Thats pretty cool but everyone is so hyped for 4K resolution on everything I'm sure a lot of you were let down. The Hero 6 now brings stabilization up to 4K 24fps max. It does this with only a 5% crop. So if you are excited about having less shaky footage than this first improvement may be enough for you to jump to the GoPro Hero 6. There is also video stabilization with 1080 120fps footage which you can all appreciate when capturing that new trick you just learned in slow motion. 

2: Processing Power


The improved picture and video quality comes from a new GP1 chip. This also means you can read, write and offload data much fast than before. The other improvements listed here are a result of this new improved chip.


3: Frames Per Second


The HERO 5 Black was limited to 120fps. The new HERO 6 Black can do an astonishing 240fps slow motion. This is pretty huge to have slow motion like this coming from small camera that costs only $499. Now the 240fps will not come with some quality loss and flaws. This is not a Phantom Flex, so your slow mo isn't going to come out like the movies unfortunately. Is the extra feature of 240fps in 1080 worth buying the HERO 6? You'll have to decide on that one. Shooting 4K? Well that also got a jump from 30fps max to 60fps. This is probably one of the most exciting features for me.

4: Dynamic Range


Compared to the previous HERO 5 model, the Hero 6 seems to have improved dynamic range. This meanings they may be using an improved sensor and improved color science. The details in the shadows and highlight will be retained a little bit better than the previous model. I have not done any test as of yet so I have no way to confirm this myself. I am just sharing from what some others have reported up to the time of this posting. If its true, than it is definitely a welcome improvement for such a tiny camera. 


Definition: "Dynamic Range"

Dynamic range refers to the range of which a camera can successfully capture the lightest and darkest areas of an image without losing detail.


5: Improved Low-Light Sensitivity


The new model GoPro also received a little bump in the quality of video and photos you will capture in low light situations. When shooting with previous models you will notice noise or grain heavily if the lighting is not ideal. Having sunlight or good artificial lighting on what you are recording will help tremendously. Now  with this new camera you will see some improvements even if your lighting is not the greatest. 


Theres other improvements that I have not listed here. So head on over to and check out the rest of the list. 


GoPro HERO 6 Black features list via Click here!


Find your GoPro HERO 6 Black Accessories:


GoPro Karma Handheld Gimbal Grip (For Hero 5 & 6 Black)

GoPro Karma Quadcopter Drone (For Hero 5 & 6 Black)


---> Find 5 More Essential Accessories for your GoPro HERO 5 or 6 from this previous post...



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Washington Hop Growers Continue to Lead in North American Production

It is no surprise that Americans (and most of the world) enjoy a cold beer on a regular basis. There are long traditions of breweries right here in the USA. Over the last two decades there has also been a major rise in micro breweries. With all this demand, one might wonder where all those needed hops come from? Well right here in North America farmers have been harvesting hops as far back as 1648. As the settlements grew and the new Nation formed, the majority of hop farming moved out to the Pacific Northwest. Yes, thats right, very close to my backyard in fact. The Yakima Valley has some very large hop farms. Many of those have been producing for a few generations. 

In 2016 the hop harvest in the US witnessed an increase of 8.3 million more pounds, which totaled 87.1 million hops destined for breweries around the world. This translated to an increase of 11% for overall production. 

Statistics from 2016:

Washington 70.8%

Oregon 15%

Idaho 10.9%

Other States 2.7%

Canada .6%




Buy your own Hops for Home-Brewing Here --> HopsUnion US Hop Pellets for Home Brew Beer Making - US Cascade

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Camp Patriot Fun Run 2017 Photo Gallery

Cheers to Freedom! Hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July this year!

Thank you for all of you who made it to the Camp Patriot Fun Run Charity Event in Pasco. Its always great to be a part of this. Here is a link to the images from Tuesday at Gesa Stadium in Pasco. You are welcome to share them with the links or there are also a few print sizes available to purchase if you would like.


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Austin Keen has a New Trick!  


This was a recent project I was able to be the DP on. The second time Ive been able to be around and shoot Austin Keen. He's the real deal and a great ambassador for the sport. Its already gone viral, well at least viral in my eyes. With shares and and combined postings on social media its breaking 500k views right now. My lonely YouTube channel post has yet to gain traction however. Feel free to share! If you are interested in using for more than an editorial piece, please contact me directly for usage. Thank you!

"Fresh off the plane Austin Keen skates to Clover Island Inn in Kennewick Washington. Greeted by a pre-teen girls party he prepares to meet up with the local Infinite Wake crew. Austin than defies all logic and skates down the dock to the approaching boat. Leaping off the skateboard; with his Liquid Force Keen Pro Model in hand, he lands and continues to surf the Infinite Wake."


Buy their music and follow them here. 

Soundcloud -

Facebook -

Beatport -

Spotify -

YouTube -
Instagram - @austinkeen47
Facebook -
Website -

(Amazon Affiliate Links)

SONY FS700 -
SIGMA 18-35 EF -
CANON EF 70-200 F/2.8 L II USM IS -



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Announcement: RED is making a Smart Phone. What...?

Im not sure if I should be excited or a little hesitant. Ive been a RED fan and occasional user since 2011. It was not until earlier this year I become a RED cinema camera owner myself. Aside from my photography work, I have been active filming a variety of documentary, commercial and of course action sports. Although I do love the community and products that RED has been pushing, a phone seems like a cool but weird product to launch. Let me explain, RED pushed the envelope by bringing digital video to a new level when they first launched. They still continue to be a leader in the industry. If you are unfamiliar I suggest you give their history a read. A smart phone is something everyone seems to have these days so it would be a money maker for sure. It just seems like an odd market for a smaller more centered company try to tackle. The brains behind the operation is no newbie to successful business though. Jim Jannard, who pioneered Oakley Sunglasses and RED Digital Cinema with the help of a phenomenal team of engineers.


Some details found on the website informs us that the Hydrogen One is a fully featured, Android powered smartphone. Jannard says that the features will "shatter the mold of conventional thinking". Im not quite sure what that fully means yet, but new about a 2D/3D and H4V capable screen is going around the forums. So in the coming months, I look forward to find out more regarding the H4V display capabilities. The rumor also is that there will be additional modules that will be for sale eventually that will increase the capabilities of the phone. Maybe one will house a lens adapter or some way to record raw files right to your phone. Who knows? 


The new Hydrogen One smart phone will cost $1,595 in Titanium and $1,195 in Aluminum version. both prices exclude tax and shipping.

You also can pre-order on the site now!


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5 Essential Accessories For Your GoPro Hero 5

Here are my 5 top GoPro Hero5 accessories to own. The 5 generation of action camera has continued to deliver improved resolution and usability. This new design does not need a case to be waterproof. If you take it past a 30 foot depth it is highly recommended however. Lots of us like to use these devices to film ourselves or friends doing water sports such as wakeboarding, surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling etc. So these recommendations are geared mostly toward water sports.


Don't leave home without these accessories! 

Still need to buy a GoPro Hero5? 

Buy yours here on


1: The Bodhi Floaty Case for GoPro Hero 5

So the fact that it is bright orange is pretty cool. I mean i love the black grey of the new HERO5 but sometimes its nice to be able to spot your camera if you leave it out. Its going to be hard to miss it with this case on. This also will add a bit of extra protection as a bumper since the new GoPro does not have a case. Last but not least, it helps keep your HERO5 afloat if you lose it in the water. That is very important cause you do not wanna lose that sick footage you just shot.

Buy yours here on


2: Mouth Mount for GoPro Hero 5

When I had the opportunity to film with Austin Keen recently, GoPro had sent him a Hero5 and he picked up a Mouth Mount. It was a moment of "Why didn't I think of that!?" Its a genius way to hold your GoPro in certain situations. In Austin's case, its another angle to capture his insane skim boarding and wakesurfing skills. This adds another element of realism from his perspective. Since your head does a pretty good job of keeping things steady the footage is normally pretty stable. Pick up one for yourself and create something fresh!

Buy yours here on


3: The Handler (Floating Handgrip for GoPro Hero 5

This thing is really simple yet amazing. A GoPro action camera is pretty small, so if you're not going to use a mount it is a real nice way to hold it. Perfect for single person use If you don't need a long extension pole for a group selfie. This short stubby handle is the ideal size to toss into your camera bag. Plus, its waterproof and will help your camera stay afloat if you lose grasp of it in the water. Pair this up with #1 on the list and you'll have a highly visible GoPro so you can retrieve it when it happens to get away from you. I like to keep that strap around my wrist just in case. Thats just me though being paranoid.

Buy yours here on


4: Smatree 3Pcs Long Aluminum Thumbscrews for GoPro Sessions, Hero5 1,2,3, 3+,4

Nothing is worse than fighting with your gear. Ive had times where its hard to tighten or stuff is just falling out and it won't stay in place. Thats why I picked up a set of these long and durable thumbscrews. These will replace the stubborn plastic ones that come with your cameras accessory mounts. Thank me later. 

Buy yours here on 


5: Replacement Battery for GoPro HERO5 Black

Last but not least, extra batteries always come in handy. Charge them up and have enough for your adventures. You don't want to miss any of your cool trip so get a few to last the day. You can burn through them rather quickly depending on your settings. If you need WiFi on, that alone can eat up the power fairly quickly. I normally have at least 3 spares charged and ready to go. Get yours from the link above or below.

Buy yours here on


Watch for the mouth mount in action near the end of this video!


The GoPro Hero 6 is out now. Buy yours here with free 2-day shipping for Amazon Prime members. Buy the GoPro Hero 6


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Why you SHOULD buy the New Panasonic Lumix GH5 On the heels of the very popular GH4 4K video capable mirrorless camera comes the GH5. So what makes this version worth upgrading to?

As an early adopter of the ground breaking Panasonic GH4 (with its affordable introduction to 4K footage) I found great results. At the time I had used more professional 4K capable video cameras, but was blown away I could purchase something like the GH4 and shoot 4K so inexpensively. This was a big deal at the time. Sure, it wasn't RAW 4K or real high dynamic range as the more expensive cinema cameras were capable of. However, this was a small, compact mirrorless camera capable of pretty remarkable things. We all know the options and limitations of the GH4 so I won't elaborate here. With an external monitor/recorder you could bump up the 8bit internal limit to 10bit color. This was another pretty big selling point of the GH4 versus limitations of Sony and Canon at the time. Not to mention you could capture very impressive still photos with this mirrorless camera. 

So for some of the key reasons as to why you should upgrade. Well the body is still sealed much like the flagship DSLRs. As for video, 4K has been bumped to 4:2:2 10 bit color with internal recording and at higher bit rates coming with a firmware upgrade. You now have 60fps recording in 4K (8 bit internal only) as well as a bump in 1080p to 180fps. A lightning fast shutter speed for still of 1/8000. (electronic shutter function of 1/16,000!) Dual SD card slots and the ever so needed standard HDMI port. Which replaces that annoying, fragile micro HDMI port. It also sports in camera 5 axis image stabilization which is amazing. These are just some of the improvements so go take a look below for the full specs. 

I was not blessed with a demo version of the GH5 but I would love to demo any of their gear for future reviews. Since I have not yet experienced any in-hand tests of my own I will share some of the helpful videos currently on YouTube. 




Pre-Order the NEW PANASONIC LUMIX GH5 with Amazon and get 2-day shipping with Prime. Click here


NOTE: You will want to buy a few of these new Sandisk or comparable SD cards. These have the higher 280 MB/s write speed that supports the larger 4K & full HD files.

Click here ---> SANDISK EXTREME PRO Flash Memory Card 64GB SDXC UHS-II - via

The NEW Panasonic Lumix GH5 (Specs From the Manufacturer)


LUMIX GH5KBODY - Splash/Dust/Freezeproof Rugged Design

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - High Durability Shutter Unit

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - 20.3MP Pixels

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - Venus Engine Processor

View larger


Splash/Dust/Freezeproof Rugged Design

The LUMIX GH5 is built like a tank to withstand even heavy use out in the field. It is freezeproof down to -10-degrees in addition to splash / dustproof construction thanks to weather sealing on every joint, dial, and button. A magnesium alloy full die-cast armor frame makes the body lightweight yet durable while bringing ruggedness to the compact size. This camera can go everywhere you can.

High Durability Shutter Unit

The shutter unit is durable for approx. 200,000 times release*. Not only does it offer the highest shutter speed at max. 1/8000 to capture fast-moving 'spur-of-the-moment' shots but when used with fast aperture lenses - even outdoors - it gives impressive de-focus.

* Panasonic LUMIX in-house examination.

20.3MP Pixels

The LUMIX GH5 packs a real punch with its high performance 20.3MP Digital Live MOS sensor to achieve incredible picture. Together with the removal of the low-pass filter from the sensor, you can confidently capture sharp images with a high dynamic range and artefact free.

Venus Engine Processor

The marriage of an advanced Digital Live MOS sensor with the beautiful new Venus Engine 10 produces extraordinary color detail and natural texture expression. Multipixel Luminance Generation and Intelligent Detail Processing render intense brightness and contrast. The Three-Dimensional Color.


LUMIX GH5KBODY - 4K 60p/50p Video

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - 4:2:2 10-bit Internal Recording

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - VFR (Variable Frame Rate)

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - Rack Focus Transition

View larger


4K 60p/50p Video

The LUMIX GH5 records silky smooth 4K 60p/50p (QFHD 4K: 3840 x 2160 / MOV or MP4) video. Faster frame rates mean excellent motion compensation plus you can slow down footage inside your video editing timeline without losing detail. You also achieve perfect panning control and a suppression of the rolling shutter effect as seen in lesser frame rates.

High-resolution images and perfect focal length can also be achieved as the Lumix GH5 features pixel for pixel, no sensor cropping recording. There's also no recording duration limit so you can go beyond 30 minutes in all record settings.

* Available Summer 2017.

4:2:2 10-bit Internal Recording

The LUMIX GH5 brings game changing internal 4:2:2 10-bit 4K video recording. For example, 10-bit will render all the subtleties of graduated skies and sunsets without the banding so prone to 8-bit. The power of having film creation capabilities inside the camera sets a new precedent in guerilla style filmmaking. And you can record 4:2:2 10-bit to SD card whilst simultaneously feeding the live signal thru a full-size HDMI port connected to an external monitor or recorder. 4:2:2 10-bit recording enables faithful color and grading fidelity with over a billion colors and four times the tonality of 8-bit to match professional intent.

Control zings with rich colors from dark to bright shades and high-precision Multi Process NR makes your images pop even at high ISO sensitivity settings. Video users will be impressed with the improved performance in perceptual dynamic range at high ISO sensitivity settings.

VFR (Variable Frame Rate)

The VFR lets you record videos with dramatic slow motion or unique quick motion in 4K (60fps max.2.5x slower) or Full HD (180fps max.7.5x slower) quality, such as 180 fps / 7.5x*.

* In full HD, 24p playback.

Rack Focus Transition

The Focus Transition function automatically shifts the focus point at a constant speed for precise in-focus to out-focus points - for example background to foreground - to give you an impressive 'rack focus' motion picture effect.



LUMIX GH5KBODY - Live Output & Full Size HDMI

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - 6K 30fps / 4K 60 fps PHOTO Burst

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - Post Focus & Focus Stacking

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - DFD Ultra Fast Motion Detection & Focus

View larger


Live Output & Full Size HDMI

The Lumix GH5 is capable of 4:2:2 10-bit real-time image output to an external monitor or recorder via an optional HDMI cable (full size Type A), while simultaneously providing an internal 4:2:2 10-bit recording*. It is suitable for professional video making that requires accurate monitoring of the imagery or high quality recording to external codec devices (such as Pro Res).

* 4K 60p/50p is output only.

6K 30fps / 4K 60 fps PHOTO Burst

Shoot with unlimited burst, then choose and extract the exact frames you want to keep. The new 6K PHOTO* mode at 30fps allows you to capture the perfect moments at a stunning ~18-megapixel high-resolution. The Ultra-high-speed 4K Photo mode at 60fps freezes even faster motion which is simply not possible in conventional DSLR cameras. The LUMIX GH5 truly does make moments unmissable.

* 6K Photo is a high speed burst shooting function that cuts a still image out of a 4:3 or 3:2 video footage with approx.18-megapixel (approx. 6000 x 3000 effective pixel count) that the 6K image manages.

Post Focus & Focus Stacking

Post focus — Shoot now, Focus Later

This fantastic Post Focus function gives you the power to focus after you've taken the shot! Simply capture the scene, review the image and touch the part of the photo you'd like pin sharp. Set and save. It's simple, stunning and all this advanced processing happens inside the camera.

Focus Stacking — Adjust The Focus Area After Shooting

The Focus Stacking function enables you to adjust the focus area after shooting by blending multiple images taken at different focus distances to create an amazing image depth of field. You can make your images with exactly the kind of de-focus you want or pan-focus the image by simply selecting the focus area after shooting. This is brilliantly useful when shooting with fast apertures, close ups or macro photography.

DFD Ultra Fast Motion Detection & Focus

Panasonic's innovative DFD (Depth From Defocus) technology is constantly evolving and its just got even better. DFD allows the LUMIX GH5 to calculate focal lens movement by comparing depth of field values of two images at incredibly high speed. By combining the AF drive with a maximum read speed of 480 fps, the LUMIX GH5 can achieve ultra-high-speed Auto Focus in up to 0.05 seconds* and 9 fps burst shooting with AFC (** 12 fps burst shooting with AFS). A newly adopted motion detector accurately tracks fast moving subjects, and enables smooth 4K Photo/Video & 6K PHOTO recording.

** In AFS, at wide-end with H-ES12060 (CIPA).



LUMIX GH5KBODY - 225 Focus Points Plus Selective AF

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - AF Zone Selectable & Customizable AF

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - Joystick Control

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - 5-Axis Dual I.S.

View larger


225 Focus Points Plus Selective AF

A Joystick Controller on the back of the LUMIX GH5 is used to smoothly and intuitively select focus blocks inside the focusing area overlay. 

225-Area AF: 

The focus detect area is massively increased from 49 (LUMIX GH4) to 225 points for more flexible composition.

Custom Multi AF: 

The Custom Multi AF mode allows you to freely select an array of blocks inside the 225 focusing area.

AF Zone Selectable & Customizable AF

AF Zone Selectable:

The focus area group size and position can be customized for Multi AF / Custom Multi AF.

Customizable AF:

With more customized AF settings, it is now possible to adjust AF directionality depending on the shooting scene.

Joystick Control

The LUMIX GH5 offers you more intuitive control with the addition of a joystick over the conventional front /rear dials operation. A dedicated button allows direct reach to exposure compensation, white balance adjustment or ISO setting and a maximum of 5 settings can be assigned to the Fn buttons. All these components are designed to be operated easily and without taking your eyes away from the viewfinder.

5-Axis Dual I.S. Eliminates Blur

5-axis Dual I.S. (Image Stabiliser) 2* intelligent compensation enables up to 5-stops of slower shutter speeds even through telephoto lenses. The LUMIX GH5 nearly eliminates shake in both body and lens from wide-angle to tele-end**. It also works in both photo and video recording, including 4K video. The astonishing power of the 5-axis Body I.S. corrects shake for all lenses, including classic lenses not equipped with O.I.S.

* 5-axis Dual I.S. 2 works when attaching the lens that are compatible with it. Firmware update of the lens is also required.

** Based on the CIPA standard [Yaw/Pitch direction: focusing distance f=50-140mm (35mm film camera equivalent f=100-280mm), when H-FS14140 is used.]



LUMIX GH5KBODY - 4 Recording Options

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - Dual SD Card Slots

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - Large OLED LVF (3,680k-dot)

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LUMIX GH5KBODY - Bluetooth 4.2 & Wi-Fi 5GHz

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Professional Versatility — 4 Recording Options

A plethora of video formats and bit rates prepare the Lumix GH5 for use in a wide range of professional applications such as web, TV, DVD/Blu Ray and digital cinema production. You can select from four recording formats such as AVCHD and MP4 for playback ease, or MP4 (LPCM) and MOV for professional editing ease.

The LUMIX GH5 is worldwide compatible as the system frequency can be selected from 59.94 Hz (NTSC), 50.00 Hz (PAL), or 24.00 Hz (Cinema).

Dual SD Card Slots

Dual SD card slots increase recording capacity and file arrangement efficiency. The dual SD card slots allow you to record in relay, backup, and simultaneous modes. Relay allows you to swap a full card out for an empty card so you can record virtually endlessly. The backup mode allows you to record continuously on one card, while you start and stop recording on the other card. Simultaneous record duplicates your recording on both cards.

