Why you SHOULD buy the New Panasonic Lumix GH5

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On the heels of the very popular GH4 4K video capable mirrorless camera comes the GH5. So what makes this version worth upgrading to?

As an early adopter of the ground breaking Panasonic GH4 (with its affordable introduction to 4K footage) I found great results. At the time I had used more professional 4K capable video cameras, but was blown away I could purchase something like the GH4 and shoot 4K so inexpensively. This was a big deal at the time. Sure, it wasn't RAW 4K or real high dynamic range as the more expensive cinema cameras were capable of. However, this was a small, compact mirrorless camera capable of pretty remarkable things. We all know the options and limitations of the GH4 so I won't elaborate here. With an external monitor/recorder you could bump up the 8bit internal limit to 10bit color. This was another pretty big selling point of the GH4 versus limitations of Sony and Canon at the time. Not to mention you could capture very impressive still photos with this mirrorless camera. 

So for some of the key reasons as to why you should upgrade. Well the body is still sealed much like the flagship DSLRs. As for video, 4K has been bumped to 4:2:2 10 bit color with internal recording and at higher bit rates coming with a firmware upgrade. You now have 60fps recording in 4K (8 bit internal only) as well as a bump in 1080p to 180fps. A lightning fast shutter speed for still of 1/8000. (electronic shutter function of 1/16,000!) Dual SD card slots and the ever so needed standard HDMI port. Which replaces that annoying, fragile micro HDMI port. It also sports in camera 5 axis image stabilization which is amazing. These are just some of the improvements so go take a look below for the full specs. 

I was not blessed with a demo version of the GH5 but I would love to demo any of their gear for future reviews. Since I have not yet experienced any in-hand tests of my own I will share some of the helpful videos currently on YouTube. 




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NOTE: You will want to buy a few of these new Sandisk or comparable SD cards. These have the higher 280 MB/s write speed that supports the larger 4K & full HD files.

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The NEW Panasonic Lumix GH5 (Specs From the Manufacturer)


LUMIX GH5KBODY - Splash/Dust/Freezeproof Rugged Design

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LUMIX GH5KBODY - High Durability Shutter Unit

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LUMIX GH5KBODY - 20.3MP Pixels

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LUMIX GH5KBODY - Venus Engine Processor

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Splash/Dust/Freezeproof Rugged Design

The LUMIX GH5 is built like a tank to withstand even heavy use out in the field. It is freezeproof down to -10-degrees in addition to splash / dustproof construction thanks to weather sealing on every joint, dial, and button. A magnesium alloy full die-cast armor frame makes the body lightweight yet durable while bringing ruggedness to the compact size. This camera can go everywhere you can.

High Durability Shutter Unit

The shutter unit is durable for approx. 200,000 times release*. Not only does it offer the highest shutter speed at max. 1/8000 to capture fast-moving 'spur-of-the-moment' shots but when used with fast aperture lenses - even outdoors - it gives impressive de-focus.

* Panasonic LUMIX in-house examination.

20.3MP Pixels

The LUMIX GH5 packs a real punch with its high performance 20.3MP Digital Live MOS sensor to achieve incredible picture. Together with the removal of the low-pass filter from the sensor, you can confidently capture sharp images with a high dynamic range and artefact free.

Venus Engine Processor

The marriage of an advanced Digital Live MOS sensor with the beautiful new Venus Engine 10 produces extraordinary color detail and natural texture expression. Multipixel Luminance Generation and Intelligent Detail Processing render intense brightness and contrast. The Three-Dimensional Color.


LUMIX GH5KBODY - 4K 60p/50p Video

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LUMIX GH5KBODY - 4:2:2 10-bit Internal Recording

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LUMIX GH5KBODY - VFR (Variable Frame Rate)

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LUMIX GH5KBODY - Rack Focus Transition

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4K 60p/50p Video

The LUMIX GH5 records silky smooth 4K 60p/50p (QFHD 4K: 3840 x 2160 / MOV or MP4) video. Faster frame rates mean excellent motion compensation plus you can slow down footage inside your video editing timeline without losing detail. You also achieve perfect panning control and a suppression of the rolling shutter effect as seen in lesser frame rates.

High-resolution images and perfect focal length can also be achieved as the Lumix GH5 features pixel for pixel, no sensor cropping recording. There's also no recording duration limit so you can go beyond 30 minutes in all record settings.

* Available Summer 2017.