Large OLED LVF (3,680k-dot)

The high-resolution 3,680k-dot OLED Live View Finder matches up to exactly how you intended to see the image even under direct sunlight. A high 0.76x magnification (35mm camera equivalent) makes it easy to see image detail, your settings and icons, and, the long eye point distance of 21mm is excellent for people who wear glasses.

Bluetooth 4.2 & Wi-Fi 5GHz

The Bluetooth 4.2 (Low Energy) enables full-time connection between camera and smartphone with low energy consumption. After shooting, it automatically switches to Wi-Fi connection, transferring data to your smartphone. The Wi-Fi 5GHz (IEEE802.11ac) is incredibly fast. You can use Panasonic's Lumix Image App for Android / iOS to control shutter and other settings, plus, video record Start / Stop without physically touching the camera!

* The Wi-Fi Certified Logo is a certification mark of Wi-Fi Alliance.

* The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Panasonic Corporation is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.


Technical Details

Battery Type Lithium Ion
Color Black
Display LCD
Display Resolution Maximum 1620
Display Size 3.2 inches
Display Technology LCD
Flash Memory Type SDXC;;;
Flash Type Internal
Image Aspect Ratio 16:9
Image Stabilization Yes
Included Components
  • Camera
  • battery
  • battery charger
  • body cap
  • hot shoe cover
  • usb cable
  • hdmi cable lock
  • shoulder strap
  • dvd
Item Dimensions 6.14 x 7.56 x 5.83 inches
Item Weight 3.34 pounds
Lithium Battery Energy Content 1 Watt Hour
Model Year 2017
Optical Sensor Resolution 20.3 MP
Optical Sensor Technology CMOS
Optical Zoom 1x
Photo Sensor Technology CMOS
Processor Description venus engine
Self-timer Yes
Shipping Weight 4 pounds
Supported Battery Types Panasonic DMW-BLF19


Buy now from Amazon with free 2-day Prime Shipping (Prime membership required)



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Ditch the Stand and Give your DJI Ronin M, MX some Feet

So you've had your fancy new gimbal for a few years now or maybe a few days. You're probably pretty good at using it now. You've also noticed its sometimes a pain to need the tuning stand with you. I mean, sometimes you just wanna set the thing down but unless you have an assistant or carry a back pack full of stuff that stand might not be nearby.

So by now I'm sure most of you have seen the MoVI by Freefly Systems. Back when they started using the carbon fiber ring in place of the standard crossbar and handles this was a pretty big deal in my eyes. It meant you had more options as far as how to hold the gimbal. Plus, the big part was that you could set it down on the bottom edge of the ring and it was a chance to take a break. The likes of Phillip Bloom and other famous video professionals were sharing them. I saw this as a great option. Ive yet to own a MoVI but once they released their MoVI Pro I took notice again and was impressed by its design. As much as I would love to have one. I can't justify the price currently for my work. Wish I could but I'm not there yet. Having owned a DJI Ronin M though since their initial release it got me thinking. How can I make my current gimbal more of a joy to use? How can I make my Ronin M more like a MoVI Pro? Let me show you what I came up with so far.


" How can I make my current gimbal more of a joy to use? How can I make my Ronin M, MX more like a MoVI Pro? "


DJI released the Accessory Grip Ring for the Ronin M and MX. Shown here below.

As you can see it has an advantage, design-wise compared to offerings from Freefly Systems and others. This is fully collapsible which makes it nice to pack away. It is carbon fiber and has cushion grips. The size is a smaller diameter than the new MoVI Pro ring which is also worth noting. (25mm vs 30mm) The MoVI Pro is designed for larger cameras system in mind; so its built to handle the weight. 

The DJI ring grip comes with a nice carrying case, but it lacks a set of feet. With feet, you can rest it on the ground or lean your gimbal up against something to take a break. I looked on DJIs website and they do not offer any sort of feet currently to buy. I found some very well made cnc'd aluminum feet from a company called Cinemilled. I own some of their products already and can say they make quality stuff. They are solid and a great solution if you want the indestructible kind. They also make a heavy duty ring themselves. I decided to check out FreeFly's website to see if they sold the feet from the new MoVI PRO as replacement parts. Sure enough, they did and they only cost around $25 plus shipping. (Price at the time of this article) So, despite really liking the Cinemilled feet, these were about $100 cheaper. They are made out of plastic so they would probably be lighter. If you want feet that will withstand abuse, definitely get the Cinemilled versions. If you want a less expensive solution than maybe you'll go the route I did.

Below you can see the Freefly MoVI Pro feet.

So I knew the ring diameter was different sizes between the DJI and the one for the MoVI Pro. I noticed on my DJI Ring there was rubber sleeves on the bottom and I did some measuring and took a chance that the MoVI Pro feet would fit when attached there. Once the feet arrived I noticed that on the inside edge of the mounting surface had round knobs. These were to keep the feet in the perfect spot on the MoVI Pro ring and to keep it from rotating accidentally on the ring. I got out my Dremel and shaved off those knobs. (Roughing this area up a little bit is a good idea any way to prevent slipping on the rubber sleeves)

Once the surface was prepped, I took the provided mounting hardware and mounted the feet. I adjusted the angle so the ring leans forward about 10 degrees. This keeps your rig from falling over backwards. Ive seen people with the MoVI Pro mount them opposite cause they had a very front heavy rig. This will be left up to your personal preference. I like them facing forward personally. 


Top Handle Solution ~

Another thing I did to improve the Ronin M was to add a Nato rail on top. This opens up a lot of options for mounting accessories including a top handle. If you don't care about having a handle you can purchase a nato cold shoe mount for a mic or even an LED video light. Here are some links below for what I recommend. 

Buy Your Gimbal Here.

DJI Ronin M - via Amazon

DJI Ronin MX

Freefly Systems MoVI PRO

Freefly Systems MoVI M5


Buy the Feet here MoVI Pro Feet - Plastic CNC'd aluminum feet for gimbals 

Smallrig Feet for Gimbals


Top Handles

SmallRig QR Nato Handle 1563

CAMVATE Top Handel

Wooden Camera NATO Top Handle


Nato Rail

SmallRig Nato Rail 70mm


Accessory Ring Options

DJI Accessories Grip Ring ($229 currently) 

Cinemilled Pro Ring ($399 currently)

MoVI Ring for M5. M10 or M15


Accessory Mounts for DJI Ronin M & MX

DJI Monitor Mount

CAMVATE 360 degree rotating mount 

CAMVATE Light Mount Bracket for Ronin M MX


Field Monitor/Recorder Options

SmallHD 502 (monitor only)

Video Devices Pix-E5

Atomos Shogun Inferno



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Check Out These New BNC Cables By WorkHorse

I was in a rush and needed a new cable quick. I did a quick search on Amazon and found these flexible cables by WORKHORSE GEAR of Santa Monica CA. I wanted something not too terribly long that would work with my on camera monitor. I use a VideoDevices Pix-E5 and sometimes an Odyssey 7Q with various cameras. These pics show the PIXE5 on a Sony FS700 just for example. (Yes I know it doesnt record the 4K RAW but it can get a good 12 bit 422HQ signal from SDI for the 1080 options)

So, back to the cables. I ordered 2, both the 24" BNC. One with 2 - straight BNC connections and the other with 1 - straight and 1 - 90 degree BNC. The 2nd works great with the PIXE series as you can see in these photos. I would recommend the double straight for a Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q and 7Q+ monitor depending on what camera you use it on. 

The cables are very well made and come with a one year warranty. So far I have not had any issues with them after about 2 weeks of having them and 3 shoots. Just thought I would share my experience so far. If you would like to pick some up follow my links to Amazon below.


WORKHORSE GEAR 24" BNC Straight to Straight Ultrathin Flexible Cable SDI

WORKHORSE GEAR 24" BNC Straight to 90 Right Angle Ultrathin Flexible Cable SDI


Also try this longer 36" version with 2 right angles

WORKHORSE GEAR 36" BNC Right to Right Angle Ultrathin Flexible Cable SDI



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BMW 735i 6spd Photoshoot It's not every day you see a finely tailored example of a 7 series. Let alone see one stateside with a 6 speed conversion. Curtis Messer, a local German car guru is the current owner of this Bavarian chariot. Curtis is a master mechanic by trade and owns a local "German only" automotive service shop in Kennewick Washington. His love for German cars, and cars in general goes back to his childhood. 

The love has rubbed off onto his children even. They often spend time building high end LEGO models, such as a Porsche 911 GTR in their off time. His customer base shows that he has gained much respect with local enthusiast as well. Porsche and often BMW club meetings are held at his shop on Saturdays where coffee and pastries are served and knowledge is shared. 

While doing the photos of this 735i, he was telling me about his search for a V12 750i e38 variant he was on. Hoping to make that a 6 speed conversion car as well. A local customer wants to buy this 735i (although he loves it and has grown attached) so once it sells he will be off to start another project. Wives have a tendency on limiting the number of projects a man can have sometimes. Especially when his wife does their books lol.

Look for more images of Curtis and his project cars in future posts on my blog.

Visit his shop for service or repairs:


Messer Motoren Werke | 555 N Edison St Kennewick WA 99336 #509-392-5717

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Austin Keen Wakesurfing Clinic

Infinite Wake hosted another fun wakesurfing clinic here over the weekend. Austin Keen traveled from California for a 2 day clinic to help instruct locals on the fast growing sport. Keen, a world champion skim boarder, who added the behind the boat wave riding sport to his skill set a few years ago. Originally from Georgia, Austin made his way out to California's sunny beaches after high school. Ever since than he has continued to refine his style riding the waves. The clinic offered an AM or PM class on Saturday and Sunday (June 25 & 26th 2016). Spots were sold out about as fast as it was announced a few months ago, stated Chad Agen of Infinite Wake. He hopes to have Keen come back later this summer to hold another clinic. Infinite Wake held their first clinic last summer with another talented Liquid Force pro, Tommy Czeschin

Riders with moderate to no experience came and were able to try out new Liquid Force board provided by Sporthaus of Kennewick Washington. The weather was hot and everyone had a great time. Being able to see Austin surf in person was a dream come true for many of the riders who have seen his videos on youtube and other social media outlets. Last year Austin posted a video with the help of a local filmmaker which gained a lot of attention. Austin started by running on the beach next to a canal. He hopped on his board and rides out catching the wake of a passing boat. From there he continues to surf on the boats wake. Although we do not recommend you try this, it is incredibly impressive. Check out the video below for yourself.

Big thanks to Austin Keen for making the trip up for the clinic. I am definitely stoked to get back out on my board as soon as I can. Huge thanks to Chad Agen and family for making it all happen, along with Sporthaus and Liquid Force! Don't forget to check out Austin's new pro model Liquid Force board which will be release in the near future. 

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SmallRig DJI Ronin-M Quick Release Plate Dovetail Mount

Recently I purchased one of these handy quick release plate mounts from SmallRig via Amazon. (Also available on Ebay and

The dovetail quick release plate mount designed for use with the Ronin-M plate is a huge time saver. If you need a way to swap your camera from the Ronin-M to a tripod you can leave the DJI plate on the camera. This plate will lock your camera down and keep it locked in place. Shoot from your tripod, than move right back to the Ronin-M without having to rebalance. The quick release plate monut has standard mounting holes so you can attach it to any video head. If you are shooting with one camera this can save you a lot of time. Here are some more images showing the other sides below.  


You can this handy quick release for yourself here on Amazon. --> SMALLRIG DJI RONIN-M DOVETAIL MOUNT QUICK RELEASE BASEPLATE - 1685

Buy a DJI RONIN-M Gimbal. Check here for the best price  -->


Note: it does not came with an extra DJI plate or any at all. If you have multiple cameras you can purchase an additional Ronin-M plate here.

You can also purchase one from (Don't forget to purchase additional mounting screws also!)


More images of the release below.

You can buy one for yourself here --> SMALLRIG DJI RONIN-M DOVETAIL MOUNT QUICK RELEASE BASEPLATE - 1685

Buy a DJI RONIN-M for the best price --> HERE




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White Pass Ski Resort presents CASTLEJAM 2016

This past weekend White Pass Ski Resort (Washington State) hosted its first ever Castle Jam. The traditional "Winter Carnival" event each year brings a big snow castle to the mountain resort. This year the snowboard/ski park manager finally got approval to add rail and jib features to the castle once winter carnival was over with. Smaller features yet still a somewhat technical yard of obstacles were laid out. One of the features included a tunnel with an inclined rail at the exit. Amateurs and more advanced riders showed up to compete for prizes donated by Arbor Snowboards, Line skis and other local vendors. Check out for more upcoming events. Don't miss Castle Jam next year. (March 12, 2016) -


Interview with Eric the event promoter and park manager.



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JMC Motorsports Mechanic Jensen Hendler Talks Supercross

Had a chance to meet up with Jensen Hendler, race mechanic for Chris Howell. Chris Howell and Noah McConahy are both part of the JMC Motorsports program for 2016. Having a Supercross team is a new endeavor for JMC Motorsports. A Husqvarna dealer located in Pasco Washington. They have big hopes to leave their mark this season. Watch the video for a quick recap from round 7 in Arlington Texas. | AMA Supercross 2016

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The Full Monte MTB

Over the weekend I was able to get some footage of a couple buddies. The weather wasn't ideal and honestly was pretty gloomy out. It was still a lot of fun. Here is Ben Ward and Philip Kaiser riding the trails at state patrol. (#MountainBikes #BMX #DH)

Filmed with these fine tools. (Please us the Amazon links to help support the making of this!)


Panasonic GH4 -

DJI Phantom 3 Professional -

DJI Ronin M Gimbal -

Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 -

Song is - Smash the Fun k - by G Riz -  buy it here -

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Panasonic GH4 with Wooden Camera Cage and the Video Devices PIX-E5

Just thought I would share my GH4 rig that I pieced together and have been using. I have other pieces that I attach or remove that are not pictured as well. Most of us do depending on our needs for each shot or assignment. This is clearly not supposed to be an elaborate or thorough review of any kind. First off, I'm very happy that I decided to go with the Video Devices PIX-E5 monitor/recorder. It is a robust and well built piece of equipment capable of recording several types of pro res up to 4444 XQ 12 bit (depending on what your camera is capable of out-putting. GH4 max output is 4:2:2 10 bit). With the new V Log and 12 stops of dynamic range (+2), recording in 10 bit will really give this camera more life. The PIX-E recorder lacks any type of RAW recording, but I don't have a need for that at this time. It will however, record up to 4K DCI/UHD 30 fps and 1080 up to 120 fps. Solid metal construction, removable media drive that transfers over USB 3.0, touch screen and buttons all make using this a dream. The GH4 offers 422 10 bit out versus 420 8 bit internal recording so I really wanted to take advantage of the extra quality that brings. 

Here is a list of the main items I used. A link to buy them is also available.

Panasonic Lumix GH4

Buy on Amazon

Wooden Camera Quick Cage (there are 3 sizes, this is a medium. A small would also work.)

Wooden Camera DSLR 15mm Base

Zacuto Zamerican 12" V3 Articulating Arm

Buy on Amazon (spendy but worth it. figure to pay about $200 for the arm alone. Kit will run you close to $400. This is great cause the arm has 15mm rods on the ends. Even has internal threads. Solid when tightened, no fuss!)

Zacuto Zicro Mount

Buy on Amazon (this is on the bottom of the PIX-3E5 which than clamps to the 15mm rod end of the Zamerican arm. Quick and easy on off)

SmallRig SWAT Nato 15mm rail clamp

Buy on Amazon (perfect to mount on a nato rail and than to attach any 15mm rod. in this case the other end of my 12" arm for the monitor)

SmallRig Nato Handle with cold shoe

Buy on Amazon (There are great options from Zacuto and Wooden Camera but I went with this one for now cause the price was right. Its a really nice piece. They have a lot of top handle options to choose from which is nice)

SmallRig Nato Rail 5"

Buy on Amazon

Lanparte Matte Box with 15mm Rod adapter

Buy on Amazon 

Lanparte Follow Focus

Buy on Amazon 

Lanparte V-Mount adapter

Buy on Amazon (Also doubles as a charger. Has D-Tap, hdmi splitter, 5V, 7.4V, 12V, 15V outputs and over voltage protection.)

Lanparte V-Mount Battery

Buy on Amazon (no complaints with this or the adapter. Its a little bulky but for the price and the power options it gives its great. I don't really need it like I use to for other cameras. The GH4 battery lasts a good while. Sometimes its nice back up for the monitor or other accessories.) 

Lockport by Lockcircle HDMI adapter (micro to standard HDMI adapter that keeps your port in top shape and lets you use a standard size cable. I use the thin flexible cables found here.)

Nanosecond Thin Flexible HDMI cable

Buy on Amazon

Manfrotto 504 HD Video Plate (Long) 

Buy on Amazon

VideoDevices PIX-E5 4K Recorder and monitor (SDI & HDMI) There is also an HDMI only option called the PIX-E5H.

"The Video Devices PIX-E5/E5H Is A Perfect Companion to the GH4"

For Audio I have the Sennheiser AVX wireless Lav system and I absolutely love it. For other audio I use a Zoom recorder or various RODE mics including the Rode VideoMic Pro. There is a XLR audio interface for the PIX-E series coming out next month for optimum sound acquisition.


note: I have not been paid or have been given any equipment for free to promote any of these products. 


Disclaimer: Links I have provided are safe and will redirect you to where you can purchase you own products at great deals. When you click the link it is part of an affiliate program that helps me support this website when you purchase. Thank you for your support.

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Not Quite Route 66

   During my holiday break I ventured out through Oregon and into Northern California to visit family. On my way I passed through Grass Valley Oregon. On the out skirts south of town there is a little old gas station (closed obviously) in Kent that caught my attention. I quickly pulled over for a look. The first thing that caught my eye was the Crush soda sign on the top. I have no idea how old that is; it looked rather nice compared to the rest of the surroundings. The old station had two pumps out from. All with familiar markings. They had received a few coats of different color paint of the years but still offer that nostalgic look to them. 

Someone must have gotten a little curious. I think it would have looked a look better off old and weathered.

Im still curious as to what the story is with the old storm shelter, bunker or whatever it is in the background. (back left side of the image)

Makes you thirsty for an Orange Crush doesnt it?


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Must Have DJI Ronin-M Quick Mount Plates  


Universal Quick Release Mounting Plate for DJI Ronin-M by GyroVu above

Sometimes you do not have the luxury of time. When you are on set or just need a quick way to rig your Ronin-M maybe these are for you. GyroVu has two mounting plate options. These give you a way to mount the release on a tripod or wherever else you may want to attach it. With the top handle off you can slide the dove tail portion of the gimbal onto the quick release. and lock it in place. There are two versions available. One with a locking lever and the other with just an allen screw. 

These can be purchased through

NON-LEVER VERSION $109.95 on Amazon currently






LOCKING LEVER VERSION $119.95 on Amazon currently







The next quick release will save you tons of time. Cinemilled has a plate that allows you to leave the Ronin-M plate on your camera. You can simply release your camera from the gimbal and than lock it into this plate. No more removing the plate and having to rebalance it again. Cinemilled offers this in a standard and a Miller mount version. 

You can purchase these right from or from any of their distributors. Currently $199 usd.



SmallRig is now offering some quick mounts for Ronin-M. They are available on eBay, or through these links to Amazon.

SmallRig® DJI Ronin-M Dovetail Mount Quick Release Baseplate-1685

This plate, much like the ones above make it easy to remove your camera from the Ronin-M and moving to a tripod. By not having to remove the quick plate you can switch back an forth with ease depending on your setups. If you're just using something like a DSLR and only changing a lens it can be a very fast switch. 

Buy the SmallRig Baseplate 1685 on

This next adapter gives you the option to mount the Ronin-M inverted onto your tripod video head. The quick release is also made with a version with the handle mounts. Using it will eliminate the top handle so you can invert it and lock it into place without ever have to remove the upper half of the Ronin-M. A great option to have for quick transitions. These can be purchased as a set or individually.

These can be purchased through

SmallRig Connector for DJI Ronin-M 1704 (combo)

Smallrig® Quick Plate Mount for DJI Ronin-m (Mini) -1682

Smallrig® Handheld to Tripod Adapter for DJI Ronin-m 1689


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RED Introduces the SCARLET-W First we were given the Weapon. Than came the 4.5K Raven. Now another announcement has been made. The new Scarlet-W will round off (+ Epic-W) the awesome new DSMC² line of cinema cameras. The good people at RED are not forgetting their current Scarlet owners and giving them a break on price if they would like to upgrade. The new SCARLET-W gleams with that familiar battleship gray color its known for, It also shares the same compatibility as to that of the WEAPON and RAVEN with accessories. The SCARLET-W shares the same Dragon sensor as the WEAPON capable of 5K motion up to 60fps with 16.5+ stops of dynamic range. Full specs can be seen below. The new SCARLET-W should start shipping as soon as March 2016.




*Tech specs and images from








EFFECTIVE PIXELS 5120 (h) x 2700 (v)
SENSOR SIZE 25.6 mm (h) x 13.5 mm (v) x 28.9 mm (d)
DYNAMIC RANGE 16.5+ stops












MAX FRAME RATES  1 50 fps at 5K Full Frame (5120 x 2700) and 9:1 REDCODE  
60 fps at 5K 2.4:1 (5120 x 2160) and 8:1 REDCODE  
100 fps at 4.5K Full Frame (4608 x 2412) and 14:1 REDCODE  
120 fps at 4.5K 2.4:1 (4608 x 1944) and 13:1 REDCODE  
120 fps at 4K Full Frame (4096 x 2160) and 13:1 REDCODE  
150 fps at 4K 2.4:1 (4096 x 1728) and 13:1 REDCODE  
160 fps at 3K Full Frame (3072 x 1620) and 10:1 REDCODE  
200 fps at 3K 2.4:1 (3072 x 1296) and 10:1 REDCODE  
240 fps at 2K Full Frame (2048 x 1080) and 7:1 REDCODE  
300 fps at 2K 2.4:1 (2048 x 864) and 7:1 REDCODE
23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 47.96, 48, 50, 59.94 fps, all resolutions
4:1 REDCODE for 5K (5120 x 2700) at 24 fps  
8:1 REDCODE for 5K (5120 x 2700) at 48 fps  
3:1 REDCODE for 4K (4096 x 2160) at 24 fps  
7:1 REDCODE for 4K (4096 x 2160) at 60 fps
5K Full Frame (5120 x 2700), 2:1, 2.4:1, 16:9, 6:5, 4:1, 8:1, and Ana 2x, 1.3x  
4.5K Full Frame (4608 x 2412), 2:1, 2.4:1, 16:9, 3:2, 4:1, 8:1, and Ana 2x, 1.3x  
4K Full Frame (4096 x 2160), 2:1, 2.4:1, 16:9, 3:2, 4:3, 5:4, 6:5, 4:1, 8:1, and Ana 2x, 1.3x  
3K Full Frame (3072 x 1620), 2:1, 2.4:1, 16:9, 3:2, 4:3, 5:4, 6:5, 4:1, 8:1, and Ana 2x, 1.3x  
2K Full Frame (2048 x 1080), 2:1, 2.4:1, 16:9, 3:2, 4:3, 5:4, 6:5, 4:1, 8:1, and Ana 2x, 1.3x
APPLE PRORES Apple ProRes 422 HQ up to 2K (2048 × 1080) and up to 60 fps  
Apple ProRes 422 up to 2K (2048 × 1080) and up to 60 fps  
Apple ProRes 422 LT up to 2K (2048 × 1080) and up to 60 fps
5K (5120 x 2700) at 24 fps and 11:1 REDCODE: 41 minutes  
5K (5120 x 2700) at 48 fps and 14:1 REDCODE: 26 minutes  
4.5K 2.4:1 (4608 x 1944) at 120 fps and 15:1 REDCODE: 17 minutes










WEIGHT 3.5 lbs (BRAIN with Integrated Media Bay)
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
STORAGE TEMPERATURE –20°C to 50°C (–4°F to 122°F)












COLOR MANAGEMENT Supports 17×17×17 3D LUTs  
Variable number of 3D LUT outputs with Expander Modules  
User programmable shaper 1D LUTs  
Tetrahedral interpolation, 16-bit processing
AUDIO Integrated dual channel digital stereo microphones, uncompressed, 24-bit 48 kHz  
Optional 2 additional channels with Expander Module, uncompressed, 24-bit 48 kHz
REMOTE CONTROL Built-in Wireless.  
Ethernet, RS232, and GPI Trigger with Expander Modules.
MONITOR OUTPUTS 3G-SDI (HD-SDI) and HDMI with Expander Modules  
1080p RGB or 4:2:2, 720p RGB or 4:2:2  
480p RGB or 4:2:2 (HDMI Only)  
SMPTE Timecode, HANC Metadata, 24-bit 48 kHz Audio
MONITOR OPTIONS DSMC² RED Touch 4.7" LCD, DSMC² RED Touch 7.0" LCD and  
DSMC² RED EVF (OLED) with cable-free connection.  
RED Touch 9.0" LCD, RED Touch 7.0" LCD, RED Touch 5.0" LCD,  
compatible with DSMC² LEMO Adaptor and LCD/EVF cable.












4K: DPX, TIFF, OpenEXR (.RED via RRencode plugin)  
2K: DPX, TIFF, OpenEXR (.RED via RRencode plugin)  
1080p RGB 4:2:2, 720p 4:2:2 : QuickTime, JPEG, Avid AAF, MXF  
1080p 4:2:0, 720p 4:2:0 : H.264, .MP4
Adobe® Premier® Pro, Avid® Media Composer®  
DaVinci Resolve®, Edius Pro®, Final Cut Pro®, Vegas Pro®




Tech specs reflect both current and projected information. Everything is subject to change.








1. REDCODE values and max frame rates may vary based on selected acquisition format/aspect ratio.


(Kevin J Salisbury) New Products Sat, 12 Dec 2015 03:08:00 GMT
BJ Baldwin does the Northwest in RECOIL 3 - Sasquatch Hunter

BJ Baldwin has done it again with another gut wrenching video. The 3rd installment features locations filmed in Tacoma Washington and other nearby wooded lands. A very special appearance by our very own Sasquatch adds to the madness. 

(Kevin J Salisbury) Videos Wed, 11 Nov 2015 21:19:33 GMT
Wakesurfing in October If my friends would have asked me to come out wake surfing or wake boarding any other year I would have said no, "too cold for me buddy!"  Fortunately, this summer was really warm in my little part of Washington state. Several 100+ days of beautiful sunshine. The water in our rivers warmed up nicely. So nice in fact that here in October they were still relatively warm compared to past years at this time. Sure, if it was a lake you can have it later in the year and still be warm but this is a large flowing river. 

We filmed a little bit of footage last weekend. I used my DJI Phantom 3 Pro shooting over the water capturing the surfing behind the boat. It is always a little bit nerve racking flying over water, but it all worked out well. I am now hoping to produce a more planned out video of wakesurfing next season. This was all shot in one afternoon so its pretty basic. Enjoy!

Wakesurf October Session from Kevin J Salisbury on Vimeo.

(Kevin J Salisbury) Videos Mon, 12 Oct 2015 06:31:05 GMT
RED RAVEN Cinema Camera Announced #4KFORALL

Just this morning RED announced pricing and specs for its newest cinema camera, RED RAVEN. The price for a new RED is the most affordable yet and features that this new RAVEN camera gives are quite appealing. Weighing in at 3.5Lbs makes it very practical for aerial platforms like the FREEFLYSYSTEMS ALTA and many other capable aircraft. It is also appealing to users like me that want to use it with a handheld gimbal such as the MoVI M5 or Ronin-M.The Raven will also crank out 4.5K up to 120fps and 2K up to 240fps along with beautiful 16.5+ stops of dynamic range. This truly is an exciting time to be in the market for a cinema camera. 

The brain starts at $6,950.00 and basic packages start at $10,750.00 and $10,950.00. They are taking deposits now with camera allocations starting March 2016. 


  • 8.8 Megapixel DRAGON Sensor
  • 20.48 mm x 10.8 mm (Smaller than APS-C, Bigger than Micro 4/3)
  • Fixed Canon EF Mount
  • Standard OLPF (Roughly 800 base ISO, maybe less)
  • Same Dynamic Range as WEAPON
  • REDCODE RAW: 4.5K (4608 × 2160) up to 120 fps
  • REDCODE RAW: 3K (3072 × 1620) up to 160 fps
  • REDCODE RAW: 2K (2048 × 1080) up to 240 fps
  • 3:1 maximum available REDCODE for 4.5K (4608 × 2160) at 24 fps
  • 8:1 maximum available REDCODE for 4.5K (4608 × 2160) at 60 fps
  • 13:1 maximum available REDCODE for 4.5K (4608 × 2160) at 120 fps
  • Apple ProRes 422 HQ, 422, LT: up to 2K (2048 × 1080) and up to 60 fps
  • Audio: Integrated dual channel digital stereo microphones, uncompressed, 24-bit 48 kHz (Optional 2 additional channels with Expander Module, uncompressed, 24-bit 48 kHz)
  • Monitoring: works with current RED monitors with appropriate adapters (if necessary)
  • Shoots with RED Mini-Mags
  • Built-in Wireless Control (Not for Monitoring)
  • Ethernet, RS232, and GPI Trigger with Expander Modules.
  • Weight 3.5 lbs (BRAIN with Media Bay and Canon Lens Mount)
  • Available: March 2016 for Brain, Jetpack Package and Base I/O Package.


Compliments of Phil Holland from


What can RAVEN do?

- Has a maximum motion and still resolution of 4.5K (4608x2160)
- Shoot at 24fps at 4.5K with a REDCODE RAW Compression Ratio of 3:1
- Shoot up to 120fps at 4.5K
- Lens Mount - Fixed Canon EF
- OLPF - Fixed Dragon Standard OLPF
- Shoots Apple ProRes 422 HQ 2K up to 60fps
- Uses the same accessories as RED WEAPON cameras and is a DSMC² style camera Brain.
- Has Wireless Connectivity built in (WiFi)


Full Technical Specifications can be found here under "Tech Specs":

How big is RAVEN's Dragon Sensor?

- RAVEN's sensor size is 20.48x10.8mm with an image circle of 23.2mm.
- RAVEN's format size is larger than Micro Four Thirds in width and just a hair narrower than Academy 35mm and APS-C.

What Lenses can be used on RAVEN?

RAVEN features a fixed Canon EF Mount. Which means any of the large family of lenses that feature the native Canon EF mount can be used on RAVEN, and if supported, iris and focus can be controlled through the camera interface.

Additionaly, since so many lenses can be adapter to the Canon EF Mount through simple adapters lenses like Leica-R, Olympus-OM, Nikon-F, and many others are possible to adapt and use on the camera.

What is DSMC²?

DSMC stands for "Digital Stills and Motion Camera", something RED started a long while ago as their cameras can shoot high enough resolution images to use for print. However, DSMC also refers to the camera body (also known as the Camera Brain) type.
DSMC² is the newest style of Camera Brain that was introduced with RED WEAPON in 2015. It not only describes the general form factor of the camera body itself, but also how various modules can be added to the camera system to "expand" it's capabilities.
As such, camera modules for WEAPON and Raven bodies are often referred to as Expanders, which attach directly to the rear of the camera body while adding functionality to your camera rig.

For instance, the Base I/O Expander adds HDMI out, SDI out, DC in, SYNC, CTRL, and two audio ports. You can also attach something like the WEAPON REDVOLT XL Module to the back of the Base I/O Expander to use REDVOLT XL style batteries on RAVEN.

Additionally, there is a connection point on the right side of the RAVEN and WEAPON cameras that can accept camera control accessories like the SIDEKICK or upcoming Side Handle.

What kind of Media Cards does RAVEN record to?

RAVEN uses RED MINI-MAG SSD Cards. These are currently available in 120GB, 240GB, 512GB, and 1TB capacities.

What ports are on the RAVEN camera body?

RAVEN features 2X LCD/EVF "Cableless Connectors" to use with the RED WEAPON 7.0" LCD Touch and the RED WEAPON 4.7" LCD Touch. These both can be bolted directly to those ports.

Through using the WEAPON LEMO Adapter A you can attach a LEMO cable port to the camera body and use other RED LCD/EVFs such as the 9.0", 7.0", and 5.0" LCD Touch. Through using the WEAPON LEMO Adapter B you can even use a LEMO connector to position one of the bolt on "Cableless" displays away from the camera body.

Additionally there is another port on top of RED RAVEN that is reserved for camera control. For instance, the WEAPON Top Handle can trigger Record Start/Stop when attached to that port.

When is RAVEN being released?

You can pre-order RED RAVEN today at

Does RAVEN have built in 3D LUT Support like WEAPON?

No, it does not.


(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Fri, 25 Sep 2015 14:36:00 GMT
V-Log Firmware Upgrade for Panasonic GH4 available Now

Finally after all of the rumors, Panasonic has been gracious enough to give us V-Log for our GH4 cameras. For those of you who do not know, V-Log is a flat, more gradeable profile like the higher end Panasonic cameras features. To have this give you the ability to manage the color a bit easier with your video editing program of choice, i.e. Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro X, Avid, etc. The V-Log will grade very well with its Panasonic Varicam 35 Footage. 

The upgrade is currently at firmware 2.3 (2.4 has now been released, get it here) which can be downloaded from Panasonic's website. To access the V-Log profile you will need to purchase the upgrade kit through Panasonic online store or online retailers such as Adorama or B&H Photo Video for $100. The kit includes instructions and an SD card with an activation code. This code is necessary to update current GH4 camera and keep it enabled after future firmware updates. New owners of the Panasonic GH4R will have VLog preloaded on their cameras so no changes will need to be done.

Available directly from Panasonic webstore: Click Here


  • Adds V-Log L Gamma Profile to GH4
  • Wide Dynamic Range of up to 12 Stops
  • Improved Color Matching with Varicam
  • Similar Characteristics to Cineon
  • Same LUT and Curve as Standard V-Log


Here is a sample clip by "Geekynerddad" from that gives a good visual of the VLog-L profile and color graded examples. Follow him here.


instructions for the update:

(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Tue, 01 Sep 2015 16:36:00 GMT
Robbie Madison pushes the Limits yet again with Pipe Dream


DC Shoes teamed up with Robbie Madison and crew for another unreal video segment. This new 4K video called "Pipe Dream" is mind blowing as Robbie takes to the shores of Tahiti. A custom surf plate (at least thats what I will call it) was attached to his bike giving it the characteristics he needed to stay afloat. The dramatic entrance through the native foliage of Tahiti and than charging right through the surf was almost unbelievable. Check out the full video part for yourself by pressing play above.


Pick up some of Robbie's gear or other great gear from DC Shoes from the link below.



(Link is an affiliate link that helps me support this blog.)

(Kevin J Salisbury) Videos Sun, 02 Aug 2015 22:58:58 GMT
Camp Patriot Fun Run Photos 2015 Thanks for coming out and supporting the troops! Images are free to be shared. If you would like to purchase prints you are welcome to do so from the link below. If you participated in the 100# ruck sack run today, contact me for your free images. Message me and I can email them to you. 


Link to Gallery:


(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Sat, 04 Jul 2015 21:37:48 GMT
Hogs & Dogs 2015 w/ HAWCO & LATIMER Stunts Freestyle Bike Demo

There is a large bike event every year in West Richland Washington off of Bombing Range Road. This year there was another great turn out with many awesome bikes and friendly people. Live music, food and a Professional Freestyle Sport bike demonstration was part of the show.

Check out some of the video screen grabs and than watch the video to see what you were lucky enough to experience or you missed. Come on out next year!


(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Videos Sun, 21 Jun 2015 06:44:34 GMT
Need a Field Monitor Mount for your DJI Ronin-M?

UPDATE: Yes, at last...the DjI mount is now shipping. ---> Buy on Amazon


Hey everyone! Recently I purchased the new Ronin-M as a lighter weight gimbal. So far I have been very pleased with it. One thing I noticed right when I got it was that DJI does not include a monitor mount with the Ronin-M at this time. The new Part 19 accessories mount that fits isnt being shipped yet. So what do you do to mount your monitor? Here is what I did to mount my SmallHD AC7 field monitor while I wait for the DJI clamp to be released. Im sure there are better ways, but this is what I already had available in my stash. If you have these things already than you're set until DJI or someone else has a proper accessories mount ready for consumers.

If you would like to buy the parts I used check out the list below. The affiliate links help support the making of this video. I would appreciate it if you use them. Thanks!




Parts List

GoPro Seat Post Mount

Giotto Ball Mount

SmallHD AC7 Field Monitor

DJI Ronin-M Handheld Gimbal

1/4" - 20 x 1 inch stainless steel hex head bolt (doesnt have to be stainless or hex thats just what i used)



You can now purchase the DJI monitor mount from their online store, DjI authorized dealer and also from Amazon link below.

(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Videos Sat, 30 May 2015 22:16:04 GMT
Todays BMX Gear Essentials Shot

      Today I invited over a talented friend who races bmx and also rides mountain bikes. He was going out to a local spot so I told him to head over to my place first. I had this idea pop in my head after seeing so many gear shots with cameras, lenses etc all neatly place on a table and shot from above. There have been many other types of shots like these also around the web. Im not going to say I'm the first but thought it would be cool to do shots like this on a bit larger scale. I had Philip bring over what he was taking out riding. He stripped down and laid out his bike, helmet, rockstar energy drink and the rest of his Troy Lee Designs gear out. I climbed up on a ladder and set up the shot. So as you can see, here is my take on the ever so popular "Gear Shot". Let me know what you think with your comments below. Maybe next time I can get the Air Force to loan me an F/22 Raptor, a fighter pilot and full payload. =)

Follow Philip Kaiser on Instagram: @philipkaiser2


(Kevin J Salisbury) Mon, 18 May 2015 06:53:00 GMT
CAMP PATRIOT - Smash for Cash Demo Derby

"Smash for Cash" is a fundraiser to help raise money for our Veterans. The Demo Derby was held at TRAC in Pasco Washington for Camp Patriot. Visit for more info. Thank you to all our Veterans who have served!

Watch this years event recap above!

Be sure not to miss the Camp Patriot 4th of July Fun Run at GESA Stadium in Pasco.

(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Wed, 22 Apr 2015 19:07:26 GMT
Breaking Bad RV spotted in Mad Skills Motocross 2  This morning I was playing the new versus update mode released by the makers of Mad Skills MX 2 (Turborilla). An addicting game for mobile devices. (Think Excitebike for Nintendo but a modern look.) The are new tracks with this release where you can play against your friends for the fastest times. One of the desert levels I noticed a randomly placed RV sitting there in the back. Since I have been a fan of that crazy TV series Breaking Bad from AMC I put the two together. I looked up a picture of the Fleetwood Bounder RV from the show. It was a perfect match. Since the level on the game could pass for the deserts of New Mexico I figured the makers thought It would be fun to add. Great idea in my opinion. I just wonder if that was their intention or if I'm way off.


Either way if you haven't noticed it check it out. If you haven't played the game download it from the link below. 

Mad Skills Motocross 2 - Turborilla


Order now - Breaking Bad: The Complete Series

(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Sun, 12 Apr 2015 21:21:40 GMT
DJI Announces Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional with 4K.    

      Dji has just released news about a brand new version of the Phantom. The 3 shares similar features to that of the new Inspire 1. The new Phantom will come in two versions. The Adanced, with a Sony EXMOR sensor giving up to 60 fps at 1080p with 12mp stills. The Professional with up to 24/25/30 fps 4K and 12mp stills. The new Phantom also has a built in version of DJI's Lightbridge video transmitter technology that will give you smooth 720p HD view of the gimbals pov to your smart phone or tablet. The new and improved DJI remotes have on the fly controls built in to control your gimbal, rec button and return to home amongst other things. They have also announced a new, simple to use video editing program called "Director". Check out all the other specs on DJI official website. 


(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Thu, 09 Apr 2015 04:17:44 GMT
A Look Back to the Future Definitely one of my childhood favorites, Back to the Future, an iconic 1980's movie. This year marks the time that Marty, Jennifer and Doctor Brown travel into the future to save his kids. October 21, 1985 to be exact. This is a well done video taking you back to some of the original film locations from the movie. What will you be doing to celebrate 30 years into the future?

Some awesome behind the scenes footage of the movie.



(Kevin J Salisbury) Videos Tue, 17 Mar 2015 07:11:42 GMT
Mini Displayport to Display port cable adapter for Apple Cinema Display    

    Recently I decided to update my video graphics card for my mid 2010 Mac Pro. It was long over due but I chose an already flashed Nvidia GTX 680 4GB VRAM card. I didn't realize it but once it arrived I found out it did not have a mini display port. Since I have a 27" Apple Cinema Display (non-thunderbolt) I really needed that port. I thought about using the old ATI card that had a mini port, along with the new GTX 680, but since I would use up both pci-e power slots with only the 680 I would need to add additional power somehow. I scratched that idea for now and began looking for an adapter cable.