4:2:2 10-bit Internal Recording

The LUMIX GH5 brings game changing internal 4:2:2 10-bit 4K video recording. For example, 10-bit will render all the subtleties of graduated skies and sunsets without the banding so prone to 8-bit. The power of having film creation capabilities inside the camera sets a new precedent in guerilla style filmmaking. And you can record 4:2:2 10-bit to SD card whilst simultaneously feeding the live signal thru a full-size HDMI port connected to an external monitor or recorder. 4:2:2 10-bit recording enables faithful color and grading fidelity with over a billion colors and four times the tonality of 8-bit to match professional intent.

Control zings with rich colors from dark to bright shades and high-precision Multi Process NR makes your images pop even at high ISO sensitivity settings. Video users will be impressed with the improved performance in perceptual dynamic range at high ISO sensitivity settings.

VFR (Variable Frame Rate)

The VFR lets you record videos with dramatic slow motion or unique quick motion in 4K (60fps max.2.5x slower) or Full HD (180fps max.7.5x slower) quality, such as 180 fps / 7.5x*.

* In full HD, 24p playback.

Rack Focus Transition

The Focus Transition function automatically shifts the focus point at a constant speed for precise in-focus to out-focus points - for example background to foreground - to give you an impressive 'rack focus' motion picture effect.



LUMIX GH5KBODY - Live Output & Full Size HDMI

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LUMIX GH5KBODY - 6K 30fps / 4K 60 fps PHOTO Burst

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LUMIX GH5KBODY - Post Focus & Focus Stacking

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LUMIX GH5KBODY - DFD Ultra Fast Motion Detection & Focus

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Live Output & Full Size HDMI

The Lumix GH5 is capable of 4:2:2 10-bit real-time image output to an external monitor or recorder via an optional HDMI cable (full size Type A), while simultaneously providing an internal 4:2:2 10-bit recording*. It is suitable for professional video making that requires accurate monitoring of the imagery or high quality recording to external codec devices (such as Pro Res).

* 4K 60p/50p is output only.

6K 30fps / 4K 60 fps PHOTO Burst

Shoot with unlimited burst, then choose and extract the exact frames you want to keep. The new 6K PHOTO* mode at 30fps allows you to capture the perfect moments at a stunning ~18-megapixel high-resolution. The Ultra-high-speed 4K Photo mode at 60fps freezes even faster motion which is simply not possible in conventional DSLR cameras. The LUMIX GH5 truly does make moments unmissable.

* 6K Photo is a high speed burst shooting function that cuts a still image out of a 4:3 or 3:2 video footage with approx.18-megapixel (approx. 6000 x 3000 effective pixel count) that the 6K image manages.

Post Focus & Focus Stacking

Post focus — Shoot now, Focus Later

This fantastic Post Focus function gives you the power to focus after you've taken the shot! Simply capture the scene, review the image and touch the part of the photo you'd like pin sharp. Set and save. It's simple, stunning and all this advanced processing happens inside the camera.

Focus Stacking — Adjust The Focus Area After Shooting

The Focus Stacking function enables you to adjust the focus area after shooting by blending multiple images taken at different focus distances to create an amazing image depth of field. You can make your images with exactly the kind of de-focus you want or pan-focus the image by simply selecting the focus area after shooting. This is brilliantly useful when shooting with fast apertures, close ups or macro photography.

DFD Ultra Fast Motion Detection & Focus

Panasonic's innovative DFD (Depth From Defocus) technology is constantly evolving and its just got even better. DFD allows the LUMIX GH5 to calculate focal lens movement by comparing depth of field values of two images at incredibly high speed. By combining the AF drive with a maximum read speed of 480 fps, the LUMIX GH5 can achieve ultra-high-speed Auto Focus in up to 0.05 seconds* and 9 fps burst shooting with AFC (** 12 fps burst shooting with AFS). A newly adopted motion detector accurately tracks fast moving subjects, and enables smooth 4K Photo/Video & 6K PHOTO recording.

** In AFS, at wide-end with H-ES12060 (CIPA).



LUMIX GH5KBODY - 225 Focus Points Plus Selective AF

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LUMIX GH5KBODY - AF Zone Selectable & Customizable AF

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LUMIX GH5KBODY - Joystick Control

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LUMIX GH5KBODY - 5-Axis Dual I.S.

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225 Focus Points Plus Selective AF

A Joystick Controller on the back of the LUMIX GH5 is used to smoothly and intuitively select focus blocks inside the focusing area overlay. 

225-Area AF: 

The focus detect area is massively increased from 49 (LUMIX GH4) to 225 points for more flexible composition.