    Well after going to a few local stores like Best Buy I could not find one. There wasn't any on the Apple website and than finally I found one on but it had poor reviews. Several reviews said it was dead on arrival. Nothing against newegg of course since it came from an international seller. When all else fails go to where I found two. One by Cables to Go or C2G but it said it was a passive cable and only output 1080p. I didn't want to take a chance and get that one. I needed 2560x1440 minimum output. There was another one I found that looked just like it with several good reviews by the brand Startech. I decided to give that one a try.

    There are hardly any options around at all for this cable. Such a pain to find. The cable is a male display port to female mini display port adapter. Hope this helps someone that is looking for a solution like I was. 



Purchase yours here on Amazon. Display Port to Mini Displayport M/F adapter by StarTech

(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Wed, 11 Mar 2015 06:00:17 GMT
Intense Racing out at Horn Rapids MX complex for the Northwest National P.R.O. Series 2015

Hundreds of riders came out to the Horn Rapids Motorsports Complex this weekend. The first 2 rounds of the Motosport Northwest National MX Series brought sunshine and fun for the whole family. Riders of various skill levels and ages battled it out for a place on the podium. Announcing was the ever so recognizable sound of Brian Barnes and Joey Lancaster. 

Competition was fierce in many of the motos on Saturday. Tons of Northwest talent including, Ricky Dietrich, Ryan Breece, Chris Howell, Alyas Wardius, Austin Ullrich , Broc Barnes and many others. 




WARDIUSWARDIUS Rider: Alyas Wardius



TY MADDOXTY MADDOXTy Maddox Rider: Ty Maddox


Learn more about the upcoming races here :

Info on Horn Rapids Motorsport Complex :

More from images from this race: Photo Gallery - Saturday only

*please contact me for editorial usage


(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Motocross Sun, 08 Mar 2015 22:02:25 GMT
DJI RONIN is Now Cheaper for a Limited Time!




















Your gear expenses just got a little bit cheaper this year. That is if you were planning on ordering the Ronin. A 3 axis gimbal by DJI which helps stabilize handheld video shots. The gimbal had a retail price of 2999.99 which is considerably cheap compared to some of the other designs out there. Take advantage of the savings and get one today before the sale ends.

(Camera Not Included)



  • 3-axis stabilized gimbal system
  • Supports a wide range of cameras and lens (up to 16 lbs.)
  • Simple 5-minute setup & tool-free balance
  • Built-in receiver and remote control available with Bluetooth via the DJI Assistant for iOS
  • 3 operation modes for maximum flexibility




The DJI Ronin Handheld Gimbal System is video camera stabilizer that will self-adjust to balance professional video camera rigs up to 16 pounds. Just hold it in your hands and you'll achieve smooth and stable footage with the highest levels of precision. Even when mounted to an aircraft in high-speed flight, precise control can be achieved with the highest level of stability. Our custom built super fast processors, sensors, and algorithms offer an extreme precision of control angle within the range of 0.02". This puts world class leading technology into your hands, yielding the highest standards when it comes to picture or video stabilization.

$2499.00 Limited Time Sale. Click here for the current price!


DJI Ronin 3-Axis Stabilized Video Camera Gimbal (Black)


Edit: Now the DJI Ronin is discontinued but you can find great deals on slightly used models. This is still a great handheld gimbal. They have the Ronin M for lighter cameras. The next in line currently is the Ronin MX for slightly heavier payloads. The next one in line is the recently released Ronin 2 which is more professional for larger cinema cameras and heavier cinema lens combos. 


Learn more about each handheld gimbal from the links below.


DJI Ronin (The Original)


Dji Ronin M

Buy the DJI Ronin M here


DJI Ronin MX

Buy the DJI Ronin MX here


Dji Ronin 2

Buy the DJI Ronin 2 here


Nice add on for the DJI Ronin, Ronin M and Ronin MX

DJI Accessories Grip buy one here

(Kevin J Salisbury) product reviews Tue, 03 Mar 2015 06:05:04 GMT
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(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Tue, 03 Mar 2015 05:44:29 GMT
How to Balance Your New DEFY G2X Gimbal

Here is a quick tutorial from the guys over at DEFY on how to balance your G2X gimbal. If you have any more questions give them a call as they are very helpful. 




Buy Now Thin Flexible HDMI Cable



(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Videos Fri, 27 Feb 2015 01:36:44 GMT
Snowboarder Towed By A Plane


Snowboarder Jamie Barrow gets towed behind a plane on his snowboard at 125kph. Maybe in the future someone will take off with the plane in one of those flying suits.


Location: Engadin Airport, near St Moritz, Switzerland


Follow Jamie on Twitter: @JamieBarrow_GB

(Kevin J Salisbury) Videos Tue, 24 Feb 2015 06:16:05 GMT
Canon Releases the New 5DS and 5DS R 50MP DSLR's

Set to be on sale this summer, the new Canon EOS 5DS and 5DS R pack a punch. A whopping 50mp full frame sensor with improved low light sensitivity. The folks at Canon tell us that it will have incredible dynamic range but will it beat out the Nikon D810? This new Canon I would say is more geared toward your commercial photographers who work in a studio primarily. It definitely has its uses elsewhere.







Canon EOS 5DS / SR features

Shopify Shopping Cart Software - Start your FREE trial today!

(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Sat, 07 Feb 2015 05:25:00 GMT
DEFY Releases their New Nimble G2X Gimbal

      DEFY, a current leader in mass gimbal production announced their G2X line of gimbals. This looks to be a replacement to their previous G2 model. The improvements in this version are a worthy upgrade. New 32-bit controller board, inverted mode, maximum load has increased to 3.5 lbs and no need for a balance stand. It can stand upside down and balanced from that position. This is a big leap forward for their product line. Less parts, means less you have to haul from the studio.

      The team at DEFY really thought this one through and I think it will be a winner. The size and load compacity will directly cater to budget minded filmmakers and other professionals. Many of us have been enjoying lighter weight cameras such as the Sony A7S and the Panasonic GH4, why put these small cameras on heavier gimbals. If you are primarily wanting a gimbal for your DSLR or mirror less camera, this may in fact be the perfect choice for you. The currently announced price of $1995 makes this even more appealing. DEFY claims that they have several pre-selected auto tunes for the software so you will be up and running in only a few minutes. 

      If you have a larger sized video camera, they also offer a G5 and a G12 model which have higher load limits than the G2X. Check out all their specs HERE. The DJI Ronin, Letus and the MoVI are still great options. There are several other companies out there as well. These are just a few. It can be tough choosing what gimbal is right for you. I would suggest going to your local distributor and asking for a demo, rent one or try a friends. 




DESCRIPTION The DEFY G2x is the lightest, most powerful gimbal in its class. Designed to give filmmakers from all genres the ability to have precisely accurate stability all squeezed into a compact, extremely light and powerful gimbal that we are introducing as the DEFY G2X. This little guy packs a punch with features like pre-selected auto tuned modes for different camera weights allowing users to bypass the need for software and calibration. We also removed the need to use a stand by balancing in an inverted, flat-top configuration to go out of the box and filming in as little as three minutes. The auto sensing IMU allows users to choose the orientation of the gimbal (inverted or upright) for better ergonomics and camera positioning allowing users to film for hours. The G2X carries lightweight mirror less cameras such as an A7s or GH4 and common DSLRs.

  • Holds camera and lens combinations up to 3.5lbs
  • Built in stand for ability to balance in 3 minutes Pre-selected auto tuned mode selections
  • Dual IMU sensors for auto sensing camera orientation
  • Extremely compact and lightweight at only 4.5lbs Simple and elegant design to hide wires and allow easy adjustment
  • Technical Support via phone / email


What's in the box: DEFY G2x Battery (Quantity 2) Battery Charging Station Ships in custom box with foam **Shipping begins Feb 13th

Thin Flexible HDMI Cable 3 - FeetThin Flexible HDMI Cable 3 - Feet


Pre-selected auto tuned mode selections Built in 32bit controller board Dual IMU sensors Bluetooth Module Throttle controller connection Wireless Radio connection Built in stand via inverted orientation for balancing Gimbal Weight: 4.5lbs Gimbal load capacity: 3.5lbs

MECHANICAL: Operating Temperature: 10°F ~ 110°F Accuracy of pan / tilt: .02°

POWER AND BATTERY: Powered by 4cell Lithium polymer 2250mAh 14.8v Smart Charger via 110V wall outlet (accurate and fast charge) Operational Time per Battery: 120 minutes (2 batteries included)

ELECTRONICS: 32bit US Manufactured Controller Board Mini-USB and Bluetooth connectivity Port for Throttle Pan/Tilt Controller (sold separately) Port for Radio Pan/Tilt Controller (sold separately)

SUPPORTED CAMERAS: Black Magic Pocket Cinema Panasonic GH2, GH3, and GH4 Sony NEX Series, A7S, A6000 Canon 5D / 7D w/ 16-35 L series, 24-105 L series and lighter Nikon D800 w/ lens combos under 3.5 lbs this list is not all inclusive... cameras are added as we test and approve for use on the G2x




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The Best iPhone 6 6S Real Glass Screen Protector

    So I found this screen protector for my new iPhone 6. Its even real glass. I have never had anything but the clear plastic ones so I was pretty pumped to try this out. My mom of all people introduced me to it. She is the most un-tech savvy person I know. Out of nowhere she has an iPhone 6 before me, a cool case and this durable glass screen protector. I was impressed so I bought one off Amazon where see got it. There are a few other brands out there but I bought the ProGlass Screen Protector by Tzumi.

    Its real tempered glass and comes with everything pictured. I really liked the little holder that is provided in the kit. Apply these things in the past is tricky. As soon as you touch the screen its already ruin with grease or dust and you will have poor results. The holder helps you apply the protector straight as well as gives you something to hold other than the phone. Everything else is standard to most kits. This one comes in a nice tin case that protects the glass. I highly recommend you try this one out. Surprisingly its only about $12 dollars so you can go wrong. 

Get yours here from Amazon.

Tzumi ProGlass Premium HD Tempered Glass iPhone Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 6 and 6S (4.7" Screen)

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Atomos Shogun 4k Recorder The new Atomos Shogun 4K Recorder is a beautiful monitor and brilliant recording solution. Check out this video review by Stefan Czech about this monitor/recorder combo. 


Order your ATOMOS SHOGUN 4K RECORDER here today.

Atomos Shogun 4K HDMI/12G-SDI Recorder and 7" Monitor




The Atomos Shogun 7" 4K HDMI & 12G-SDI Monitor & Recorder combines a color-calibrated 1920 x 1200 resolution display with 4K video recording and edit-ready codecs. The Shogun utilizes 4K HDMI and 12G-SDI inputs to record clean output signals at resolutions up to UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) at 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 and 30p, as well as Full HD (1920 x 1080) video up to 120 fps when used with capable cameras.

The Shogun records 10-bit, 4:2:2 UHD 4K and HD video to Apple ProRes HQ, 422, or LT formats. It can also record HD video using Avid's DNxHD format and UHD 4K raw video using the uncompressed Cinema DNG Raw format. Video is recorded to single or raided 2.5" HDD and SDDs for fast and reliable write speeds.

As a monitor, the Shogun features a 7" IPS capacitive touchscreen display with resolution of 1920 x 1200. It is Rec. 709 color calibrated and supports multi-frequency operation (48/50/60 Hz) for monitoring and playback of a variety of input frame rates. An SDI loop output is available for passing the signal to an additional monitor.

The Shogun adds several new features over previous Atomos models, including custom 3D LUT support, Genlock In for multi-camera syncing and improved audio handling with an included LEMO breakout cable for XLR audio. There are also a variety of onscreen tools to help you set up your shots, including a full waveform monitor, RGB parade display, vectorscope, focus peaking and other framing, focus and exposure assisting tools. The Shogun comes included with a battery, battery charger, RAID adapter, two drive caddies and XLR audio LEMO breakout cable. 

Record UHD 4K & Raw Video 
Bypass your camera's internal compression and record UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) video to Apple ProRes or Cinema DNG Raw over HDMI or 12G-SDI at 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, or 30 fps. The 4K-capable HDMI input makes the Shogun particularly useful for recording 4K output signals from cameras such as the Sony a7S and Panasonic GH4. 

1080p up to 120 fps 
Record up to 120 fps in Full HD (1920 x 1080) for high-resolution slow-motion shots. 

10-Bit 4:2:2 Recording 
Record in 4:2:2 Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD formats from your camera's uncompressed SDI or HDMI output, bypassing a round of internal compression and data loss. Uncompressed Cinema DNG Raw 4K video is also supported from capable cameras. 

7" IPS Touchscreen Monitor with Rec. 709 Color Calibration 
The 7" IPS screen features a 1920 x 1200 resolution and provides a wide viewing-angle of 179deg. for easier off-axis monitoring. The screen is calibrated to SMPTE Rec. 709 with 100% gamut and D65 white point, letting you monitor your colors with confidence. A standard Canon C-Log calibration is also available for use with Canon EOS Cinema cameras, so you won't have to look at flat, washed-out looking images on set. ON-the-fly re-calibration is available with the Atomos Spyder calibration tool, sold separately. 

HDD or SSD Storage 
Record to single or raided 2.5" HDDs or SSDs for faster more reliable write speeds to manage 4K recording. A 2TB raided drive will give your over 2 hours of continuous 4K recording. 

Monitoring Tools 
The Shogun offers a comprehensive set of tools to help you set up, focus and properly exposure your shots. These tools include a full waveform monitor, RGB parade display, luma overlay, vectorscope with zoom and a test pattern generator for signal calibration. The monitor also provides focus peaking with multiple levels and colors, false color in two modes and fully adjustable zebra from 0 to 100%. 

XLR Audio via Breakout Cable 
The included LEMO breakout cable lets you record audio from professional XLR microphones directly to the recorder. The breakout cable offers full balanced XLR, line/mic and phantom power input as well as 2-channel balanced output. With on-screen audio monitoring you have control over the recording of eight digital and two analog audio channels. 

Start/Stop Trigger 
Trigger record start/stop and record time code straight from the camera with Atomos' HDMI time code trigger protocols from Sony, Canon and other cameras. Over SDI you have full support of all protocols. You also have control over file naming, for automatic backup and version control of your footage. 

Wi-Fi Remote Control 
Using the optional Wi-Fi accessory, you can control record start/stop from your iOS or Android device. 

3D LUT Support 
Capture the exact look, feel and color emotion for your video by applying standard or custom 3D LUTs. 

Optional CFast Adapter 
Record to small, lightweight and highly reliable CFast media cards using the optional SATA to CFast adaptor. 

Create FCPX XML Projects 
Create Final Cut Pro X XML projects in the field so you are ready to edit straight away. Favorite/reject flags in the metadata let you quickly finding and uploading the best shots into FCPX or Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Genlock Support 
Lock to an external Genlock reference signal to synchronize the Shogun's SDI playout when using multi-camera setups. 

Time Code 
The Shogun lets you synchronize with your camera's time code. Record Run, Free Run and Time-of-Day time codes are also available for independent external recording.


Atomos Shogun Includes

Atomos Shogun 7" 4K HDMI & 12G-SDI Monitor & Recorder

XLR Audio LEMO Breakout Cable

Raid Adapter


Battery Charger

2 x Drive Caddies

Atomos 1 Year Limited Warranty (3 Year with Product Registration)


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Watch Collectors have a New Home for their Time Pieces      Over the holidays I was looking for a gift for my father. Like myself, he has a nice collection of watches. After a while, as some of you may relate to, that collection can grow and becomes a bit ridiculous. When you have a few more than 2 watches, it becomes nice to have a jewelry box like a lady. Ok, well were men and don't want a ladies box right? Well for my dad's Christmas present, I found this fine looking 10 watch display case with a real glass top. Turns out that this display box was very nice quality. The watches look great in it and he couldn't be happier. 

     This first one is the one I picked out for him. If you are looking for a gift for a watch collector I highly recommend getting this one. You can find these with red, blue, orange or yellow stitching on the pillows. There is also one with a piano black smooth wood finish.  Its is also nice if you do not want the flashy carbon fiber material look. 

(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Sat, 03 Jan 2015 01:17:37 GMT
Hard Travel Case Solution for SMALLHD AC7 LCD OLED + GoPro Hero 1/2/3/3+/4

So when I first bought the AC7 field monitor I wanted a nice solid case to protect it. Maybe you were hoping to get one also but were having issues finding one that was a compact size. It was sure beginning to bug me cause all I could find were huge ones for tablets or small for phones etc. Even if I wanted one for a tablet, they just were not deep enough to fit the monitor inside.

So after giving up completely, I ordered this case for my GoPRo Hero 4. I took out the foam insert and it was like magic. It looked like the perfect size. I went and test fit my AC7 and it worked perfectly! It will even fit the smallhd sunshade and the battery plated inside. There no room for any batteries but everything fit nicely. As you can see I have the smallhd neoprene cover still on for added protection. 



Following these links below to purchase yours. Its a great zippered hard shell case that will fit your SmallHD 7" size field monitor for those rugged travel plans.


GoPro Hero 3/3+/4 or SmallHD AC7 hard shell zippered case

Buy SmallHD AC7 Here

Buy GoPRo Hero 4 Here


Pics below are of the AC7 with the case pictured above


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French Red Bull Trials Rider tackles a Roller Coaster

French trials rider Julien Dupont is no stranger to technical lines on his bike. However, the heights and challenge of a full size roller coaster isn't his everyday terrain. See how awesome it is to ride on top of the world's most intense wooden roller coaster in Mexico City.


Red Bull 24pack 8.4oz + Surfboard or Snowboard 8GB thumb drive


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Star Wars Episode VII Trailer Released, the Saga Continues...

      Growing up as a child there were several memorable movies coming out. One of those stirred a kid imagination a little more than the others. That movie was STAR WARS. I mean who wouldn't want to travel around the universe and fight the dark side. There was always that thought in the back of our childish minds that they would one day make the other episodes into movies. Well that day came and they made Episode 1, 2 and 3. Some things were a little too childish in my opinion, i.e. Jar Jar, but it was still really cool. Now they are half through or so filming episode VII so it will be awesome to see the how these new movies come together.  Check out the trailer for Episode VII above.



(Kevin J Salisbury) Videos Fri, 28 Nov 2014 17:18:19 GMT
UK Pro accessories for GoPro 3/3+/4 - impressive       I have had GoPro's for several years now. Im sure most of you have as well. There is a pretty good selection of accessories available through GoPro but sometimes you are left wanting a few more. Or if you had more time make some of your own. Well I never got around to making any yet but I found some by UK Pro. You may have seen some of their telescoping poles before.

      Well they also make extended screws. I just picked up a few more for the GoPro Hero 4 Black. They are great cause most the time you will fight the ones that come with it. They are either too short or the screw loosens up and you can't tighten it down. You need to get out a philips screw driver (which you probably left at home) and tighten it down cause it keeps slipping. Well Ive been there and I'm sure you have too.  Well these bright blue handle ones by UK Pro will end all that madness. They are just a little longer, easy to tighten and the threaded screw is molded into the blue handle so no more issues.

Normally cost around 10-$15.00 USD for a set of 3.

Check them out here:

UK Pro Knob and Nut Kit



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JMC Fall Event with Special Guest Dianna Dahlgren  

The folks at JMC threw a super fun even today out at their new location in Pasco Washington. They have a great new showroom with tons of inventory. The new Husqvarna bikes were out on display. We also had the lovely Miss Dianna Dahlgren signing autographs, her new awesome t-shirts and fan photos. I'd like to thank Joel and Michelle for the great hospitality again.

If you are in need of some new gear or a brand new bike stop on in. If your bike is due for service or repairs they have a great team to get you back out there. 


Looking to order Dianna's new 2015 calendar or shirts?



(Kevin J Salisbury) Dianna Dahlgren Events Sun, 09 Nov 2014 05:36:41 GMT
Asymbol and Union reunite gifting us with the Bryan Iguchi Binding

     Long time snowboarding legend Bryan Iguchi has a gift for us this year. His friends at Union Bindings and art gallery of the century, Asymbol, bring us another collab binding creation. This years binding features the same great Union offerings we have come to love. Solid straps, supportive high backs but with a decorative appeal.  "Undefeated Spirit" titled by Iguchi, is the symbolic image of the strong buffalo leaping into the spirit world. 

     Get yourself a pair of these limited edition bindings this season before they are gone. Ride with the buffalo on your next trip to the mountain. Have the strength to dominate the elements and the spirit of style like Mr Iguchi himself.

Click here to order your bindings.


"We created this binding to embrace the undefeated spirit within us all." -- Bryan Iguchi

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SEMA show photos 2014 - Las Vegas Convention Center

I was able to attend SEMA this year. It was a huge show and keeps getting bigger every year. There were tons of aftermarket manufacturers and insane builds. Here is only some of what I was able to experience while being there. If you are a car lover and have a chance to go, I highly recommend doing whatever you can to get there. 

Visit full Gallery here

(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Sat, 08 Nov 2014 17:52:00 GMT
Meet Dianna Dahlgren this weekend at JMC Motorsports Be sure to come out to JMC Motorsports in Pasco Washington this Saturday. JMC is celebrating their grand reopening and a customer appreciation day. Check out all the new bikes and gear if you haven't been in for a while. Special guest, Miss Supercross Dianna Dahlgren will also be there!


Time: 12-3pm, November 8th 2014

Location: JMC Motorsports - 1225 S. 10th Ave, Pasco, WA 99301


(Kevin J Salisbury) Dianna Dahlgren Events Tue, 04 Nov 2014 06:19:19 GMT
TC Throw Down Rail Jam 3rd Annual Session Goes off Outside the Sportspage

BluBACA - The Ski Bluewood Yeti mascott

      TC THROW DOWN 2014

      This weekend, in downtown Kennewick the 3rd annual TC Throw Down ski & snowboard rail jam event was held. Another super fun time in the streets next to the Sportspage Bay & Grill. Athletes from all over the Northwest met up to destroy the rails and party the night away. The all ages event had tons of prizes, gear give-a-ways from The Tire Factory, Sporthaus, Smith Optics, and other industry companies. For the pro athletes there was also cash payouts for best talent. After the event the Jagermeister promo girls welcomed us to the 21 and over DJ'd after party inside the Sportspage.

Be sure to come out next year if you missed it! Check out the upcoming televised broadcast of the event. KNDU/SWX SPORTS








LINK TO EVENT PHOTO GALLERY <---- [ Buy Prints Here ]


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Storm Clouds Over the Cascades

Here is some footage I shot yesterday while up near Ellensburg and Snoqualmie Pass in Washington. There was a rain storm that blew through and was looking pretty incredible so I couldn't resist. The northwest is beautiful.

(Kevin J Salisbury) Videos Wed, 22 Oct 2014 03:54:19 GMT
Incredible LED Night Skiing shot on RED - "Afterglow"


      I have loved Warren Miller films since I was little. As I grew up I was blown away by the cinematography of Mike "Mack Dawg" McEntire with his insane shots of all my favorite snowboarders. Now the boys over at Sweetgrass productions are blowing me away yet again. We all know that skiing and snowboarding have progressed to another level over the last 20 years. Its been ridiculous to say the least. The really cool thing is with that progression, filming has also progressed to incredible proportions as well. 

      This team had a great idea to use LEDs as a lighted suit and than shine high powered spot lights onto the white mountainous backdrops. Doing this at night and splashing a little color with some gels really added an incredible element to their footage. I have seen things like this done on smaller levels, however, taking this level of cinematography to the mountains is quite the task. I have great respect for the amount of work that was put in here. I can appreciate it as I know how many things can go wrong and how long it can sometimes take to get that one phenomenal shot. Plus, not to mention the skills these skiers had on the steeps at night with unfamiliar visibility. 



The film was shot with several RED Epic cinema cameras, an octocopter and from helicopters.


AFTERGLOW - Full Film by Sweetgrass Productions from Sweetgrass Productions on Vimeo.

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Best lens cleaning wipes for photo & video Professionals

      So Ive had a few friends who are photographers ask me recently what I use to clean my lenses. Well honestly I've tried several different products but I've had the best results with Zeiss lens cleaning wipes.

      Most people invest a considerable amount of money on glass. No matter if you're a cinematographer or photographer, having clean optics is very important. You probably like me and want your lenses to be free of smudges and dust so your ready to go shoot. Some tissue and spray solutions you find it kits can work ok but others leave specks from the tissue paper. I like to keep it simple and pack some of these Zeiss disposable lens wipes with my gear. They are quick, easy and do a fantastic job. 

Find them here on or other places such as Adorama or BH Photo Video.


You can buy them in several different quantities from 50 to 600 count. Ammonia-free formula safe on anti-reflective and multi-layer coatings.


Amazon link here for Zeiss Lens Cleaning Wipes



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Brett Cue whipping up some Action at Washougal

Footage I shot featuring Brett Cue and Ryan Huffman at Washougal. 

(Kevin J Salisbury) Motocross Thu, 09 Oct 2014 06:48:00 GMT
Out with Brett Cue and Ty Maddox at Washougal  

We enjoyed a relaxing Sunday at Washougal MX Park. A group of us had epic track conditions during a private session. Man I really wish I had a bike still. Heres some pics of the action. 

(Kevin J Salisbury) Motocross Tue, 07 Oct 2014 01:34:00 GMT
"Pen Pals" of the Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo RabbitsRabbits


       This has been a long week out at the fair. Ive been filming some of the excitement for fair marketing. While I was there I found these little guys in one of the livestock barns. It's pretty hard to not fall in love with them. If you have a love for rabbits or just animals in general share this with a friend.


(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Sun, 24 Aug 2014 04:19:48 GMT
Review: LockPort HDMI Adapter for Panasonic GH4 by LockCircle  

Lockport for GH4

LockCircle's - "Lockport HDMI Adapter" for the Panasonic LUMIX GH4 Camera      

Buy Here

      After purchasing the brand new GH4 by panasonic I realized it only had a micro HMDI port. Since the micro port is so small, it made me a little nervous. In fact the mini HDMI use to make me a little nervous. I did a little looking around and found Lockcircle, who makes gear for filmmakers. They offer a line of products called "Lockport" which attach to your camera giving you a secure and mountable adapter to use standard size HDMI cables.

      Lockport was new to me when I found out they offered a micro to standard HDMI adapter for the new GH4 and A7S. They also offer adapters for Nikon D800/D810/D600/D610 and various Canon DSLR's. Exploring their website some more you will find a host of cine lenses as well under the "Prime Circle" name. 

Disclaimer: I am independently reviewing this product. I have no affiliation with Lockcircle or Panasonic. I have not been paid or received any products for free. 



      The Lockport adapter is made of CNC'd aluminum. There is a single allen head adjustment screw that attached the clamp to the plate. The clamp has two smaller allen head screws that hold the HDMI 90 degree adapter. Two allen keys are included as well as instructions. It is not a cheap adapter solution so it is nice to know it isn't plastic. 

Lockport for GH4

     The Lockport offers a near rock solid mount. There is a lip on the bottom plates front side. This stops most movement but only in one direction if you do not have anything in the tripod mounting hole securing it to the camera. 

Lockport for GH4



      I have only seen and fitted the GH4 adapter, so I can only speak for this one. The adapter fits well and gives some room for adjustability of fitment. There is a hole on the bottom so you can utilize the tripod mount even with it installed. I would say it is almost necessary to have something screwed in. Doing so will make it much more secure like its suppose to be. If you are using a field monitor, chances are you have a quick release mounted to the bottom of the camera eliminately any possible movement of the adapter. For handheld run and gun, I'm sure you could find a screw to secure it rather than not using anything if you really wanted.   

      I do not have the battery grip for the GH4 so I cannot confirm fitment but I would like to say it will fit. Same goes for the DMW-YAGH Audio interface unit. Another thing that should be noted is you cannot fully open and rotate the flip out display screen. You will notice if you look at the pictures it can be opened halfway but if you want to rotate it you will hit the adapter. So just position your display how you would like it prior to installing it. 

Lockport for GH4


      This Italian based company makes quality products for filmmakers. They shipped my product very fast via FedEx and it arrived to my home in Washington in just a few days. 



      Even though it was a bit more than I wanted to pay for something like this, I am happy with it. I would recommend it to others if they needed a quality adapter solution. If you don't use field monitors that much you could pass. This part provides me with a way to hopefully avoid breaking my micro port. That alone is worth it to me.


details from Lockcircle's website...

The LockPort GH4 is a new product developed

to help avoid damaging your Panasonic GH4 micro HDMI camera port! 

The LockPort GH4 protects definitely the fragile output on your camera from tough production abuse with a rock solid universal clamp
and a smart micro to full-size HDMI adapter.
The LockPort GH4 plate is designed to fit easily every head, baseplate, sliding plate, support out there using the original camera screws.

Ready in 10 seconds! The LockPort GH4 safely secures a 90° REAR micro to full-size HDMI adapter,
protecting forever the “expensive to repair” micro HDMI port on your camera, adding reliability to your field productions.

The HDMI adapter has gold plated contacts and the full-size female output allows you to use stronger standard HDMI cables,
that can purchased everywhere!

Standard size HDMI plugs locks securely in the socket – no signal loose, and if somebody walks over your cable,
the plug still can pop-out saving your camera from falling on the ground (never lock down a cable to a camera, never!).

The full-size HDMI 90° has REAR OUTPUT to reach the best cable ergonomics solution on your rig set-up! "

Lockport for GH4 Lockport for GH4








Thin Flexible HDMI Cable

Lockport for GH4



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A look at Clover Island Marina


Here is a quick video I put together showcasing Clover Island. A local destination for boating, food, beer or a nice walk for the evening. 

(Kevin J Salisbury) Videos Wed, 06 Aug 2014 02:23:03 GMT
Safe in Sound Festival bringing EDM to the Toyota Center

      The movement of electronic dance music, also currently known as edm just keeps accelerating. Be sure to check out the upcoming "Safe In Sound Festival" featuring some of the top acts in the business. It is a nationwide tour including a few stops in Canada happening this fall. The 150,000 watt PK Sound system will be sure to unload the bass and deliver it to your ears. Tickets are on sale now at a great price so don't wait too long. One stop on the tour will be here in Kennewick Washington. October 8th will be the first show of its kind in this area. Many venues in Seattle, Spokane and at the Gorge Amphitheater have had events for years. Make sure you don't miss out on this one. 


Current Kennewick Lineup:







More info:




(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Tue, 05 Aug 2014 22:52:00 GMT
A Look at the Wyvern Ranch FMX Compound

Wyvern Ranch from Jay Schweitzer on Vimeo.

A brief look into the progression that happen at a private FMX compound in California. Wyvern Ranch has been a breeding ground for todays best MX and FMX riders. Check out local rider and friend Alex Harvill.


Wyvern Ranch is one of the premier FMX compounds in the world. It is a facility designed, built and tested by the top racers and FMX riders in the world. Scott Price is the man behind the plan who has enabled riders to have a place to progress their skills to the next level. This video showcases the many riders who have rode there over the years. The video includes footage shot by Powerband FIlms team Jay Schweitzer, Mike McEntire, and John Rushton from the films On the Pipe 4-6 and the in progress documentary "The Daredevil Project". Photography by Kevin J Salisbury.

(Kevin J Salisbury) Alex Harvill Videos Sun, 20 Jul 2014 17:53:52 GMT
Weekend Wedding plus a little moto action at the dunes

Just another weekend out in the wilderness. The weather was nice and incredibly warm. over the 100 degree mark in Washington. 

(Kevin J Salisbury) Mon, 14 Jul 2014 06:15:23 GMT
Camp Patriot Fun Run to kick of the 4th of July      

      I was honored to be able to help out at the Camp Patriot run again this year. This is the 4th year of the event here. It was held at GESA Stadium in Pasco Washington. Camp Patriot is a great organization committed to helping and serving veterans. Giving back to those who have given is their slogan. Please check them out here.

(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Fri, 04 Jul 2014 21:46:00 GMT
Seattle skyline from Alki Beach

A quick time lapse of the Seattle skyline I captured a few months ago.

(Kevin J Salisbury) Videos Tue, 17 Jun 2014 06:08:45 GMT
Timberline Resort with Michael Anwar  

           A lot of you know that I am an avid snowboarder. Over the weekend I was able to go camping and snowboarding with a friend. We visited Timberline Resort, a popular place to ski and snowboard even through the summer months. 

           While there, we met a young man name Michael, who had a huge smile on his face. Michael has cerebral palsy, a condition that affects his speech, motor skills and other function of his body. This didn't stop him from being positive and enjoying life. A true inspiration to me.

See what he says in this short interview...

Link: Snowboarder Magazine article

(Kevin J Salisbury) Michael Anwar Thu, 29 May 2014 03:28:23 GMT
Northwest Nitro Nationals - Pro Hillclimb NAHA 2014

           This weekend I was able to experience some Pro-Hill climb action in Sunnyside Washington. This was the 4th Northwest Nitro Nationals at this location. The event organizers continue to make improvements to the venue each year. Riders from across the states and even Canada came to test their skills. The pro bikes had a sound of their own. Many featuring highly modified street bike motors such as those found in the Hayabusa and GSXR's. The event continues tomorrow, Sunday May 18th if you would like to check out the excitement in person. Otherwise, be sure to put it on your calendar for next year!

Below is a link to the images from part of Saturdays event. Purchase prints right from my website or contact me about other options. 







(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Sun, 18 May 2014 03:45:29 GMT
Final day of Super Park 18 at Mt Hood Meadows

           Today marks the final day of a long, enjoyable spring riding season for me. With a few late dumps like the one Meadows had a couple days ago its been nice. The snow pack seems really good, so the summer riding at Timberline should be great this year. The summer camps should be stoked on that.

           There seemed to be a good turn out of riders overall for the Super Park 18 event. I was only able to make it Sunday but the vibe seemed pretty good over all. It's cool to see events like this that are chill rather than the sometimes tense atmosphere that engulfs many judged competitions. Enjoy the small slice of the event that I captured on the final day. Visit SNOWBOARDER Magazine for more event coverage.

Riders: Frank April, Louif Paradis, Lucas Magoon, Dylan Thompson, Tyler Lynch, Jaeger Bailey, Zak Hale, Mike Ravelson, Andrew Brewer, Jonah Owen, Ozzy Henning, Alex Cantin, Denis Leontyev, and more.

(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Mon, 12 May 2014 05:38:00 GMT
Richland Twilight Meet JV Track & Field Championship - Photos

           Regional high schools met at Fran Rish Stadium in Richland Washington for a Track & Field meet. The Twilight meet was a Mid-Columbia Boys & Girls Track meet held at Richland High. A father hired me to shoot his daughter competing and I was able to fit in a few more shots. The meet included area 4A schools including Pasco High, Chiawana, Sunnside High, Kamiakin, Southridge, Walla Walla, Wenatchee, Moses Lake and Eisenhower. 

(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Sat, 10 May 2014 04:10:00 GMT
The Great Hand-Held Gimbal Showdown


           In the last 18 months there has been a lot of commotion in the industry relating to gimbals. These are not new tools, but merely tools reinvented for amazing possibilities. Creative innovators from the film and R/C industry were no stranger to using these electric motor powered gadgets to smooth the footage they acquired through aerial means and other much larger platforms. Multi-rotor users caught on quick with the need to steady the shot and control the action remotely from ground stations. The suggestion of a mobile and versatile hand-held gimbal was than spawned. For years, a steadi-cam operator would be the go-to guy for technical film footwork flying about. 

           MōVI, also known as FreeFlySystemsa pioneer company with roots in the film industry, known for the colossal CineStar 6 & 8  presented one of the first solutions to market. Gimbals have shown that they are effective in many tasks on set or for big-budget, or single operator indie film scenarios. It may never be a perfect solution for every production, but can be a huge advantage.

           ​The M10 with its carbon fiber construction, complete with 3 axis motors and custom software was unleashed at NAB 2013. Since that time, many other start-ups and established companies have followed suit with their versions at various price points. With a strong desire to be better than the rest and deliver a capable device, the Kickstarter brigades came out of the wood work. Some of the more recognizable figures currently are BeSteady, DEFY, G-Rig, Letus Helix, Gremsy G-Stabi and DJI's Ronin to name just a few.

           Now the question ultimately lies with you as an end user. What are you looking for in a gimbal? Will it support my camera and lens combo? Will I be able to afford it? 

           The prices can range up to $15,000+ USD for a professional quality, fully outfitted rig. Many of the companies offer a "Lighter Payload" or "Heavy Payload" version depending on your needs. Your decision is now starting to narrow a bit depending on what cameras you wish to use. Good options inlcude DSLRs, Panasonic Lumix GH4, Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, 4K BMCC, Sony FS700,  RED Scarlet or a RED Epic Dragon Carbon Fiber Edition. The new DJI Ronin is claimed to be able to support 16+ lbs which will definitely require some muscle to lug around for extended takes.

[Disclosure: I am not affiliated with any gimbal manufacturer and do not benefit from this. Just passing on information and hopefully I help someone. I may update this post as new information becomes available.] 


NAB 2013 - FreeFly Movi M10 camera stabilizer from FreshDV on Vimeo.

DEFY G12 | IT'S HERE from DEFY on Vimeo.

BeSteady Four / Sony F55 Tests from BeSteady on Vimeo.

DJI Ronin / RED Carbon Dragon Demo - NAB 2014 from Zeb Tao on Vimeo.

Here's some things to consider before maxing out that credit card on a new gimbal. 

What can I afford?

Does it support my camera/lens total weight?

Do I plan to upgrade in the near future to a heavier camera?

​Is the gimbal multi-rotor friendly?

How long does it take to balance properly?

How long am I willing to wait after I place my order? (many companies do not have a stock of the gimbals on hand. They are mostly small companies trying their best to keep up with demand)

Does the gimbal come with software allowing me to fine tune it myself?

Does the company offer technical support?

           This is in No Way a complete list of the gimbal options out there. I have left so many out and the comparison is not a perfect comparison by any means. There are so many different features and each company has their own goals so its hard to be a fair judge. This is simply a brief run down for people looking and what to expect as far as wait times and offerings at the time of this posting. All companies have the right to change prices, features and availability of their own products at any given time. My stats given here may be different once you read this so for more accurate information go to the manufacturers website for current information. 

           There are other DIY options and inexpensive kits on eBay etc. These generally are not assembled and you are on your own with electronics, programming the software and tuning. If you are not a tech wizard you may end up kicking yourself after you've spent the last month staying up til 3am to make it function correctly.  Or you may have amazing skills and you dial it in without any issues. The companies that offer solutions at higher prices have done the R&D and have the associated costs of doing business added to the price. Having continued support and updates to their equipment is a big advantage to buying a complete gimbal package. Choose which ever route works best for you.

UPDATED 1/12/2015

GIMBAL Price Max Payload (lbs) Software Multi-Rotor Support Remote Availability Battery Life 
MōVI M10 7,995 USD 12 YES  YES Extra available 3 hrs?
MōVI M5 3,995 USD 5 YES YES Yes available 3-4?
DEFY G12 5,495 USD 12 YES EXTRA Extra available 3 hrs
DEFY G5 3,495 USD 5.5 YES EXTRA Extra available 3 hrs
BeSteady Four 7,699 USD 13.2 YES YES - EXTRA? Extra available ?
BeSteady One 2,670 USD 4.4 YES YES INCLUDED Extra available ?
G-Rig 11,900 USD 13.2 YES ? Included pre-order 4 hrs
Gremsy G-Stabi H14 $6,390 USD 14 ? ? Included available? 3-8 hrs
DJI Ronin 2,995 USD 16 YES NOT INLCUDED Yes available 4 hrs







(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Tue, 06 May 2014 07:38:56 GMT
Ryan Villopoto secures his 4th AMA Supercross Championship in East Rutherford Image: Villopoto 450 Main Win in Seattle April 12, 2014Photo: Kevin J Salisbury

Image: Villopoto crosses finish in Seattle 2014    


    Villopoto is definitely on a winning streak as he finishes up in New Jersey's Met Life Stadium Saturday Night. This win secures his 4th consecutive Supercross title and is also his 40th Career 1st place win. Congrats to him and his Monster Energy Racing team. May 3rd brings Supercross to Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas to finish up the 2014 season.