Custom Multi AF: 

The Custom Multi AF mode allows you to freely select an array of blocks inside the 225 focusing area.

AF Zone Selectable & Customizable AF

AF Zone Selectable:

The focus area group size and position can be customized for Multi AF / Custom Multi AF.

Customizable AF:

With more customized AF settings, it is now possible to adjust AF directionality depending on the shooting scene.

Joystick Control

The LUMIX GH5 offers you more intuitive control with the addition of a joystick over the conventional front /rear dials operation. A dedicated button allows direct reach to exposure compensation, white balance adjustment or ISO setting and a maximum of 5 settings can be assigned to the Fn buttons. All these components are designed to be operated easily and without taking your eyes away from the viewfinder.

5-Axis Dual I.S. Eliminates Blur

5-axis Dual I.S. (Image Stabiliser) 2* intelligent compensation enables up to 5-stops of slower shutter speeds even through telephoto lenses. The LUMIX GH5 nearly eliminates shake in both body and lens from wide-angle to tele-end**. It also works in both photo and video recording, including 4K video. The astonishing power of the 5-axis Body I.S. corrects shake for all lenses, including classic lenses not equipped with O.I.S.

* 5-axis Dual I.S. 2 works when attaching the lens that are compatible with it. Firmware update of the lens is also required.

** Based on the CIPA standard [Yaw/Pitch direction: focusing distance f=50-140mm (35mm film camera equivalent f=100-280mm), when H-FS14140 is used.]



LUMIX GH5KBODY - 4 Recording Options

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LUMIX GH5KBODY - Dual SD Card Slots

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LUMIX GH5KBODY - Large OLED LVF (3,680k-dot)

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LUMIX GH5KBODY - Bluetooth 4.2 & Wi-Fi 5GHz

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Professional Versatility — 4 Recording Options

A plethora of video formats and bit rates prepare the Lumix GH5 for use in a wide range of professional applications such as web, TV, DVD/Blu Ray and digital cinema production. You can select from four recording formats such as AVCHD and MP4 for playback ease, or MP4 (LPCM) and MOV for professional editing ease.

The LUMIX GH5 is worldwide compatible as the system frequency can be selected from 59.94 Hz (NTSC), 50.00 Hz (PAL), or 24.00 Hz (Cinema).

Dual SD Card Slots

Dual SD card slots increase recording capacity and file arrangement efficiency. The dual SD card slots allow you to record in relay, backup, and simultaneous modes. Relay allows you to swap a full card out for an empty card so you can record virtually endlessly. The backup mode allows you to record continuously on one card, while you start and stop recording on the other card. Simultaneous record duplicates your recording on both cards.

Large OLED LVF (3,680k-dot)

The high-resolution 3,680k-dot OLED Live View Finder matches up to exactly how you intended to see the image even under direct sunlight. A high 0.76x magnification (35mm camera equivalent) makes it easy to see image detail, your settings and icons, and, the long eye point distance of 21mm is excellent for people who wear glasses.

Bluetooth 4.2 & Wi-Fi 5GHz

The Bluetooth 4.2 (Low Energy) enables full-time connection between camera and smartphone with low energy consumption. After shooting, it automatically switches to Wi-Fi connection, transferring data to your smartphone. The Wi-Fi 5GHz (IEEE802.11ac) is incredibly fast. You can use Panasonic's Lumix Image App for Android / iOS to control shutter and other settings, plus, video record Start / Stop without physically touching the camera!

* The Wi-Fi Certified Logo is a certification mark of Wi-Fi Alliance.

* The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Panasonic Corporation is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.


Technical Details

Battery Type Lithium Ion
Color Black
Display LCD
Display Resolution Maximum 1620
Display Size 3.2 inches
Display Technology LCD
Flash Memory Type SDXC;;;
Flash Type Internal
Image Aspect Ratio 16:9
Image Stabilization Yes
Included Components
  • Camera
  • battery
  • battery charger
  • body cap
  • hot shoe cover
  • usb cable
  • hdmi cable lock
  • shoulder strap
  • dvd
Item Dimensions 6.14 x 7.56 x 5.83 inches
Item Weight 3.34 pounds
Lithium Battery Energy Content 1 Watt Hour
Model Year 2017
Optical Sensor Resolution 20.3 MP
Optical Sensor Technology CMOS
Optical Zoom 1x
Photo Sensor Technology CMOS
Processor Description venus engine
Self-timer Yes
Shipping Weight 4 pounds
Supported Battery Types Panasonic DMW-BLF19


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