(Kevin J Salisbury) Energy Monster Ryan Supercross Villopto Sun, 27 Apr 2014 06:32:00 GMT
Ryan Villlopoto Wins 450 Class AMA Supercross in Seattle 2014 | Photo recap RYAN VILLOPOTORYAN VILLOPOTO

     Supercross in Seattle Washington is always an exciting event. An even more exciting thing to be a part of if you're a pro rider. Since I'm not a pro rider I had an almost equal close experience shooting the event. The Washington Native, Ryan Villopoto, captured the 1st place win in the 450 class. He lead the whole race unchallenged in fact. Cole Seely snagged 1st for the 250s securing himself additional points for the year. Check out some more of the SX race images from Seattle in my photo gallery. If you missed the race you can catch the reply on Fox Sports 1. 

Looking for an image from the race for editorial or commercial usage. Please contact me. 

Seattle Supercross Photo Gallery

(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Supercross Sun, 13 Apr 2014 06:47:00 GMT
Bluewood Bash Pond Skimming Action Heres a few shots from the Bluewood end of year Bash on the mountain. They do an annual pond skim contest and its great fun to watch. 

See more action here: BASH 2014 GALLERY

(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Tue, 01 Apr 2014 05:08:19 GMT
Badger Mountain Challenge 2014 Finish Line Photos Chris Downie | Vancouver BC | 1st Place Mens 100 mile | Time 17:16:00

Photo: Chris Downie | Vancouver BC | 1st Place Mens 100 mile | Time 17:16:00

What a beautiful Saturday out at the Badger Mountain Challenge 100 mile, 50 mile, 50K and 15k race. The 100 miler group endured a harsh Friday with wind, rain and some fog throughout the day. The competitors pressed through the night with the 1st place Canadian native finishing a whole hour ahead of the previous 100 mile record. I hope everyone had a great time and have some new goals set for upcoming races this year!

The event images are available by clicking the link below.

BMC Event Images

Official Race Results


(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Sun, 30 Mar 2014 08:19:21 GMT
Wild time at The Wood this weekend. Joe and the park crew have been hard at work all season building a fun terrain park. This weekend I was able to check out some of their recent progress. Heres a quick look at what went down..

Check out more here: Ski Bluewood in Washington state-

(Kevin J Salisbury) Tue, 04 Mar 2014 05:48:45 GMT
"Tree of Seasons" sculpture by Northwest artist CJ Rench

CJ Rench, an artist based out of Hood River Oregon has finalized a grand new art installation in Richland Washington. This colorful and kinetic tree graces the traffic circle just off of George Washington Way. It is located in the Parkway shopping center. CJ, has many commissioned sculptures throughout the Northwest and Nationwide. So far, four of his pieces can be found in the Tri-Cities Washington area.

Tri-City Herald News Article

"Jump" Sculpture in John Dam Plaza - Richland, WA


A few of his other pieces in my area can be seen in the Southridge area of Kennewick Washington. This new bustling part of town is starting to see new construction once again. You can find these in some of the new round-a-bouts just off of highway 395.


(Kevin J Salisbury) CJ Rench Fri, 07 Feb 2014 07:47:50 GMT
Panasonic LUMIX GH4 announced featuring 4K Video


Panasonic announced today the release of the brand new LUMIX line of mirrorless cameras. The new GH4 soon to replace the previous GH3 model will offer some great new advancements. The previous model was a good upgrade from the GH2. I was really contemplating picking up a GH3 as an extra body to use for run and gun video work. I never ended up buying one though. Now Im definitely open to trying the GH4's offerings this time.

The new GH4 features the ability to shoot 4k video at 24p cinematic (4096x2160) plus 4K 3840x2160 at 30p or 24p. 1080p it can achieve 60fps. Has a magnesium body and can accept PL mount lens. High speed 49 area auto focusing in photo or video, perfect for hybrid photography. Professional photo performance with exceptional moiré suppression makes the GH4 a huge hit over DSLRs that suffer from this.

The LUMIX GH4 builds on the legacy of the renowned LUMIX GH3s image quality and world class video capabilities. Now supporting 4K quality video, the Panasonic LUMIX GH4 allows photographers and cinematographers to explore above and beyond with in camera creative options and astonishing focus control that sets the new standard for mirrorless hybrid photography. When combined with one of the many LUMIX G Lenses or movie industry PL mount* cine lenses, the LUMIX GH4 provides the ultimate platform for video. Photographers will enjoy the controls and image quality expected ofa professional grade main system camera for still and hybrid photography. Both will enjoy the durability and lightweight portability that a modern mirrorless DSLM digital camera offers over legacy DSLR systems.

* Requires 3rd party PL Mount Adapter Not Include

Key Points

  • Professional photo performance with exceptional moiré suppression.
  • 4K 24p cinematic video (4096x2160), plus 4K 3840x2160 30p/24p.
  • High speed 49 area auto focusing in photo or video, perfect for hybrid photography.
  • Durable magnesium alloy body and exceptional shutter life meets thedemands of professional use.
  • No annoying recording limit. Just press record and fill those cards up.
  • OLED 3" rear display. 3:2 aspect ratio.


There will also be a battery grip that is pictured below available. Since I am somewhat unfamiliar with what was available for the GH2 and the GH3 I will make a simple observation. The grip featured in the press release looks to be a great option for simple 4K film setup. If the camera holds up to professional use and image quality; which according to the specs it looks to be a contender. The grip offers more battery life, SDI inputs and HDMI for external field monitors. 2 XLR connections (locking?) for external mics on the right side. Audio recording level adjustments on the rear. Having XLR and SDI is a great addition for filmmakers.

It seems I have found something coming out that has got me a little excited to try out. Time to empty my piggy bank again. 



  • 16.05 Megapixel Micro 4/3 Sensor
  • 4096 x 2160 up to 24fps (100Mbps)
  • 3840 x 2160 up to 30fps (100Mbps)
  • 1080p up to 60fps
  • Variable Slow Motion in-camera up to 96fps (not a sync-sound format)
  • 200 Mbps (ALL-Intra) or 100 Mbps (IPB) at 1080p
  • 2,359K-dot LVF (Live View Finder)
  • 3 inch 1,036K-dot Rear Monitor
  • 4:2:2 10-bit or 8-bit External HDMI (4:2:0 8-bit internal)
  • Cinegamma Modes
  • Peaking and Zebras
  • ISO 200-25600 (Extended Mode: 100-25600)
  • New UHS I Class III SD card (min. 30MB/s) format needed for over 100Mbps
  • 1/8″ Headphone, 1/8″ Microphone, AV Output, HDMI D (Micro), USB 2.0, Wired Remote Port
  • Approx. 50% higher speed signal readout suppresses rolling shutter effect even when using electronic shutter or recording motion image
  • 12 fps(AFS) up to approx.40 (including RAW) / approx.100 (excluding RAW) and 7.0 fps(AFC)
  • Price: TBA
  • Availability: TBA




(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Fri, 07 Feb 2014 05:06:36 GMT
Miss Supercross visits JMC Motorsports in Pasco Washington

Supercross season is heating up but us here in Washington are still rather cold. Supercross will visit us April 12th in Seattle this year. So, being the wise guy that I am, I decided to heat things up around here by inviting Dianna Dahlgren to Washington a bit early. I teamed up with JMC Motorsports, a local shop here in the Tri-Cities. Fans drove in from all over the Northwest for their chance to meet Miss Monster Energy Supercross. 

JMC is preparing to expand to a larger location, thus further expanding their retail and service offerings. This new location is where the meet and greet was held giving customers a sneak peek. The turn out was great and everyone was excited to be a part of this event.


(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Motocross Wed, 05 Feb 2014 07:57:52 GMT
Meet Miss Supercross Dianna Dahlgren this monday at JMC Motorsports


JMC Motorsports and Kevin J Salisbury Photography would like to invite you to a meet and greet event. Miss Supercross, the lovely Dianna Dahlgren with be our special guest. Come out and get ready for April 12th Supercross in Seattle. Buy your tickets today! use special promo code MISSSX for a discount. 

(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Motocross Fri, 31 Jan 2014 02:27:59 GMT
Don't miss the new series "Supercross: Behind the Dream" on CBS Sports

A new series highlighting the fight and struggle of some of the top Supercross riders in the world. This video series will be covering the lives of those who surround the sport. The documentary will be featured on CBS Sports, so be sure to catch it this season.

Produced by some of the same people who brought us "The Great Outdoors" and "The Moto: Inside the Outdoors" 

The premiere episode of Supercross: Behind the Dream will air this Sunday, January 19, at Noon ET on CBS Sports, one day following the championship's 40th Anniversary Celebration Race from Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Calif. 

Supercross: Behind the Dream Schedule 

  • Episode 1: January 19 at Noon ET 
  • Episode 2: February 16 at Noon ET 
  • Episode 3: March 2 at Noon ET 
  • Episode 4: March 30 at Noon ET 
  • Episode 5: April 13 at Noon ET

(Kevin J Salisbury) Motocross Sun, 19 Jan 2014 03:34:00 GMT
Justin Bogle Holeshot

This is a clip showing me as I took the image of Justin Bogle's holeshot at the July 2013 Washougal race. 


(Kevin J Salisbury) Motocross Thu, 16 Jan 2014 08:44:47 GMT
A little Winter Dirt Bike Riding here in the Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest Winter Moto from Kevin Salisbury on Vimeo.

My friend Ty getting some riding in on this cold frosty day. Check out more of what Ty is up to on

(Kevin J Salisbury) Videos Tue, 31 Dec 2013 19:14:12 GMT
The Hottest Calendar for 2014

If you are a Supercross fan or you just want a calendar with a lovely fit model for 2014 this is it. Supplies are getting low I am told so get yours before they are gone. Go to and she will even sign it for you with a personalized note. 


(Kevin J Salisbury) 2014 Calendars Dianna Dahlgren Miss Supercross Supercross Mon, 30 Dec 2013 01:23:49 GMT
Our Christmas Day Visits For Christmas Day I went around with a non-denominational youth group called Flash Love. It is a Christian based group that invites youth and people of all ages to volunteer in the community with selfless acts of love. Their group was in my area and found some new volunteers. With a little prior notice they arranged to visit some of the retirement homes on Christmas day. The kids all had previously made Christmas cards for the elderly residents to wish them a happy birthday. Many of these people may not have family or friends to visit them during the holidays so it was a wonderful thing to be there and spread a little love during Christmas to show them that people do care about them. During the visits I filmed a little bit of our experience to hopeful influence others to have more charity in your hearts during this upcoming new year. For more information on Flash Love please visit their Facebook page.


(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Videos Thu, 26 Dec 2013 18:47:00 GMT
A Lil something special for the Holidays. Lil Bub the Cat My friend just showed me a video of this interesting looking cat. I showed my mom cause I couldn't stop laughing and she replied telling me that she thought it was a robot lol. Well its a pretty unique cat thats for sure. You may think he's the cutest thing ever. Some of you probably think its pointless but truth is between the Grumpy Cat and this Lil Bub, their owners are sure making use of the 15 minutes of fame. 

Check out Lil Bub in front of the fire just chillin. 


Apparently he wrote a book or his owner did. You can find it at


(Kevin J Salisbury) Tue, 24 Dec 2013 01:50:00 GMT
"Moto 5 The Movie" Now Available!


     Download your copy of Moto 5 The Movie. Another look at the lifestyles of pro riders with jaw dropping footage from around the world. This latest release will be sure to get you pumped to ride every time you watch it. Click the banner to get yours today for your computer or mobile device.


(Kevin J Salisbury) Motocross Mon, 25 Nov 2013 21:59:00 GMT
Remembering Veterans Day - Pearl Harbor USS Arizona Visit Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor


I recently visited Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. It was my first time I had been to the Island and I of course had to visit this famous site. Since today is Veterans day I decided to share these images from the USS Arizona Memorial. Today is a day we as American's remember the battles fought and lives lost to protect our freedoms. This is a perfect example of that here at this memorial.

The USS Arizona was a battleship that was sunk by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. The actions taken by the Japanese that day badly damaged our naval fleet and took many lives. These actions provoked our nation to enter World War II. During the war, many soldiers and civilians from many nations faced considerable losses and sacrifices. It was a horrible time in history and on this day we look back and remember the brave men and women. Those who struggled and never gave up to fight for a better tomorrow for all people who crave freedom. 



(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Tue, 12 Nov 2013 04:32:54 GMT
Red Bull unveils a half mile straight rhythm


Watch as some of the world's top riders, including: James Stewart, Ryan Dungey, Marvin Musquin, Malcolm Stewart, Cole Seely, Jessey Nelson and Justin Bogle go head-to-head in a friendly competition

(Kevin J Salisbury) Motocross Sat, 09 Nov 2013 07:37:00 GMT
TC Throw Down 2013 in Washington went off this year

This was our second consecutive year for the downtown rail jam event here in Kennewick Washington. Last year we had a great turn out and a lot of fun besides dealing with a little rain and fast melting snow. This year we had more sponsors, volunteers, giveaways, rails, snow and fun. Each year keeps getting better with the help of coordinator Eric Schultheiss and many other people who assisted. Athletes came from all over the Northwest to compete in this amateur and Pro-Invite Ski/Snowboard event. 

The weather ended up being great with clear skies and just cold enough to keep the snow from disappearing too quickly. Vendors lined the streets with items for sale such as t-shirts to hot dogs. Crowds filled the closed off downtown street to witness some progressive riders throwin' down technical spins onto and off of the rails. 

In between filming the event I managed to take a few images. Look for the recap of the TC Throw Down rail jam video soon.


(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Sun, 27 Oct 2013 08:24:59 GMT
Puppy Patrol A client of mine has a dog who just had puppies. Their yellow lab is the proud new mother bearing 10 healthy baby pups. The light was really good on their property that morning. You will see their two other dogs in the pics as well. The pups sure have a bunch of energy and were a lot of fun to shoot. Here is a few of the images from the morning.


(Kevin J Salisbury) Sun, 20 Oct 2013 07:22:00 GMT
GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition meets sleek new Accessories

The brand new GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition is the new go anywhere HD video camera to have. I have had the previous editions and I must saw that Im finally really impressed with the new upgrades that the 3+ has to offer. First I want to say that spending the extra money on the black edition is worth it if you can. It really performs better in low light, better audio and just overall usability. Plus is also comes with the remote rather than having to pay for it separate if you decide you want it later. This new model has a new "superview" feature which give you a nice wide shot with less distortion. You also have an increase in frames per second shooting or FPS. An astounding 120 fps at 720p! Thats pretty amazing from a camera this size. This gives you a more smooth shot if say, you want to slow your footage down during the edit.


More great additions

  • 20% smaller and lighter housing (waterproof to 131'/40m)
  • 33% improved image sharpness and reduced distortion
  • Faster built in Wi-Fi for enhanced connectivity to the Wi-Fi Remote (included) and GoPro App
  • Super View video mode captures the world's most immersive wide angle perspective
  • 30% longer battery life


Whats included


  • HERO3+ Black Edition Camera
  • 131’/40m Waterproof Housing
  • Wi-Fi Remote
  • Higher Capacity Li-ion Battery
  • Quick Release Buckle
  • Vertical Quick Release Buckle
  • 1 Curved + 1 Flat Adhesive Mount
  • 3-Way Pivot Arm
  • USB Charging Cable

Note: microSD card sold separately


Get yours here ---->  GoPro HERO3+: Black Edition

The accessories even got a redesign this time and they are slimmer than before. You will recognize a lot of the same grab and go tools to assist you in getting the shots while you're having fun surfing, biking or whatever it is you do. My personal favorite is the GoPro Suction Cup Mount cause I use it while I'm driving inside or out. That thing will stick to a lot of other things securely too so its a great thing to have in your bag.
(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Tue, 15 Oct 2013 20:37:00 GMT
10 Essential Things Every Photographer Should Own!

I decided to write a quick article listing some things that are important to have with you as a photographer. Of course your favorite camera and lens combo comes first. Some may argue about a light meter or a grey card. Heck, might as well throw in speed lights to the mix. Everyone is a little different but these are 10 things that I feel have been the most crucial to have in my gear bag. I am not going to discuss what type of camera you should have or what type of lens you should own. This will mostly just concentrate on key things that are important to have with you. This is definitely not a complete list, but just simple suggestions. Feel free to add to my list in the comments below. 


An extra camera battery. How many times have you gone out to shoot and realize you forgot to charge your batteries the night before? So I feel this should be at the top of the list. If you do not have a full charge and your camera's battery dies, what are you going to tell your clients? Always pack an extra, fully charged battery with you. Check it often. Think of it as a spare tire for your car. 

If you don't have extras and you think you better get one now. Follow my Amazon links below for the best deals online.



This one is a no-brainer really like the extra battery. If you're going to be packing an extra battery, why not also pack an extra memory card. This is great thing to have with you. You can never have too many memory cards on hand. I normally buy the larger 64GB Sandisk Extreme cards. You might have another favorite. You might prefer to spend a little less and go with a 16GB or 32GB card. There is nothing wrong with having a little more space however. If you are shooting RAW or RAW + jpg you will want as much extra room as you can afford. Images these days shot at full size are memory hungry and will fill up a memory card faster than you can put them in your camera. Buy them larger if you shoot a lot. 

Hard drives are also becoming more affordable all the time so why not. Why you should have an extra card or two in your bag is obvious. Maybe you totally forgot to upload all the pics on the last shoot to your computer. I have done it before when Ive been in a huge hurry. So rather than worrying about it, just put your spare card in your camera and go to work. If you are shooting a wedding, or an event like a concert etc having extra memory cards and spare batteries is crucial. 

Check out some of these great deals on memory cards.



This leads us straight way into the third important thing you should own. Assuming you already have a good working laptop or desktop computer you need Need, NEED!!! BACKUPS!!!!! Don't forget to back up your files or you might be sorry at the worst time. Hard drives crash all the time so don't be caught off guard. I just had a hard drive fail on my laptop. Luckily it was an older laptop that I never use much anymore. I didnt have anything I needed on there but it still failed and it could have been a disaster. Be sure you are backing up your work with onsite and offsite copies! There are many services online that offer back up services and I highly recommend them. Buy a portable hard drive, back up often and worry less.

Try some of these resources below.



A model release is something that is always nice to pack. Depending on the type of photographer you are you may not need one. If you are doing work with models or things such as property you could need one. The world is full of legalities so why not protect yourself and your business. Depending on the contracts that you are using the wording may need to be different in each release. For anyone you take a picture of that is not in a public place you should have a copy of their license and a signed release. If they are under 18 years old you need a signature from their parent or guardian. This simply gives you the ability to use the images you took of them with no worry of legal issues in the future. This is common practice but often over looked by new photographers. If you are hoping to sell stock images on sites such as Shutter Stock or Getty Images you will generally always need a signed release for them to be accepted.

There are some handy photo release apps out there for iPhone, iPad or Android devices. If you left your release at home, technology has you covered. You simply let your clients read the release, sign with their finger and take a copy of their license. Its super easy to send yourself a copy to  send out copies to yourself and your client after that.




Whether you have one lens or a whole bag full of them, lens filters are very useful. If you simply want a UV or a Haze filter you can have this one on your lens all the time. If nothing else you have some added protection for your glass. If something happens and the filter breaks, it is usually cheaper to replace that than the entire lens itself.

Im not going to go into great detail here but learning about circular polarizers, gradient filters, ND or neutral density filters can be valuable info. I simply bought a set of 77mm filters as the majority of the professional glass is 77mm thread. For those other lens sometimes a step up ring can be added. Say you have a 67mm filter thread, you can put on a step up ring to 77mm rather than having a bunch of 67mm filters also. There are filters built into software such as Photoshop but why not get it right the first time in camera?


Nothing is more annoying than getting out and realizing you have a dirty lens. You know what I mean, theres that speck of something on the image. Well grab yourself a lens cleaning kit with some good lens safe solution, and some wipes and always be ready. A Giottos rocket blower is also super easy to pack and a great way to blow air safely on your equipment. 

Sometimes its more than just a bit of dust on the lens. Often it can be dust on the sensor. If you can not get the dust spots off by cleaning your lens than have your camera professionally cleaned. If you feel brave enough to clean it yourself make sure you have a clean dust free area and use one of these kits below. The visible dust sensor swabs I have used myself and they work great. Just make sure you look for the one that matches the sensor size of your camera for the most effective cleaning. 



Depending on how serious you are you may have 3 or 4 bags. Maybe a couple pelican cases full of gear. If nothing else you should get yourself a comfortable backpack that you cam keep 1 to 2 camera bodies in plus your main lenses. Also you want some extra room for possibly a laptop and a few accessories like spare batteries and memory cards. =) 

There are many options and brands out there like Lowepro, Ruggard, Think Tank, Crumpler, Domke, Kata, MountainSmith, Tamrac and many others. Just make sure it has a waist strap and room for what you need in case you wear it around town or hiking in somewhere. You can always buy a lighter weight bag for short treks.

Here are some examples of great camera bags you can buy right now.



In several situations you will find yourself in need of a little more light. If you are shooting natural light you can always make use of reflectors. They are common to find them in silver, gold or translucent for softening harsh light [diffuser]. They fold up into much smaller sizes than they are making them ultra portable. Reflectors are sold as round discs, ovals or rounded rectangles. 

Depending on the color of the reflector you can warm the skin tones of the subject or fill shadows that would otherwise be underexposed or uneven. Since you can not always hold the camera and the reflector hire a friend. You can also buy light stands with clips to attach your reflector to on those less windy days. 



Yes I said it, Duct tape. These four things can came in very handy. You can make quick flags or shoots with some pieces of thin cardboard for your flash setups. Put some black duct tape on the outside and inside and your done. It doesnt look that pretty but not bad. Plus the best part is it works and if you lose it than its not a big deal. Gaffers tape is another thing that is very useful and should be in your bag. Having tape in your gear bag can help you make minor repairs, secure wires or many other uses. Ball bungees [bungee cord with a loop and ball on one end] can serve a similar purpose. 



You may not think you need it if you have a lens with IS/VR but you might think again. It's great to be able to turn that image stabilizer on and Im definitely not saying to stop using it. There are some occasions though when its nice to have a quality tripod. You cant always find a ledge to set your camera on and may thank me fore convincing you to buy one. Say you want to take some pics and the light is low. You want to use a longer exposure but if you shoot it hand held you will get a blurry shot pretty much every time. Pull out your tripod and the problem is solved. No one likes to carry around a bunch of gear but if you want a sharp in focus image, shooting handheld doesn't always cut it. 

Here is an example of a good monopod. Carbon fiber ones are lighter but also more expensive. Make sure you dont skimp on a quality head. 

Buy here on Amazon!

Manfrotto MVM500A Aluminum Fluid Monopod with 500 Head (Black)

Happy Shooting!

(Kevin J Salisbury) product reviews Wed, 25 Sep 2013 21:26:46 GMT
Sub Focus new album "Torus" to be released September 30th


Finally going to be able to enjoy another full length release from Sub Focus!

Ive been a long time fan of his music. If you are unfamiliar definitely check him out. The artist is Nick Douwma, who goes by Sub Focus. Born and raised in the UK, he produces mostly Drum and Bass music under Andy C's Ram Records label. He has been busy at work since his last self titled release in 2009. He recently released two singles. "Endorphines" featuring Alex Clare and "Turn it Around" featuring Kele Okereke of Bloc Party.

This guy is a first class DJ and producer with a powerful sound in all his tracks. Check out his latest album September 30th on iTunes. 





(Kevin J Salisbury) Music Videos Wed, 25 Sep 2013 02:58:59 GMT
TC Throw Down 2013 rail jam in downtown Kennewick Washington - Ski and Snowboard event


        Come down and check out the only Northwest, " In-the Streets " Rail Jam this year. With the absence of the Seattle downtown event, we are excited to have an event again this year. Pencil in on your calendar that you will be here Saturday, October 26, 2013 right outside the Sports Page in Kennewick Washington. This is a pro invite with an amateur division. Fun for the whole family!

        If you would like to be a part of it or become a sponsor we would love to hear from you. Please contact the event coordinator.


Eric @ (509) 531-0034



Need Directions to the TC Throw Down Rail Jam Event ?

View Larger Map


(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Tue, 17 Sep 2013 20:31:33 GMT
Nike's "Never Not" Part 1 Emerges to Stimulate our Winter Wet Dreams

Never Not Parts 1 & 2 Campaign Commercial from Nike Snowboarding on Vimeo.

Snowboarding the Nike way rarely gets old when you have such a talented team of riders. Few of stop for a minute thinking about that new day in the pow. Especially those of us who may not get the chance to travel the globe and ride year round. However whether you were thinking about it or not, "Never Not" we rekindle that fire urging you to get your board waxed and wait for the next snow fall.

Nike's "Never Not" Part 1 definitely got me pumped and I feel ready to be back out there in the cold open air. Check this video out on iTunes if you missed their one day premier on Nike Snowboarding's YouTube channel. Be ready for Part 2 when they release it. Now if only I could be part of the film or photo crew that would be awesome. GiGi Ruf, Nicolas Muller, Halldor Helgason and Jed Anderson are some of those to watch.

 <---------download link

(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Videos Sun, 15 Sep 2013 20:43:00 GMT
1993 RS America Porsche 911 for Nathan of Columbia Valley Luxury Cars    

    When Porsche decided to to allow Americans the pleasure of owning an RS 911 in 1993 there were a lot of smiles. The 1973 RS was a European only affair. Although the '93 variant made it to US soil, there was only a limited number of these track ready versions. The RS America gave buyers the option of a light weight, no frills version with upgraded suspension and wider wheels. As an already spirited driving machine, the RS America was what the enthusiast craved to have in their garage. Only about 700 of these were imported to the US and vary between factory installed options. In turn, they are certainly a pretty rare sighting. 

    I was excited to be contacted by Nathan to shoot his red RS America. Being a long time Porsche enthusiast, Nathan knows his cars, which is why so many people call him to locate rare exotics for purchase. Nathan has a prime example fitted with BBS wheels and an aftermarket stainless exhaust system.

Looking for a new, gently used or rare exotic car? Give Nathan Merz a call. Visit his website by clicking the banner below. Or stop by his indoor showroom in Richland Washington today.




If you would like to learn more about the 1993 Porsche RS America please visit -


(Kevin J Salisbury) Cars Wed, 11 Sep 2013 02:30:54 GMT
Had a fun evening shooting some photos for John A. John contacted me recently about shooting his Scion xB and his Honda Ruckus. John has put a lot of time into his xB. Not your ordinary run of the mill Scion. This one is slammed on XXR rims, has a full body kit and several other tasteful modifications. His Ruckus is no slouch either. John was looking for some rolling shots of both is rides so we ventured out. Here is some of the results...



(Kevin J Salisbury) Cars Mon, 09 Sep 2013 07:04:42 GMT
Kaskade to Release his New Album "Atmosphere"

Kaskade to release his new album titled "ATMOSPHERE" this week.

     Kaskade has come a long way producing electronic music. He has risen to the top of the DJ charts and is currently in the top 10 list of highest paid DJ's in the world. That means a lot of time on the road performing and little time back in the studio. Well he has managed to find some time and Im looking forward to this album. I have already heard a few tracks while being at some of the recent shows. If the rest is anything close to those, I wont hesitate to download the rest. The full album is set to be released September 10th so pre-order or look for it when it comes out. Until than, check out this music video. 


Listen to Kaskade for free with your Amazon PRIME membership!



(Kevin J Salisbury) Music Videos Mon, 09 Sep 2013 03:38:00 GMT
Screen grabs from filming the "Good Night Argent" show last night.

Chase Manhattan and the rest of the Good Night Argent guys put on an amazing show last night. Their show was bright with colors from the stage set up to the lightning. Chase put on some swagger moves for fans in the front row. Sounds from multiple drums, keyboards, guitars and even a Keytar made an appearance. They definitely impressed me again with their performance. These are some talented musicians you should definitely check out if you haven't already.

They have some cool videos featured on YouTube where they have covered songs such as "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons and "Stereo Hearts" [Gym Class Heros] with another local favorite group, Eclectic Approach

Images Copyright © Kevin J Salisbury



Good Night Argent - Website

YouTube Account

iTunes Music





(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Sun, 01 Sep 2013 20:06:33 GMT
Be sure to check out the EXORA Music Festival this weekend

This weekend at the Toyota Center in Kennewick Washington they will be hosting the Exora Music Festival. A bunch of great bands from around the region will be performing right here in our local venue. Be sure to get tickets soon before they sell out. The show starts at 6pm Saturday August 31st 2013.

Tickets can be purchased from


The line up includes:









I will be there filming "Good Night Argent" so look for me on stage =)

(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Mon, 26 Aug 2013 19:40:00 GMT
Check out these Cool New Dancing Water Speakers

I just saw this guys video on The Vine tonight and thought these were some pretty cool speakers. The water dances to the beat of the music. I definitely would buy some like this. I guess they have been out for a few years now but I had not seen them before.

They apparently have a bunch for sale on Amazon cause I just looked. Check them out they are pretty cool.


Atake Music Fountain Mini Amplifier Dancing Water Speakers I-station7 Apple Speakers



(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Mon, 05 Aug 2013 06:41:41 GMT
Eye-Fi Mobi Review: Instant Pictures for Event photographers

Finally an easy universal way to almost instantly have your photos ready to share. The Eye-Fi has been out for a while now but I guess I am slow to recognize it. Recently a friend who is also a photographer shared this awesome new memory card. Most cameras currently use an SD memory card to store your digital images that you have shot.

What makes this SD card different from all the others is its mobile WiFi hot spot which enables you instant access to the photos you have taken to upload to the web. Other devices are out there from Canon, Nikon and other brands. These devices have been specific to a certain model or line of camera. This takes all the limits away and lets you use it in all your cameras that accept an SD type memory card. 

If you shoot event photos or other time sensitive productions you will love Eye-Fi. We are all aware that time is money so why not get one of these Eye-Fi Mobi cards today and speed up your work-flow! Remember the mobi version transfers to your mobile device (iPhone/iPad etc) with a wifi hotspot built in. You will need their Pro X2 Wireless SD card to transfer it to your desktop or laptop.


Is this transferring secure?


Will this transfer video files also?

YES up to 2GB in size


Automatically tag photos by location with Wi-Fi positioning. You take the photos, and let Eye-Fi do the rest. Your photos will be automatically tagged to show where they were taken. Then you can view photos on a map or search them by location--all without having to spend the time entering that info for every single photo. Just turn your camera on, and photos fly wirelessly, embedded with their geotags.

Will it transfer large RAW files?

The Eye-Fi Pro X2 not only wirelessly uploads JPEGs, but also RAW files. Whether you're a pro or not, now you can edit like one. You can even install watch folders to set Adobe's Lightroom or PhotoShop to automatically pull your RAW files and apply presets automatically. It's never been this easy to get your photos where you want them. 


Shoot with a COMPACT FLASH type memory card....?  Don't worry... there is an adapter here.


They also have a free app through iTunes store, Droid, Google Play and Kindle fire. Get them below.











(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Sat, 27 Jul 2013 00:46:07 GMT
New Manfrotto MVM500A Monopods w/ Fluid Pan Heads. A great buy?

Buy Here from Amazon:

Manfrotto MVM500A Monopod with Aluminum Fluid Head


This 4-section aluminum Manfrotto Fluid Monopod with 500 Series Head rises to a height of 6.6', folds down 30.3" and includes a compact, lightweight fluid head for smooth panning and tilting. The quick release head has a long sliding plate with both 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 camera screws. Three mini, retractable feet at the base offer additional stability. This manifold and head combination are an ideal match for prosumer and professional compact HD camcorders weighing up to 11 lbs.

The Manfrotto MVM500A Aluminum Fluid Monopod with 500 Head is a lightweight fluid monopod supplied with a specific 500 fluid video head on top. It has an innovative fluid pan cartridge incorporated into the base that gives you an incredibly smooth panning action. Great compactness while folded thanks to the three retractable feet.

The patented fluid monopod features wider platform for HDSLR bodies and the sliding plate travels to balance the latest interchangeable lens cameras. The fluid monopod ensures smooth shots and fine control with up to 5kg (11 lbs) of equipment. The side lock system allows the camera and sliding QR plate to click quickly into the head from above, instead of needing to be aligned and slid in from the back. No secondary safety lock is necessary.

The side lock system also makes it quicker and simpler to lift the camera out of the head from above. The monopod has one easy link 3/8" connector to allow an external monitor or other accessory equipment to be fitted.


Click the image to learn more!






Construction Aluminum
Maximum Height 78.94" (200.5 cm)
Minimum Height 30.31" (77 cm)
Leg Sections 4
Load Capacity 11.02 lb (5.0 kg)
Leg Lock Type Flip-lock
Male Thread Size 3/8" screw attachment type
Bubble Level No
Weight 4.65 lb (2.11 kg)



(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Wed, 24 Jul 2013 18:40:04 GMT
Washougal AMA Pro Nationals 2013 this weekend was a blast as usual - Photo Coverage     Had another great weekend shooting pro motocross at the Washougal Pro Nationals. The track held up even those there were some serious competitive riding going on with the likes of Villopoto, Dungey, Stewart, Tomac, Roczen and Musquin. Villopoto managed to take the overall for the 450 class. Even though he is from the Northwest and has been winning machine he had yet to take Washougal as a pro rider until now. Check out more of the action which I was able to capture by clicking on any of the images. If you havent been to Washougal you definitely should go. Its a beautiful and challenging motocross track. 





(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Motocross Mon, 22 Jul 2013 05:12:00 GMT
20 year old Alex Harvill sets a New Guinness World Record for Distance Jumping - 297.55 Dirt to Dirt

           Another record has been broken raising the bar a little more. Alex Harvill, a 20 year old motocross rider from Ephrata Washington raised that bar July 6th at Horn Rapids MX Park in Richland Washington. The previous dirt to dirt record for dirt bike distance jumping was 290 set by Ryan Capes [2010]. Yesterday Harvill upped the ante by jumping a certified 297.55 feet. This is a follow up jump to last May [2012] where Alex pushed the ramp to dirt distance record from 391 [Ryan Capes] Robbie Maddison [392] all the way to 425 feet! 

           Harvill still lacks funding from any big sponsor contracts who typically provide the funds to make events like this happen. Several friends and local sponsors helped as well as gear from of his current ones []. The rest was than provided by Alex and his parents. 

           Alex is a positive athlete who pushes himself to accomplish his goals. You can watch Harvill race if you make it out to the Washougal AMA Pro Nationals the end of this month. Keep an eye out for some big future events. Also the upcoming "Dare Devil Project" which is set to be released this fall. A film by long time cinematographers Jay Schweitzer [Powerband Films] & Mike McIntyre [Mack Dawg Productions].

Here is the jump filmed by Bret F. 

Another view of it by Austin



Also Check out the article on


Please contact Jay with Powerband Films, Brian Schaefer for images of the actual record breaking jump. [email protected]. For licensed usage of slideshow images above contact me.

(Kevin J Salisbury) Alex Harvill Events Mon, 08 Jul 2013 01:58:56 GMT
Camp Patriot July 4th Fun Run

I was honored to be a part of the Camp Patriot annual fun run. There were so many sponsors and other people who made this a special event. Our veterans mean a lot to us as a nation and we are endebted to them for their sacrifice in protecting our freedoms. Please come out next year if you missed it. Its for a great cause and if you want to learn more about Camp Patriot check out their website.

(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Mon, 08 Jul 2013 01:42:08 GMT
Paradiso Music Festival 2013 Photo Coverage

What a fantastic weekend at the Gorge for USC Events, Paradiso Festival 2013. This 2-day, 18+ event featured electronic music artists and DJs from across the globe. Headliners Tiesto and Kaskade filled the air at this scenic outdoor venue in Washington state. Other acts included the likes of Nervo, Borgore, Adam F, FeenixPawl, Kill the Noise, Adventure Club, Zeds Dead, Noisia, Loadstar, Andy C, Infected Mushroom, Porter Robinson, Eric Prydz, Markus Schulz and many others. 

I was able to interview FeenixPawl and Adam F for Magnetic Magazine. Those interviews and more photos from Paradiso 2013 can be seen this week on


Magnetic Mag - Paradiso 2013 Feature

Magnetic Mag - Adam F Interview

Magnetic Mag - Feenixpawl Interview


Paradiso - June 28th 2013 - Images are available for licensed commercial usage. Contact me.

Paradiso June 29th 2013 - Images are available for licensed commercial usage. Contact me.

See an image of yourself? Order direct from the gallery or request a custom size.





(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Sun, 30 Jun 2013 23:05:00 GMT
Paradiso Music Festival this friday at The Gorge


      If you dont have your Paradiso Music Festival tickets there still may be some time left. Go to before you miss your opportunity this year. The two day event starts this Friday, June 28th 2013 at The Gorge. They have an incredible line-up of talented artists. Headlining this year is Tiesto and Kaskade who are constantly at the top of the charts. See who else will be there on the list below.





(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Tue, 25 Jun 2013 19:30:00 GMT
Cool Desert Nights 2013 is this weekend in Richland Washington

Cool Desert Nights - Pre-Show Thursday Meet Photos      

      A local tradition anymore with car lovers of all kinds. This year will mark the 20th annual Cool Desert Nights car show in Richland Washington. For some reason I thought it had been going on for a lot longer than that. For our younger car lovers though 20 years probably seems like a long time. Classic cars including rat rods, American Muscle cars, low riders, antiques, imports and even modern hot rods will grace the streets again this year.

      Tonight started off the event with a meet in Pasco at Les Schwab Tire. Those who met up cruised to Richland's Uptown Shopping area and DQ Grill n Chill to have a pre-event gathering. Unfortunately the weather turned on us and we got rained on but there was a lot of happy faces. I'll be out of town for the rest of the event but be sure to head to Richland and check it out if you are in the area this weekend. 


Event Website:


Schedule via their website:


Thursday, June 20th


Hosted by Columbia Basin Corvair Club
11 am – 5 PM Richland Red Lion Hotel
802 George Washington Way, Richland
6 PM – 9 PM Richland Dairy Queen Grill & Chill
1313 Jadwin Avenue, Richland

The Les Schwab All-City Cruise

Begins at 5 PM at the TRAC in Pasco
Cars may begin lining up at 4 pm
Cruise ends at the Richland Dairy Queen for a mini Show N’ Shine 6-9 PM

View All-City Cruise Route Here (PDF)

Show N’ Shine at the Dairy Queen on Jadwin

6 – 9 PM

Friday, June 21st


Hosted by Columbia Basin Corvair Club
11 am – 5 PM Richland Red Lion Hotel
802 George Washington Way, Richland
7 – 9 PM Uptown Center, registration trailer behind Denny’s

Show N’ Shine

2 – 5 PM
Les Schwab Tire Center
2825 Queensgate Dr., Richland

O’Reilly Auto Parts Participant Only Cruise

Hosted by Desert Rats 4×4 Club
7 – 9 PM
CDN’s most popular event for REGISTERED VEHICLES ONLY on a designated route through Richland.

View Participant Only Cruise Route Here (PDF)

Street Dance

Friday Night Street Dance at Jack-sons
8 PM – Midnight
$10 for weekend wristband (includes both days)
$7 at the door

Saturday, June 22nd

(Event updates & music throughout the day with 97.5 Cool FM Super-hits of the 60’s & 70’s.)


Hosted by Columbia Basin Corvair Club
7 AM – Noon
Uptown Center, registration trailer behind Denny’s.

Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast

7 – 11 AM
Jefferson Park Gazebo.
Tickets available for $5 if ordered and purchased ahead of time or $6 at the breakfast.

Show N’ Shine

9 AM – 4 PM
Uptown Center & Jefferson Park, Richland
Music, vendors, concessions, entertainment and family activities

Bus Pull for Special Olympics

9 AM


9 AM – 1 PM

Poker Walk

11 AM – 2 PM

Kids Zone

Presented by Wendy’s
11 AM – 3 PM

Slow Drags

Richland Fire Department hosts the competition on George Washington Way
Starts at 12 Noon

Awards Ceremony

3:30 PM
Held in Uptown Center near stage area.
Winners will receive instructions for awards ceremony.

Street Dance

Saturday Night Street Dance at Jack-sons
8 PM – Midnight
$10 for weekend wristband (includes both days)
$10 at the door

Sunday, June 23rd

Come Try Autocross

Hosted by Sage and Sand Sports Car Club
8 AM – 4 PM
Tri-City Raceway, corner of Keene & Van Giesen
Come join the fun or give it a try.
$10 for 3 Runs
Open to all types of cars
Spectators are Free!


Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the event this year. I am not the official event photographer if there even is one.

(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Fri, 21 Jun 2013 05:27:08 GMT
Thomas Edison gave us the light bulb, Gary Fong gave us the "Lightsphere"

      With the invention of the light bulb, a whole new world of bright possibilities were created. Thomas Edison had many useful creations but we are all very appreciative that we do not have to rely on candles like our ancestors did. As with many artists, a photographer should be a student of light. Light creates mood. It serves as a source of direction, warmth and endless creativity. Whatever type of photographer you may be, you rely heavily on light to shape your image. 

Gary Fong may not be the first to introduce a diffuser to soften light for photography, but he has sure marketed them well on a large scale. Being a professional photographer himself, Gary has given us the ' LightSphere ', ' LightSphere II ' and the more portable ' Collapsible ' version.

Many photographers use off camera flash to create a more appealing final result. The trouble is... doing that usually takes a lot of time and gear. If you are photo-journalist/event photographer you probably only have a limited time to get your shot. Having the flash on camera or a flash bracket is your only other option. 

      Shooting with your flash on camera is quicker and you remain mobile to shoot. The main issue you have now is harsh light from your flash. This not that appealing so what do you do? You can still bounce your flash up at the ceiling to fill the shadows. It still does not produce a very appealing image all the time cause now the light is not going to fill peoples eyes as well. What if there is no ceilings or they are too high? Well thats where a Gary Fong LightSphere will come in handy!

The LightSphere acts as a big diffuser for your flash. The light illuminates the entire sphere and the best part is it allows more surface area to light up your subject or room. This is much like what  a real light bulb does. Rather than having a flash light type of beam pointed at someone you can create a more gradual fall off of light that is so much more appealing. Now since you are still mobile you move about an event taking your images. 

I am a fan of off camera lighting and there are still other ways of achieving good light with your strobes. This is just another tool that may help you improve your images so I encourage you to try one out.

[The Gary Fong LightSphere collapsible version is the one pictured.]



(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Thu, 20 Jun 2013 04:13:01 GMT
Photo Coverage of the Tough Rhino Mud Run at Horn Rapids Park

      I had a great time today shooting for the local Mud Run event. There were a lot of happy faces even though it was a challenging course. There were obstacles, climbing walls, tires to run through, fencing, fire and of course pools of mud. Many participants came out and showed they have what it takes. Check out some of these fearless people who aren't afraid to get a little dirty. 


Purchase your favorites from the gallery

Link to Gallery

Northwest Endurance Sports is a local promotor for fun and challenging events.

Photographers:  Kevin Salisbury & John Sokol


(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Sun, 09 Jun 2013 02:20:47 GMT
Corvette Cruise tonight to Desert Wind Winery in Prosser

I was hired to shoot some footage of the 180+ Corvette Cruise to Desert Wind Winery in Prosser Washington. It was quite the scene rolling up with that many cars. We quickly filled all the available parking spots and than some. The event was catered and entertainment provided by Groove City Band. Check out a short video preview their performance below.  They are an amazing band so check them out. 

Band members: Grady Harrell vocals, Johnny McClain, Barry Williams, John Caldwell, Larry McClure.

Check out the rest of this weekends Corvette activity schedule here.

Groove City Band

(Kevin J Salisbury) Cars Events Sat, 08 Jun 2013 06:12:00 GMT
Drift Trike Madness...

      Its a fairly new craze. At least to me it is. I had one of "The Original Big Wheel" trikes growing up. Im sure many of you had one and split out the front pathetic plastic tire just like I did. What a pain it was to get going fast after that right? So anyways these custom trikes are gaining some popularity and they are pretty fun. Get an old bmx bike, hack it up, extend it a little with a stiffer tube, throw a seat on it and some odds and ends on for wheels, find a big hill and youre set for a fun weekend. [run on sentence yes? =) ] The NW Crew did just that and I had to capture a little bit of the excitement of course.

      I found some decent links to some potential drift trikes. If you want to use these frames its a good start to a bike of your own. Just give it a little personal flavor. Otherwise you DIY'ers know what to do...

Rassine Hill Kicker Pro Street Adult Trike (20-Inch), Black

Radio Flyer Tailspin Trike, Red with handbrake

Hauck Traxx Typhoon Three Wheeler, Black and Red


Want the song in the video?   |   Click Here!

(Kevin J Salisbury) Videos Wed, 05 Jun 2013 05:05:03 GMT
Get dirty this weekend at the Tough Rhino Mud Run       

      The Tough Rhino Mud Run is back again this year and will be held in Horn Rapids. Grab some friends and come out and compete as a team in this 5K obstacle course full of mud and surprises. Don't come out if your afraid to get dirty cause this one will be one you dont want to miss. Northwest Endurance Sports is a local promotor for fun and challenging events. 


From their site:


The Tough Rhino Mud Run was created to test your inner beast!  In this intense 5K “race” you’ll run, climb, jump, crawl, and muscle your way to the blessed finish line! Along the way you’ll conquer whatever obstacles get in your way; whether high, low, cold, hot or downright dirty this course will push you to the limit. Greeting you at the finish line, along with sweet relief, will be an awesome finisher’s medal, food and a fun, family friendly atmosphere! In the end, you’ll celebrate victory and secure your place in the world as an elite Tough Rhino Finisher!

So join the Rhino Ranks and sign-up today!

What you need at the race

  • Your photo ID
  • Appropriate footwear is highly recommended! Note: You will get muddy!
  • Spending money for vendors at the expo, food, entertainment, or Tough Rhino gear!
  • A great attitude!
  • A change of clothes for after the run.

What to leave at home

  • No outside alcoholic beverages will be allowed.
  • No genuine weapons and/or firearms will be allowed.
  • No glass containers will be allowed.
  • No poor attitudes will be allowed…

What do I get?

  • Tough Rhino Bandana
  • Original Tough Rhino race t-shirt
  • Custom Tough Rhino finisher medal
  • Post-race water
  • Tough Rhino race bib
  • The pride that comes along with running with the Rhinos!

Additional clothing, merchandise, and food items will be available for purchase on race day. Vegetarian and gluten free food options are not guaranteed.

(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Tue, 04 Jun 2013 22:46:00 GMT
3 Rivers Corvette Club - Corvettes on the Columba this weekend      

      The 3 Rivers Corvette Club will be holding their annual event this weekend. Friday night, June 7th will be the cruise and wine event. Starting at the South Ridge Sport Complex in Kennewick they will drive to Prosser and visit Desert Wind Winery.


      Saturday in Columbia Park in Kennewick will be the 4th Annual Show and Shine. There will be beverages, food and live entertainment. Music Provided by "David Crowe" and also the "Groove City Band". This year 178 Corvettes have registered so far so you don't want to miss it.


      Come out Sunday to the Tri-City Raceway in West Richland for the Autocross event.


Must Pre-register for some events

June 7th 2013 - Cruise 5-6pm | Dinner at Desert Wind Winery 6:30-930p 

June 8th 2013 - Car Show, Lunch, Entertainment | Columbia Park Kennewick WA 8-3p this event only $60

June 9th 2013 - AutoCross | Tri-City Raceway starts at 9am $30 fee

Complete package for the weekend $125


Sponsors: McCurley Chevrolet, Make a Wish AK/WA, PayneWest Insurance, Coca-Cola, Local 598

(Kevin J Salisbury) Events Mon, 03 Jun 2013 22:35:00 GMT

      The 32nd Annual Spring Festival Car Show brought out a lot of fine cars and trucks this year. For a show that is in its 32nd year, that definitely tells you something about the local car club members in Moses Lake. The dedication shows in the talented work that has gone into the automobiles on display here as well.


More info about the local classic car club is available at their website.


All images are available for purchase. If you don't see your preferred size, please give me a ring.

I am also available for custom automotive photography.

Click Here For Prints Gallery



(Kevin J Salisbury) Cars Events Mon, 27 May 2013 07:38:56 GMT
Peg Armor - A Motocross riders Savior      

      Last fall I was able to shoot some product images for a new start up company. Peg Armor produces peg guards for all makes of dirt bikes. These little shields keep your pegs clean from mud and rocks which often wedge in and lock your pegs upward. This can be a frustrating problem while racing. Josh LaJiness, being a Pro AMA racer noticed this problem and decided he was going to fix it. The idea caught on and he started the business in early 2012. You can learn more about them and order some yourself at

      Peg Armor guards are crafted with 304 stainless steel construction (no rusting), built of a one-piece tig-welded design (strength), and the total weight for the set is a remarkable 6oz on average.  Peg Armor are custom built for each make and model with a retail price of only $59.95 [price subject to change]. 100% made in the U.S.A at their facilities in Spokane Washington.

Support Rider owned companies!



(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Tue, 21 May 2013 00:47:55 GMT
World Record attempt at the dirt to dirt distance jump to be held at Horn Rapids MX  


     Alex Harvill, current world record holder for ramp to dirt distance jumping [May 2012; 425ft] will be at it again this July. This time he will be tackling the dirt to dirt world record. Come see and support him July 6th 2013 at Horn Rapids MX Park in Richland Washington []. If you are interested in sponsoring him there is still time left. Contact him at

espn article from July 2012:





(Kevin J Salisbury) Alex Harvill Events Sun, 19 May 2013 15:18:24 GMT
Historic Blue Bird Inn of Bickleton Washington    



     I paid a visit to the long standing Blue Bird Inn. A historic location operating as a Tavern the majority of its existence since 1882. The streets are still fairly quiet in this small southern Washington town of Bickleton.

     The area is known as the bluebird capital of the world and still has a population of under 200 within city limits. The location has had several owners over the years but still continues to be a must visit for passers by. There are many town events held throughout the year including car shows and rodeos so make a trip and check it out. 

Click the 360 image above ^^

(Kevin J Salisbury) 360 Photo Fri, 17 May 2013 01:15:15 GMT
14th Annual Classy Chassy Show & Shine // KENNEWICK WA

      Another year has come and gone. The streets were again filled today with some of the areas finest automobiles. The 14th annual event is held in historic downtown Kennewick Washington. Attendees from all over the Northwest made their way out to show and to see some amazing rides. It was a great turn out and an overcast day that turned sunny and warm for this time of year here. Hot Dogs were cooking and many quality examples of past and present automobiles were on display. 




All images are available for purchase click here.

If you don't see your preferred size, please give me a ring or send a message. I am also available for custom automotive photography.




(Kevin J Salisbury) Cars Events Sun, 12 May 2013 02:05:16 GMT
A visit with Tony's Tacos  

Tony's Tacos // Kennewick WA - VR Photo

This is a flashback to a 360 virtual look of Tony's [360 Panorama] I did in early 2009. Click the image to view in its true glory!

Tony has been a local business owner serving great mexican food to the masses. This mobile restaurant, which has has occupied the same location on west Clearwater Avenue in Kennewick Washington for over a decade is hard to miss. During lunch time every day you are sure to find a line of patrons waiting for his tacos, tortas, burritos and other items to be served. Many customers frequent his location and Tony welcomes them by name with a happy smile on his face and a warm "hello my friend" greeting. 

Tony works with his wife and occasionally his two daughters will be there helping out. You can find him there Tuesday-Saturday 11-12, closed Sunday and Monday so that his family can attend church and rest. I asked Tony what his plans for the future were. He told me he hopes to save up and open a brick and mortar restaurant in the near future. 

(Kevin J Salisbury) 360 Photo Thu, 09 May 2013 14:36:10 GMT
Rolling Shots with Zack and his Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX This DSM has been rolling around town and was finally treated to some rolling shots. 

(Kevin J Salisbury) Cars Sun, 05 May 2013 16:57:37 GMT
Japanese Garden at Kennewick Library 360 degree view I was hoping to visit this area about a month ago when all the blossoms were out but was busy and did not make it. It is still beautiful so you should visit it some evening. If you want to visit it now just click the image. I have been doing this type of photography for 6 years now. 

(Kevin J Salisbury) 360 Photo Fri, 03 May 2013 07:04:14 GMT
HONL grids for your speed lights. A strobist must have! After a few years making and remaking some DIY grids. [using black straws, card board and glue] I finally decided the heck with that mess and bought some HONL Photo Grids from These are sold in a few different sizes and can easily fit in your photography backpack, side pouch or Pelican case. Once I received these grids I covered them with velcro just like I do with my speed lights so I can quickly add light modifiers securely. 

I used the soft velcro on the grid and also on the flash head. Then you just use two rectangle pieces of the rough side velcro to secure them to the flash head. 

The Honl Grids are available in a few sizes. Buy one of each or multiple sets for all your flashes. They also sell a HONL Photo Speed bundle that includes 2 grids, snoots, a speed strap and a carrying case. [pictured below]

(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Thu, 25 Apr 2013 19:38:00 GMT
A Photo Journey through Seattle this Weekend

(Kevin J Salisbury) Tue, 23 Apr 2013 06:31:09 GMT
Famous Pasco Autoplex "Chevrolet Dome" Scheduled to be Demolished Real Centric Solutions LLC is the General Contractor for the new showroom at McCurly Integrity Chevrolet. The Pasco landmark, known as the Chevrolet Dome or simply “The Dome” is scheduled to be demolished on Monday morning, April 22nd at 9:00 AM. The Dome was built by W.I. “Tony” Osborne as the new home of Chevrolet and opened in March of 1977. Bill McCurley purchased the dealership from Osborne April 1st, 1981.



(Kevin J Salisbury) Commercial Sat, 20 Apr 2013 17:17:00 GMT
Artist Cj Rench - New sculpture "Jump" in John Dam Plaza  


      CJ Rench is an artist based out of Hood River Oregon.  This piece was commissioned January 2013. His work can be found throughout the USA. You can see more of his work from his website.




(Kevin J Salisbury) cj rench Thu, 18 Apr 2013 07:00:10 GMT
Subaru Forester XTI Take 2... Michael allowed me to shoot his awesome Subaru Forester XTI a second time, oh yes and it was fun. He had acquired a sweet set of CCW 3 pc wheels and wanted to update his web presence a bit. We went over near the airport and found some cool old buildings to shoot at this time. Heres a sample of the results.

(Kevin J Salisbury) Cars Fri, 12 Apr 2013 06:54:00 GMT
Old School Half-Pipe Jam @ Ski Bluewood  


This past weekend at Ski Bluewood was an old school half pipe competition for area skiers and boarders. There was also a most stylish method and spin to win event right after. The half pipe was hand sculpted... no pipe dragons cutting snow here. Eric Schultheiss, the event promoter hosted the event representing local business and industry donations. The snow fell all day but the mood was good. The only thing missing was energy drink super models and that sweet smell of BBQ. Maybe next year, don't miss it!



(Kevin J Salisbury) Commercial Events Snowboarding Videos ski bluewood Wed, 20 Mar 2013 14:15:56 GMT
Ski Bluewood Butter Bash Event Video      I was able to film for the local ski Resort, Ski Bluewood in Washington this past weekend. This month they are having a few events for the end of the season. The first one was called the "Butter Bash", which was a jam session with rails, fun boxes, gaps, and boarder cross like banked turns. Check out Ski Bluewood right outside Dayton in beautiful eastern Washington. It is a small resort but has a lot of super fun tree runs and other features. Family oriented activities and a great place to learn to ski or snowboard as well. Things are always getting better here so come on up and enjoy the fresh pow.

More fun at Ski Bluewood on their mini snow cat experience of Vitners Ridge.


(Kevin J Salisbury) Commercial Events Ski Bluewood Snowboarding Videos Sat, 09 Mar 2013 00:40:16 GMT
A Little Trip Up North       This week I went up to north central Washington state to Okanogan County. One of my stops was in Winthrop. This is a small town with an old American West theme. I had visited the town when I was younger but it has been quite some time. The town was established in 1924 and has the coldest recorded temperature in Washington state of -48F. If you are ever passing through it is definitely worth stopping. 


(Kevin J Salisbury) Roadtrips Sat, 16 Feb 2013 18:23:10 GMT
Michael Hendrick's Subaru Forester XTi       Michael Hendrick's Subaru Forester XTi is quite the contender on the roads of Eastern Washington. This 2007 SG9 model boasts 420hp/346tq to the wheels. Built by Pacific Import Auto in Tacoma Washington. 

































2008 STi oil pump
AR Fab crank damper pulley
Slowboy racing Port and Polished heads (full port/polish)
5 Angle valve job
Ferrea stainless intake valves
Manley inconel exhaust valves
Brian Crower valve springs/ti retainers
Cosworth 278/274 cams
Defiant Autospeed TGV deletes
Defiant Autospeed P&P throttlebody
Deatschwerks 1000cc injectors
Walbro GSS342 fuel pump
TurboXS fuel rails
TurboXS rotated mount turbo kit
TurboXS EWG with 44mm Tial EWG
Cobb (Custom cut and welded by MZM) catback on TurboXS turboback
TurboXS high flow cat
ATP Garret GT35R .82 (w/ polished compressor housing and anti-surge porting)

Hallman RX Pro MBC

3 port Grainger solenoid for alch failsafe
Group-N motor mounts
STI Group-N timing belt
STI 1.3 bar radiator cap
JDM Forester STI alternator cover badge

STI Brembo calipers front/rear
Stoptech performance street brake pads
STI master cylinder
Goodridge stainless brake lines
Stoptech slotted rotors (F&R)

04 WRX steering rack
Tein Flex coilovers
Whiteline steering rack bushings
Whiteline adjustable swaybars
Whiteline rear subframe lock bolts
Whiteline heavy duty rear swaybar mounts
Whiteline rear strut brace w/quick releases
STI lower arm bar (front subframe brace)
SPT front strut brace
Rota Formula Mesh wheels 18X8
Falken Azenis 245/40/18

JDM Version 7 STI Spec C RA non DCCD 6 speed (w/ RHD factory short shifter)
Perrin front shifter bushing
Kartboy rear shifter bushing
ACT Street clutch with Extreme pressure plate (XT pressure plate)
STI axles
STI driveshaft 
STI rear hubs

06 WRX TR front seats (with seat warmer element installed from limited seats)
Defi Blue Racer boost/EGT gauges
TurboXS Tuner wideband AFR setup
LL Bean Forester roof spoiler
JDM Forester front lip w/ rubber skirt 
05 FXT tail lights
Kartboy XL exhaust hangers
Headlights - Infinity FX projectors w/ super white HID's and CCFL's
STI badging
Hella Supertones (x4)
Subtle Solutions CF exhaust garnish (and heat barrier)



(Kevin J Salisbury) Cars Fri, 15 Feb 2013 02:58:42 GMT
SmallHD AC7 Field Monitors + Promo Code 2013 If you are in the market for one of these affordable LCD and OLED field monitors check out SmallHD. The whole month of February 2013 they are having a $50 off promo: SmallHD-Origin-Story

Check out the New SmallHD AC7 monitors from their website and learn about the new features on the AC7 that replaces the previous DP6 model.


Video Source:


The amazing origin story behind SmallHD

Big Winners: The SmallHD Story from Shane Hurlbut, ASC on Vimeo.

(Kevin J Salisbury) Product Reviews Wed, 06 Feb 2013 05:54:00 GMT
Looking Over Beauty...  

"Sunrise in the Okanogan"

      If you are looking to beautify your home or office I can help add that special scenic view you've always wanted. I also have a nice selection of automotive prints for the car lovers out there. A personalized photo shoot is also an option if you want something more exclusively you. =)


Framed - Floating - Metal prints - Canvas 

(Kevin J Salisbury) Sat, 02 Feb 2013 03:20:29 GMT
Merry Christmas Video

I hope everyone has had a very Merry Christmas this year spending it with their loved ones. Mine was very busy with traveling to see everyone. We ended up having a very white Christmas morning as it started snowing first thing. With what time I had, I went and captured a little footage. If only I had thought of doing this ahead of time and taken some of the gift opening and the food. ;o) 

The featured artist at the end of the video is Paul Gatherum. Please check out his work on the website below. If you like it, contact him about the prints that he sells. Or if you are wanting a custom portrait drawn of a loved one, give him a ring.


(Kevin J Salisbury) Videos Wed, 26 Dec 2012 03:41:00 GMT
12% Off Special for the full month of December!

Take 12% any frame print, product or service this month only. Get those last minute holiday cards in the mail. Christmas frame Automotive and other prints for your loved ones. Even take 12% off of your session fee. 

(Kevin J Salisbury) Crazy Deals Sun, 02 Dec 2012 01:47:00 GMT
Real Estate Video Tour & 360 Degree Flash Tour This tour features the 360 flash, video and a photo gallery. It is a beautiful and well built home on a large lot in West Pasco. If you are in the market than you should definitely check out this home.  

The video was done by myself as well as the 360 degree "SpinPics" tour. The 360 tour is several images captured and than stitched together to form one 360x180 photo. I can also complete this process with a seamless view of the ground/floor without the logo present.  However it takes more time. I do these for realtors, resorts and businesses. They make a great addition to any real estate listing or tourism website. If you are interested in this type of service there are many applications and options. 

Click below to view tour. 

(Kevin J Salisbury) 360 home tour SpinPics real estate tours